Rand al'Thor (TV Series)

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Book TV show
[[Image:|250px|alt=Josha Stradowski playing Rand al'Thor in The Wheel of Time]]
Rand al'Thor
Nationality Andoran
Social Status
Family Tam al'Thor
First Appearance Episode 1
Actor Josha Stradowski

Pronunciation: RAND ahl-THOR

WARNING! The next sections contain spoilers for the Wheel of Time television series.


Rand al'Thor is a young man, who has grown up in the village of Emond's Field in the Two Rivers. He was raised by, and considers a father, Tam al'Thor. Rand's closest friends are Mat and Perrin. Rand is also in a romantic relationship with Egwene. He has dreamed about marrying her and raising a family in the Two Rivers.


Rand is tall and slender with wide shoulders. He has dark reddish hair and light eyes.


Rand, like most of the Two Rivers people, is very stubborn. He is also very loyal to his friends.

Rand's Journey

Season 1

Rand is living a peaceful life with his father Tam up in the mountains next to Emond's Field. During the day before a big celebration for Bel Tine, Rand and his father go to Emond's Field to bring brandy for the festivities. At the Winespring Inn, Rand is drinking with his friends Perrin and Mat, when he finds out about the war in Ghealdan. His love interest Egwene then enters the inn. She has passed her initiation ceremony into the Women's Circle, which marks her as a grown woman. However, Egwene does not look at Rand and he is confused by that.

During that evening Egwene still does not speak to Rand and he tells Perrin that he does not know how Egwene's ceremony has gone. Two strangers enter the inn – Moiraine and Lan. Rand remarks that the Aes Sedai can hear them talk about her. After everyone has left, Rand and Egwene are left to wash the dishes and engage in romantic activities. They finally have time to talk after that, and Egwene tells Rand that Nynaeve has asked her to become the Wisdom's apprentice. This means that Egwene will not marry or have children, which is what Rand wanted.

For the night of Bel Tine, Rand and Tam go back to their farm in the mountains, where they light a candle for Tam's wife. Later that night the farm is attacked by a giant hairy creature, which Tam calls a Trolloc, after defeating it. It takes Rand the whole night to drag the wounded Tam to the village, so he can get healed. Only, he realizes that the village has also been attacked and the Wisdom is gone. However, Moiraine Sedai is there to heal Tam. Rand thinks it is her fault that the Trollocs attacked. Moiraine tells him that the Trollocs and Fades are after him and his friends; they must leave the village and travel to the White Tower. Because of this, Rand leaves Emond's Field, along with his friends, lead by Moiraine and her Warder Lan.

This section contains spoilers relating to Episode 2: Shadoe's Waiting. Please expand to view.

During their travels together, Rand is beginning to get more suspicious towards Moiraine, thinking that she might not have been completely honest with them. One evening Rand and his friends have a nightmare with a man with "eyes like embers." After this dream, Rand confronts Moiraine, asking her to tell them what she is planning for them.

On their way to Whitebridge, the group meets a legion of Whitecloaks and Moiraine tells them not to speak. During that evening, Egwene confronts Rand and asks him to stop hating her. To which Rand replies that he can never hate her. Later, they encounter the Trollocs again and, because Moiraine is unconscious, Lan decides to hide in Shadar Logoth. In the shadow city Rand and Egwene reconnect again possibly because of the overarching danger that they are in. Because of the darkness lurking in Shadar Logoth, Rand and Mat get separated from the rest and escape the city by themselves.

This section contains spoilers relating to Episode 3: A Place of Safety. Please expand to view.

On the next day Rand is trying to find Perrin and Egwene, but is silenced by Mat, who thinks that might bring the Trollocs , or "who knows what," onto them. Rand is set on continuing to the White Tower, he is certain that Egwene would be there.

Rand and Mat reach a small mining village called Breen's Spring. There Rand meets a gleeman called Thom Merrilin in the Four Kings inn. Rand asks the inn's barmaid, Dana, for a place to spend the night. In exchange Rand agrees to chop some wood. Dana takes Rand to the room that he will be sharing with Mat, and there she tries to kiss him, but he backs away. Then she reveals that she is actually a Darkfriend and has sent for a Fade to come get him. The room that she took Rand in has a very sturdy iron door that "three man his size couldn't break down". After pounding at it several times however, Rand somehow breaks down the door and runs away. After being chased through the village by Dana, Rand is finally saved by the gleeman, who kills her with a dagger. Together, Rand, Mat, and Thom leave the village before the Fade arrives.

The three of them travel through Andor and reach a farm, where the farmers are very suspicious of them. Rand calms them down and says they can do work in exchange for shelter for the night. While they are mucking out the stables, Rand gets worried about Mat's declining phisical and mental condition. Thom tells Rand that his nephew acted like Mat did and that he could channel the One Power.

During the night, Rand dreams again of the man with eyes of fire and wakes up to find Mat gone. Rand and Thom find Mat inside the farmhouse, where the whole family has been killed. A Fade comes out of the shadows and attacks them. Thom fights it and Rand grabs Mat; they both run away leaving Thom there.

This section contains spoilers relating to Episode 7: The Dark Along the Ways. Please expand to view.

Rand finds out he is the Dragon Reborn

This section contains spoilers relating to Episode 8: The Eye of the World. Please expand to view.

Rand fights with the Dark One and believes he killed him.