Egwene al'Vere

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Egwene al'Vere
Nationality Andor
Affiliation Aes Sedai
Ajah Of All and None
Social Status
Family Bran al'Vere,Marin al'Vere
First Appearance TEotW, Ravens Prologue

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Pronunciation: eh-GWAIN ahl-VEER

Egwene al'Vere was born in Emond's Field and was the daughter of Bran, Mayor of Emond's Field, and Marin al'Vere. She had four older sisters: Elisa, Alene, Loise, and Berowyn (TEotW, Ravens Prologue). Her family lives in the Winespring Inn in Emond's Field (TEotW, Ch. 1).

She joins her friends Rand al'Thor, Mat Cauthon, and Perrin Aybara, when an Aes Sedai takes them away from their village. During their travels the Aes Sedai reveals to Egwene that Egwene can also channel the One Power, which then leads to Egwene wishing to join the White Tower and become Aes Sedai.

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When Egwene is damane in Falme, her sul'dam calls her Tuli after her pet when she was young (TGH, Ch. 42). She goes under the pseudonym Mistress Joslyn when traveling to Tear (TDR, Ch. 48).

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She claims to be Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah when she is in the Aiel Waste (TSR, Ch. 11), though she does later admit to being only an Accepted (LoC, Ch. 33).

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Egwene is the Amyrlin Seat. She was raised from Accepted because nowhere in the Tower Law does it say that the Amyrlin Seat must be Aes Sedai. Although she never got to choose an Ajah, she wanted to choose the Green Ajah (TDR, Ch. 23).

Egwene's full title is Egwene al'Vere, the Watcher of the Seals, the Flame of Tar Valon, the Amyrlin Seat (LoC, Ch. 36). However, the Aes Sedai call her Mother, despite the fact that she is young enough to be a granddaughter to most of them (LoC, Ch. 35).


Egwene has dark brown hair and big brown eyes, and she is about 5'2". At Bel Tine in 998 NE, when she is 17, Egwene is allowed to braid her hair to show that she is of marriageable age (TEotW, Ch. 3). She wears her hair unbraided once she leaves the Two Rivers because few Aes Sedai wear their hair braided (TEotW, Ch. 11).

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As Amyrlin Seat, Egwene wears the striped stole that goes with her title, and wears the Great Serpent ring to show that she is Aes Sedai (LoC, Ch. 35).


Egwene is a very curious young woman. She has the desire to learn as much as possible. She is also very accepting of different cultures and likes to learn about them.

Condensed Timeline

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Egwene's Journey

The Eye of the World

Egwene takes Rand to Nynaeve to see if he can help Tam. She is upset to find out that Nynaeve can't do anything (TEotW, Ch. 7). Egwene suspects that something is going on and shows up at the stable as Rand, Perrin, and Mat are getting ready to leave with Moiraine and Lan. After arguing with them, it is decided that she is going to leave with them (TEotW, Ch. 10). On there way to Taren Ferry, a Draghkar shows itself. Moiraine creates some mist to hide them. They arrive at the Ferry and Lan pays the man to take them across (TEotW, Ch. 11). After crossing the river on the Ferry, they make camp. At the camp Moiraine explains saidar to Egwene, and that she has the natural ability to use it. Moiraine guides Egwene through an exercise of emitting light through a stone, telling her she did what normally takes most months to do (TEotW, Ch. 12).

They continue on their journey. Egwene and Moiraine talk nightly. During one of their discussions Moiraine explains to her that saidar or being a Aes Sedai doesn't change someone. People are who they are. After riding for days, they arrive at Baerlon and get a room at the The Stag and Lion (TEotW, Ch. 13). Everyone meets up in the inn after Nynaeve shows up. Nynaeve wants to take all of them back but Moiraine explains that they are safer with her. Moiraine then asks Egwene and the others to leave her and Nynaeve to talk alone (TEotW, Ch. 16). After Rand has an encounter with a Fade, they decide to leave the city. They run into Whitecloaks at the gate, and Egwene is surprised when Moiraine appears as a giant, allowing them to get out of the gate and away from the Whitecloaks (TEotW, Ch. 17).

They continue on their way. Three days later they encounter Trollocs, about 500 of them, closing the gap between them. They decide to take refuge in Shadar Logoth as even the Trollocs are afraid of the city (TEotW, Ch. 18). The Myrrddral drive the Trollocs into the city and the group is forced to split up. After escaping from the city, Egwene meets up with Perrin but is separated shortly after (TEotW, Ch. 20). Egwene gets across the river on Bela and makes a fire using the One Power. She is joined by Perrin. She suggest going to Whitebridge and waiting for Moiraine to find them, but Perrin thinks it will be safer to go to Caemlyn and wait there. Egwene agrees (TEotW, Ch. 22).

As Perrin and Egwene make their way in the direction they believe Caemlyn to be, they come across a camp. They meet a man by the name of Elyas who can talk to wolves. He tells them they are going in the wrong direction. He asks them their story and when they lie he tells them that the wolves tell him they are lying. Perrin then tells him the truth and he agrees to stay with them, at least for a while, and show them the way (TEotW, Ch. 23). As they are traveling, they come across a Tinker camp and join them for a few days (TEotW, Ch. 25). During the time they travel with the Tinkers, Egwene shows an interest in Aram. They end up having to go their separate ways, though, and Egwene and Perrin continue toward Caemlyn (TEotW, Ch. 27).

As they continue they come across a huge flock of ravens. They try to avoid the ravens as ravens are the Dark One's eyes, but they have a hard time of it. They kill a couple of them and make it to a stedding that Elyas knew about. He tells them the ravens won't enter the stedding (TEotW, Ch. 29). Whitecloaks show up at the stedding and Elyas takes off, telling them he will meet back up with them. Elyas and the wolves get into a fight with the Whitecloaks. Hopper rushes in to help Perrin and Egwene, but he is killed, which enrages Perrin, leading him to attack the Whitecloaks. He awakens with Egwene in a Whitecloak tent. They tell the Whitecloaks a story of what happened, but the Whitecloaks don't believe it and tell them they are taking them to Amador (TEotW, Ch. 30).

Lan, Moiraine, and Nynaeve rescue Perrin and Egwene from the Whitecloaks camp (TEotW, Ch. 38). They continue on to Caemlyn and head to The Queen's Blessing where they find Rand. After talking to him they head upstairs to see Mat, who is sick. He tries to slash Moiraine with the dagger he got from Shadar Logoth. Moiraine tells them he is infected with the evil of the city and asks them to leave the room while she tries to Heal him (TEotW, Ch. 41). Rand introduces Egwene to Loial. Everyone talks for a while and then they go visit Mat, who is awake now. Perrin and Egwene tell them the story they heard from the Tinkers about the Eye of the World (TEotW, Ch. 42). Moiraine decides to leave for the Eye and asks Loial to guide her through the Ways. Egwene asks what the Ways are and Moiraine explains. Rand tells Egwene not to go with them but she refuses (TEotW, Ch. 43). Egwene and the group enter the Ways and begin their trip to Fal Dara (TEotW, Ch. 44). They travel through the Ways and come across a group of dead Trollocs. Moiraine says something must have pushed them hard to enter the Ways. They then continue on their way only to encounter Machin Shin. They manage to escape out of the Waygate near Fal Dara (TEotW, Ch. 45).

Egwene says she is going to the Eye despite everyone trying to talk her out of it. They arrive at Fal Dara and meet Ingtar, who leads them to Lord Agelmar. Agelmar tells them about a suspicious man they captured. It turns out to be Padan Fain (TEotW, Ch. 46). Moiraine leaves to question Fain, and Agelmar tells them all the story of the Malkier and Lan's oath. Moiraine returns and tells them all about how evil Padan Fain is, that he has been a Darkfriend for 40 years, and the Dark One's pet for three (TEotW, Ch. 47). They travel through the Blight and Egwene talks about going to Tar Valon. Nynaeve says she might go to give Egwene a familiar face, and Egwene mentions making Rand her Warder when she is Aes Sedai (TEotW, Ch. 48). As they travel through the Blight, they are chased by Worms. Lan tells them to run for the pass because the worms are afraid of what lives in the pass. They are running when they find themselves in the Green Man's garden (TEotW, Ch. 49). The Green Man takes them to the Eye but after they get there, Aginor and Balthamel show up. Moiraine tells everyone to run, but Egwene tries to fight Aginor using the little bit of the One Power she has learned to control. Rand shoves her out of the way and distracts Aginor while she runs away (TEotW, Ch. 50). Egwene is at the camp when Rand returns. He tells them what happened, about how he used saidin to defeat who he thought was the Dark One (TEotW, Ch. 52). They return to Fal Dara (TEotW, Ch. 53).

The Great Hunt

Egwene runs into Rand, who is trying to hide in the store rooms. They talk for a while and Egwene tells him that the store rooms are a bad place to hide, and he should hide in the dungeons. She leads him down to the dungeons where Fain is kept. Fain talks to Rand and they decide to hide Rand in her room (TGH, Ch. 3). Egwene goes to visit Fain and is knocked unconscious when he escapes. Moiraine Heals her (TGH, Ch. 6). Egwene remembers nothing about the night before. Rand pays her a visit to tell her goodbye (TGH, Ch. 8).

Egwene leaves Fal Dara with the Amyrlin Seat to head back to Tar Valon. Someone makes an attempt on the Amyrlin's life. Egwene's party leaves, and on their journey they meet Verin, who tells Egwene and Nynaeve a little about learning to channel and does the training exercises with them. Egwene has a dream about Rand. She tries to find Moiraine to tell her, but it turns out Moiraine is gone (TGH, Ch. 12). They get on a boat to head to Tar Valon. On the trip Siuan gives them a lesson. They arrive at Tar Valon and are met by Sheriam (TGH, Ch. 18).

After arriving in Tar Valon, Egwene meets Elayne. They see Logain and run into Min. Min tells Egwene she sees a white flame in her auras. They are joined by Elayne's brothers Galad and Gawyn. Egwene notes how handsome Galad is. Shortly after they see Elaida, and Elayne talks to Elaida, who scolds her for talking to an Aes Sedai without being talked to first. Egwene and Elayne then run off to do chores (TGH, Ch. 24).

Egwene is visiting with Nynaeve, Elayne, and Min when Liandrin shows up and asks Min and Elayne to leave. She then asks Egwene and Nynaeve if they want to travel with her to Toman Head to help out Rand. They agree and Liandrin tells them to tell no one because there are Black Ajah members walking the halls. Min and Elayne hear the conversation and tell them that they are going too (TGH, Ch. 38). Liandrin leads them to a Waygate and they travel through the Ways to Toman Head (TGH, Ch. 39). They are met by High Lady Suroth. Nynaeve and Elayne manage to escape but Egwene is collared and made a damane (TGH, Ch. 40). Min visits Egwene, who is being trained in Earth to detect ores in the ground. She tells Min she is not allowed to channel without a sul'dam or she gets sick, and she is also not allowed to touch weapons. She gets in trouble for channeling without permission (TGH, Ch. 42).

Nynaeve manages to help Egwene escape and as they are walking out disguised as Seanchan, Egwene freaks out because she does not want to be leashed again and attacks the Seanchan in the street by tearing the ground up. Someone throws a fireball at them and it leads to them being separated (TGH, Ch. 46). Egwene is drawn to Rand and finds him with Min (TGH, Ch. 48). After Rand is Healed, everyone gets ready to leave. Egwene, Nynaeve, and Elayne head back toward Tar Valon with Mat, Verin, and Hurin (TGH, Ch. 49).

The Dragon Reborn

Egwene is heading toward Tar Valon taking Mat to get Healed when she thinks about how she needs to return because she has so much left to learn. She never wants to be collared again. After some small talk, they are approached by a group of Children of the Light led by Dain Bornhald. After Dain mentions taking them to be questioned, Egwene remembers being captured and opens herself up to saidar and scares the Whitecloaks by making Earth erupt around them. Verin scolds her and they continue on their way to Tar Valon (TDR, Ch. 10). They arrive at the White Tower, where they are greeted by Sheriam, who thanks Verin for returning the runaways. Verin hands the girls off to Sheriam, who hands them off to three Accepted who lead them to rooms (TDR, Ch. 11). Egwene, Nynaeve, and Elayne are taken to the Amyrlin for punishment. She tells them what their punishments will be and that they have been announced to everyone as part of it (TDR, Ch. 13). After sending Elayne away, Siuan asks Egwene and Nynaeve to help hunt down the Black Ajah (TDR, Ch. 14). They return to their rooms. Just outside of their rooms a Gray Man tries to shoot them with a crossbow. Nynaeve grabs the man with Air but when they make it over to him, he is dead with a dagger in his chest and the bow is gone. Sheriam arrives, questions them about it, and asks them to keep it to themselves (TDR, Ch. 15).

Galad and Gawyn pay Egwene and the girls a visit, asking them all kinds of questions. After the boys leave, Egwene and Nynaeve tell Elayne about what Siuan asked them to do, and she decides to join them (TDR, Ch. 16). Elaida barges in and questions them about Rand and about their adventure away from the Tower. They don't tell her much. Sheriam shows up and Elaida storms off and Sheriam leads them to where Mat will be Healed (TDR, Ch. 17). The Amyrlin leads a circle where they use the Tower's strongest sa'angreal to Heal Mat. Afterwards Egwene is sent to the kitchen to do chores (TDR, Ch. 18). Egwene meets with Verin who tells her all about Tel'aran'rhiod. Verin explains how it ties in with the worlds and the Creator and the Dark One. Verin then gives Egwene a twisted ring ter'angreal that allows one to enter into Tel’aran’rhiod (TDR, Ch. 21). As Egwene leaves Verin she is met by Sheriam, who tells her it is time for her Accepted Test. Sheriam leads her to the test room, explains everything to her, and sends her into the ter'angreal.

Her first trip through the arches is "for what was." Egwene is back in the Two Rivers with her husband Rand and her daughter Joiya. She is in training to replace Nynaeve as the Wisdom of the city. Rand has a headache and has been having headaches. His headaches are usually accompanied by strange phenomenon such as lightning striking nearby, Egwene is glad no one but her has noticed the connection. Egwene remembers healing people that Nynaeve had claimed were on their deathbed and not knowing how. As Rand is asking for help she sees the arch that she must go through to return to the Tower. She does not want to leave behind the life she could have had, but as Rand calls out for help she walks through the arch.

After finding herself back in the Tower she must enter the arches a second time "for what is." She steps through, and she is in the city of Caemlyn. The city is in ruins. She sees a Myrddraal and steps back into a room where Rand is pinned beneath a beam. Rand asks for her help but she tells him if she removes the beam the rest of the building will fall. Rand says he can move it all himself but if he does he will be taken by madness and then they can convert him to the darkness. He asks Egwene to take his life. Egwene sees the Arch and leaves Rand there begging for her to kill him. Egwene exits the arches crying and asks Sheriam if it is possible for someone to be turned to the Shadow. Sheriam explains to her how it can be done.

Egwene enters the Arches for the third and last time "for what will be." Egwene is the Amyrlin and has been raised from the Green Ajah. She meets with the Hall, where Elaida brings Rand out and says he has declared himself the Dragon reborn. Elaida asks Egwene what she will do, but Egwene can not let them do anything to Rand so Elaida calls her a traitor and tells them to take her. Egwene is knocked out. When she awakens there are Thirteen Aes Sedai and a group of Myrddraal. She grabs the One Power and lashes out, killing the Myrddraal. Gyldan a Red and Black Sister steps in front of her and Egwene punches her in the face. Egwene's keeper Beldeine is there and tells her she turned on Egwene because they stilled her and promised the power of the Dark one could fix it. Beldeine tells her they have taken Rand to the Traitor's Court. Egwene takes a path to a place that overlooks the whole court. As she stands there planning what she can do to save him the Arches appear and she must leave Rand to return to the Tower. She steps through the arches and comes out and everyone is acting like something is wrong. Egwene is delved but they determine everything is alright. There was some type of interference that messed with the ter'angreal.(TDR, Ch. 22) Egwene has dreams but is having a hard time making anything out of them. Verin gives Egwene and Nynaeve a list of the ter'angreal taken by the Black Ajah. They notice that the ter'angreal were all last studied by Corianin. As they are walking down the hall Else Grinwell appears and tells them where a room with all of the belongings left by the Black Ajah is. She then disappears.(TDR, Ch. 25)

Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve head to the room where the Black Ajahs' belongings are and go through them. They find references to Tear but are not sure what to do so Egwene decided to use her Stone ring ter'angreal to try to learn something.(TDR, Ch. 26) Egwene uses the ring to enter Tel’aran’rhiod. She enters Perrins dreams and see him with golden eyes and Hopper. She then jumps to Rands dreams, where he comes at her with a sword. She flees and wants to be at the place she needs find. She finds herself in the middle of the Stone of Tear. After she hears foot steps she awakens. She tells Nynaeve and Elayne what she saw and they decide to go to Tear and send a letter to Elayne's mother via Mat.(TDR, Ch. 27) They convince Mat to take the letter under the condition that they will get him out of Tar Valon. They give him one of Siuan's letters that say the bearer does whatever they want in her name. They then go their separate ways.(TDR, Ch. 28) Nynaeve tells Siuan what they discovered and the girls get ready to head out for Tear.(TDR, Ch. 29)

Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve head down the River Erinen on the Ship the Blue Crane. They are mistaken for Aes Sedai and decide after some persuasion from Egwene that they will act the part. They are heading down river when they get stuck on a sand bank and Nynaeve convinces them to head to shore. They get to the shore and a figure emerges from some brush startling them.(TDR, Ch. 37) The figure is an Aiel and introduces herself as Aviendha. She asks them to help try to save an injured friend Dailin. Egwene and Elayne carry on a conversation with Aviendha, Bain, and Chiad while Nynaeve heals the injured Aiel.(TDR, Ch. 38) After some conversing they find that the Aiel are heading to Tear to try to find He Who Comes with the Dawn. The head their separate paths and see men step out with slings before they are knocked unconscious. Upon waking they find the men who captured them talking to three Myrddraal, who are looking at their rings. The Myrddraal were looking for them. The Aiel then burst in and start attacking the Myrddraal. After some battling the Myrddraal arekilled and they continue on their way to Tear.(TDR, Ch. 39)

After another boat ride where Egwene has many dreams, they arrive at Tear. As they are walking down the streets Nynaeve recognizes a sign in the window that means there is a message for Yellow Sisters. They stop in and, using aliases, tell the woman there they need some help. She goes to find them a thief catcher, Juilin Sandar.(TDR, Ch. 48) They hire Juilin to help them. Egwene enters Tel’aran’rhiod and sees the Thirteen Black Sisters in the Stone of Tear. She wakes up and Tells Nynaeve and Elayne what she saw.(TDR, Ch. 49) Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve get captured at Mother Guenna's by Liandrin and the other members of the Black Ajah. They are told that they are going to be used as bait.(TDR, Ch. 51) Egwene wakes up and finds herself locked in a cell. They are shielded, so she uses her ter'angreal ring to enter Tel’aran’rhiod. She finds Joiya in Tel’aran’rhiod and shields her. She then returns to the cells.(TDR, Ch. 54) She finds Amico at the the cells and shields her. She then wakens and tells the others that Amico is shielded. They find that they are still shielded and, as Egwene gets ready to enter Tel’aran’rhiod, Mat shows up knocks Amico out and releases them.(TDR, Ch. 55) Egwene meets up with Moiraine after a battle in the Heart. Moiraine tells them there is more to come and reads a note from Lanfear saying Lews Theris is and will always be hers.(TDR, Ch. 56)

The Shadow Rising

This section contains spoilers relating to The Shadow Rising. Please expand to view.

Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve question Joiya and Amico about the Black Ajahs plans. Amico tells them they must go to Tanchico because there is something there dangerous to Rand. They question Joiya separately and she says she repents for her sins. She tells them the Black Ajah plan to free Mazrim Taim and have him pretend to be Rand causing damage and tarnishing his name.(TSR, Ch. 5) The speak with Moiraine about what Joiya and Amico said. Moiraine speaks to them and then tells Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve that Rand needs to make a move. Sammael is in illain and Moiraine thinks Rand should take the armies of Tear and attack. She also tells them of a ter'angreal that she is thinking about using that if you go into will take you to a place where three questions will be answered truthfully. After suggesting they go to Tanchico she leaves.(TSR, Ch. 6) Egwene pays a visit to Rand with Elayne. They discuss him channeling and they try to teach him to channel using the method they do with Saidar but it fails. They do discover that he can tell when a woman is channeling though. Egwene tells Rand that she no longer feels the same way about him and Rand admits he feel the same way.(TSR, Ch. 7) While walking away from Rands room Egwene is joined by Mat. Mat tells her that he wants to leave but is worried about his recent problems of speaking in the Old Tongue and his memory problems. Egwene tells Mat about the doorway Moiraine told her about where three questions will be answered. She warns him of the dangers though. He then leaves.(TSR, Ch. 8)

The Fires of Heaven

This section contains spoilers relating to The Fires of Heaven. Please expand to view.

Following the events at Alcair Dal, Egwene goes to Rhuidean along with Rand and the others (TFoH, Ch. 2). During the month in which they remain there, she stays with the Wise Ones in tents just outside the city, and they continue to train her in Dreamwalking. Among other things, they are teaching her how to locate other people’s dreams. They allow her to practice on their own dreams and on Rhuarc’s; on one occasion, she is caught in Rhuarc’s dreams and it is revealed that he thinks of her as a child. Although Egwene obeys the Wise Ones in all other things, she sometimes enters Tel’aran’rhiod without their permission, although not often as she is afraid that they will catch her and refuse to continue teaching her. Egwene and Moiraine are also teaching Aviendha how to channel (TFoH, Ch. 5).

As they prepare to leave the city approximately a month after returning to Rhuidean, Egwene accompanies Moiraine to see Rand. They ask after his plans and show him that one of the seals to the Dark One’s Prison, which was found in the city, has begun to weaken. Egwene is displeased with how rude Rand is to Moiraine. When Moiraine leaves and they are alone, Egwene proceeds to tell Rand that he doesn’t deserve Elayne. However, she stops in concern when something seems to be wrong with him; unknown to her, he has come upon some of Lews Therin’s thoughts in his mind. She tells him that he should rest, and before leaving, she admits to Rand that Elayne loves him (TFoH, Ch. 2).

Later, Egwene washes up in her tent. Cowinde arrives, sent by Amys to bring Egwene to the sweat tent. Egwene dawdles a bit, not wanting to go out in the cold, and asks Cowinde some questions about herself. Finally, she allows Cowinde to take her to the sweat tent. There, she listens as Moiraine, Amys, Bair, and Melaine discuss Rand and his plan to lead the Aiel out of the Waste. After Moiraine leaves, the Wise Ones want Egwene to tell them how Rand might react if Aviendha is asked to spend the nights in his rooms. Egwene is horrified at the thought and tries to dissuade them from such a thing, although eventually she tells them that he might allow it if they have a good reason (TFoH, Ch. 5).

When the Wise Ones are done, they tell Egwene and Aviendha to clean up the tent. Before leaving, Amy instructs Egwene to find her dreams that night. When Egwene and Aviendha exit the tent, Bair assigns both girls a punishment; Egwene’s is for not coming to the sweat tent quickly enough. They are to run fifty laps around the tents, naked. The two girls talk a bit as they run, both about Elayne and about the fact that Aviendha does not want to stay in Rand’s rooms at night. When Egwene admits that she doesn’t understand ji’e’toh, Aviendha tells Egwene that she follows ji’e’toh nonetheless—as evidenced by the fact that she obeys the Wise One’s orders because she said she would. Egwene argues, because she only obeys so that they will continue to teach her. However, she also doesn’t even consider not fulfilling her punishment, even though the Wise Ones would never know if she didn’t (TFoH, Ch. 5).

That night, after she has finished running laps, Egwene does manage to find Amys’s dreams. They celebrate by drinking tea in Amys’s dream. After, she finds the dreams of several other people—even though she is not supposed to—including Melaine, Bair, Rand, Kadere, Isendre, and Aviendha (TFoH, Ch. 7).

The next morning, following the Darkhound attack on Rand and Mat, Egwene leaves Rhuidean with the others to head back across the Dragonwall. As everyone prepares to leave, she speaks with Mat, who tells her in shock that Moiraine has suddenly started to obey Rand, and then with Aviendha. Egwene wants to ask the Wise Ones to let Aviendha off the hook regarding Rand. She tells Aviendha that she doesn’t have to be afraid of Rand, and Aviendha is offended at the suggestion that she is scared (TFoH, Ch. 7).

During their journey out of the Waste, Egwene and Melaine meet Nynaeve in the Stone of Tear in Tel’aran’rhiod. Egwene and Nynaeve exchange news. Nynaeve tells her about Ronde Macura and the Forsaken she has seen in Tel’aran’rhiod; however, Nynaeve lies to Egwene when she says that she recognized the forkroot that Ronde Macura used and did not drink it (TFoH, Ch. 14).

Melaine and Egwene leave Tel’aran’rhiod, but Egwene soon sneaks back on her own. She meets Nynaeve in the Amyrlin’s Study in the White Tower. Nynaeve does not know that Egwene is going against the Wise Ones orders, and asks if the Wise Ones are now letting Egwene out in Tel’aran’rhiod on her own. Egwene, not wanting Nynaeve to learn the truth but also not wanting to lie outright, reacts by directing attention to Nynaeve’s own lack of knowledge about Tel’aran’rhiod. In order to make her point, Egwene conjures up a nightmare in which a man attacks Nynaeve. Nynaeve is unable to get away and is terrified (TFoH, Ch. 15).

After Egwene has dispelled the nightmare, the two women begin to search for information. Egwene searches through the papers on the Keeper’s desk while Nynave takes the Amyrlin’s desk. Egwene soon learns that Siuan and Leane have been replaced and that Elaida is now Amyrlin. Egwene and Nynaeve come to the realization that the Tower has split (TFoH, Ch. 15).

Before they leave Tel’aran’rhiod, Nynaeve confesses to Egwene that she lied to her about not drinking the forkroot tea. In response, Egwene is about to make Nynaeve drink boiled catfern and powdered mavinsleaf, which are considered to be a “cure” for lying; Nynaeve has previously used them on Egwene herself. However, Egwene stops when Nynaeve admits that she often tries to stretch the truth in order to hide her missteps. Not wanting to reveal her own misdirections, Egwene suggests that they not tell the Aiel about the split in the Tower because it might affect their relationship with Rand. Through this, she manages to convince Nynaeve not to tell the Wise Ones about their secret meetings in Tel’aran’rhiod (TFoH, Ch. 15).

Egwene wakes up in her tent and thinks about what has just happened with Nynaeve. She goes to see Rand, but Aviendha informs her that he wishes to be alone with Natael. Instead, Egwene goes to see Moiraine and tells her about Elaida. She lets Moiraine believe she had a Dream to avoid revealing how she found out. They talk about Elaida, the Tower split, and the Forsaken that Nynaeve has seen in Tel’aran’rhiod. Egwene is surprised that Moiraine treats her like an equal (TFoH, Ch. 21).

With the others, Egwene passes through the decimated town of Taien. She tries to comfort Rand by telling him that the destruction of the town was not his fault (TFoH, Ch. 21). When the camp is attacked by dragkhar, Egwene and the Wise Ones feel Aviendha channeling and run to see what has happened. Egwene is at first concerned about Rand, and then angry that he has upset Aviendha (TFoH, Ch. 22).

Egwene and the others move through Jangai Pass and into Cairhien. It takes four days. They find the town of Selean destroyed, with the people dead. She listens with Aviendha and the Wise Ones as Rand tells the Clan Chiefs that any Aiel who kills a Wetlander except in self defense or destroys their belongings will hang. Aviendha begs Egwene to speak to the Wise Ones on her behalf regarding Rand, but Sorilea overhears them and speaks sternly to them both. Sorilea asks Egwene if Rand means what he says regarding the hanging, and Egwene says she thinks that he does. Sorilea approves because Rand needs to take charge. When they are alone, Egwene tells Aviendha that she will speak to Amys for her about Rand, but Aviendha has changed her mind and replies that she must obey the Wise Ones (TFoH, Ch. 23).

That night, Egwene and Amys are to meet Nynaeve in Tel’aran’rhiod. In order to stay awake until the appointed time, Egwene reads The Flame, the Blade and the Heart. Egwene is curious about how Nynaeve will act towards her following their previous meeting. When Egwene accidentally falls asleep too soon, she is worried about how Amys will react if she finds Egwene in Tel’aran’rhiod alone; she chooses not to leave, however, as she is afraid that she won’t be able to reenter and will miss the meeting. While she waits for the others to arrive, she sees Elayne and Birgitte talking (TFoH, Ch. 24).

Amys and Bair arrive in Tel’aran’rhiod for the meeting, and Amys accepts Egwene’s apology for arriving early. Nonetheless, Amys tells Egwene that if it happens again she should leave, even if it means missing a meeting. Nynaeve doesn’t arrive for the meeting, but Elayne does, and Egwene manages to convey that they should later meet alone in their old novice rooms. They briefly exchange news under the eyes of the Wise Ones, and then part ways (TFoH, Ch. 24). After, Egwene and Elayne do indeed meet in their old novice rooms. Egwene asks Elayne about Birgitte, but Elayne has promised not to say anything and asks Egwene to trust her; Egwene agrees. Elayne asks about Rand, and then they talk about Nynaeve’s new attitude, the Tower split, and Moghedien (TFoH, Ch. 25).

Elayne leaves Tel’aran’rhiod, and Egwene spends some time alone going through papers in Elaida’s study. Suddenly she almost allows herself to be pulled into her own dream about Galad, despite the fact that lately she dreams more of Gawyn. She flees the Tower to the Two Rivers, where she is almost trapped by a dream of Gawyn in which they have a child. She quickly leaves Tel’aran’rhiod. She doesn’t know it, but it is Moghedien who is trying to trap her (TFoH, Ch. 25).

As she travels with Rand and the others towards Cairhien, Egwene frequently passes messages onto Rand from Elayne (TFoH, Ch. 30).

Egwene and the others are finally near the city of Cairhien, and Rand prepares to fight the Shaido. Rand asks Egwene to take part in the battle, despite the fact that Aes Sedai do not use the One Power against humans except in self defense. Egwene is distraught at the request. Three days later, Egwene goes with Rand, Moriaine, and Lan to look at Kin Tovere’s telescopes, which have been mounted on tall towers. There, Rand asks if she has decided about joining the battle, and Egwene tells him that she will help, though she is reluctant (TFoH, Ch. 41).

Early in the morning on the day of the battle, Egwene and Aviendha go to the telescope tower with Rand. Egwene and Aviendha survey the land through the telescope and talk quietly to decide on a plan. They then begin calling lightning from the sky and breaking the ground with explosions (TFoH, Ch. 43). About an hour before noon, Egwene, Aviendha, and Rand are all tired from channeling. Egwene and Aviendha take turns resting. Sammael attacks the tower, and it falls; Rand manages to grab Egwene and Aviendha in one arm and hold onto an upright with the other, but then they all fall to the ground. Rand is knocked unconscious, and while Aviendha tries to wake him, Egwene bandages Sulin’s head. When Rand wakens, he decides he needs to get closer to the city, and Egwene and Aviendha accompany him (TFoH, Ch. 44).

At dusk, Egwene and Aviendha leave Rand to go join Moiraine and the Wise Ones because they are too exhausted to continue. They try to make Rand go with them, but he will not (TFoH, Ch. 44). After, Egwene attends a meeting with the Wise Ones (TFoH, Ch. 45). Egwene visits Elayne and Nynaeve’s dreams, without permission from the Wise Ones, in order to tell them that Rand has won in Cairhien (TFoH, Ch. 47).

Egwene and Amys meet Nynaeve and Elayne in Tel’aran’rhiod. Egwene tells her friends again about Rand winning in Cairhien, since she can’t let Amys know she’s already told them. She drops a hint for them to meet her in Sheriam’s study later. Egwene and Amys leave, and then Egwene goes back to meet Nynaeve and Elayne in Sheriam’s study. Egwene is mad that they almost revealed her previous visit. Then she leaves (TFoH, Ch. 49).

Egwene and Rand have an argument; it appears to be about Egwene not sharing enough information with him. She avoids him for the next six days before visiting him with Moiraine and Aviendha. Moiraine brings Rand letters that have arrived for him from Elaida and Alviarin. After he reads the letters, he gives them to Moiraine, Egwene, and Aviendha to read. Elaida writes that she is sending an Aes Sedai escort to bring Rand to Tar Valon, while Alviarin writes to practically swear fealty to him. They discuss the letters briefly, until Mat arrives and informs them that Morgase has been killed by Gaebril. When Rand reveals that Gaebril is Rahvin and that he will avenge Morgase, Egwene urges him not to make a rash decision. Rand nonetheless decides he will go to Caemlyn the next day, and although he doesn’t want Egwene or Aviendha to go with him, he agrees to let them (TFoH, Ch. 51).

After they leave Rand, Moiraine tells Egwene and Aviendha to be careful and that Rand “will need both of you in the days to come. […] He will need people who cannot be driven away or quelled by his rages, who will tell him what he must hear instead of what they think he wants to.” Moiraine and Aviendha both leave Egwene for the night (TFoH, Ch. 51).

The next morning, Egwene meets up with Rand, Natael, Moiraine, Aviendha, and Mat to go to Caemlyn. Moiraine announces that before they leave, Rand must first see something at the docks. Rand is confused, but everyone goes with Moiraine. Rand asks Egwene if she knows what Moiraine is doing, but Egwene knows nothing more than what Moiraine has already said. At the docks, they are attacked by Lanfear. In a jealous rage, Lanfear catches Egwene and Aviendha with weaves and tortures them, but Rand manages to free them and Egwene falls to the ground unconscious (TFoH, Ch. 52).

After Moiraine has pushed Lanfear through the red doorframe ter’angreal, Rand finds Aviendha and Mat by Egwene’s side. Egwene is slowly waking up and is in a great deal of pain. Amys, Bair, Melaine, and Sorilea arrive and tell Rand that Egwene can no longer go to Caemlyn with him. Egwene protests, but Bair informs Egwene that she must rest, and that she will not be entering Tel’aran’rhiod for some time either. When Rand tells everyone that Moiraine is dead, Egwene begins crying (TFoH, Ch. 53).

Lord of Chaos

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It takes Egwene a long while to recover from Lanfear’s attack. For the first 10 days, she is in a great deal of pain (LoC, Ch. 15), and she continues to get headaches for over a month longer (LoC, Ch. 7; LoC, Ch. 15). During this time, the Wise Ones deny her permission to enter Tel’aran’rhiod; nonetheless, after those first ten days, she begins to sneak back there on her own (LoC, Ch. 15). While in Tel’aran’rhiod, she tries to teach herself more about the World of Dreams, but it is slow going without the Wise Ones’ help (LoC, Ch. 14). She frequently asks the Wise Ones questions when she is awake to try to aid in her learning process (LoC, Ch. 15).

One night, Elayne catches a very brief glimpse of Egwene, and Egwene immediately steps out of Tel’aran’rhiod. She instead spends time searching for peoples’ dreams. She ends up stumbling upon Gawyn’s dreams and is drawn into them. He dreams that he rescues her from a villainous Rand, and then professes his love to her. Egwene at first struggles to disengage herself from the dream, but after his profession of love, she stops (LoC, Ch. 14). What happens after, she later remembers with embarrassment (LoC, Ch. 15).

When Egwene awakens in the morning, she is exhausted from her time in Tel’aran’rhiod and in Gawyn’s dreams, the latter of which she blushes over. Her head aches, as it now often does after a visit to Tel’aran’rhiod. She goes back to sleep for a time, and has a number of further dreams. Some are of Gawyn, while others are of Perrin, Mat, and Rand. One of her dreams is of Rand walking over the seals to the Dark One’s prison, breaking them as he goes (LoC, Ch. 15).

Cowinde eventually awakens her again for breakfast. Egwene does not wish to eat until Amys, Bair, and Melaine arrive and mention that they had been considering letting her return to Tel’aran’rhiod until hearing that she is still feeling unwell. Egwene decides to eat breakfast after all, and asks the Wise Ones some more questions about Tel’aran’rhiod. She wants to know it is “possible to be pulled into someone’s dream against your will,” and Bair tells her that it can happen if there are strong feelings of love or hate from either party (LoC, Ch. 15).

Egwene goes to the Sun Palace in Cairhien to see Rand. She gets lost in the corridors until she runs into Sorilea. The Wise One tells her that Rand is visiting his school, but takes her to Rand’s rooms so that she can wait for him. Along the way, Sorilea tries to matchmake Egwene with various Aielmen. When Rand finally returns to his rooms, Egwene asks him to persuade the Wise Ones to allow her to return to her studies. She tries to bribe him by telling him that she can return to carrying messages from Elayne. Rand wants to know where Elayne is, but Egwene has an agreement with Elayne and Nynaeve that they will not tell him about Salidar. Rand presses, and although Egwene is almost caught by his ta’veren effect, she manages to stop herself from spilling everything she knows. Finally, Egwene leaves in frustration (LoC, Ch. 18).

Egwene’s headaches finally stop, and the Wise Ones agree to let her return to Tel’aran’rhiod within the next few days. While in Cairhien one day, Egwene is walking and listening to rumours. She angrily confronts a man who suggests that Rand is a Forsaken, and then freezes because she sees several Aes Sedai. One of them is Red, and Egwene deduces that this is the escort Elaida has sent to bring Rand to Tar Valon. Afraid that they will see her, she runs until she reaches the Wise One’s tents outside the city and reports what she has seen. She spends most of the remainder of the day with the Wise Ones. That night, she dreams of Gawyn again (LoC, Ch. 24).

The next morning, Egwene breakfasts with the Wise Ones, who tell her what Rhuarc has learned about Elaida’s embassy. Egwene tells the Wise Ones what she knows of the six Aes Sedai sent by Elaida, and recommends that the Wise Ones keep a close eye on them. After breakfast, Egwene goes into the city to see what she can learn about the embassy. They are staying in Arilyn Dhulaine’s palace. Egwene can feel channeling inside, and tries to eavesdrop through the windows. Although she keeps at it for quite some time, she has very little luck. Eventually, Nesune Bihara and her Warder exit the palace and Egwene leaves to avoid detection. However, after a few steps, she unexpectedly runs right into Gawyn. Egwene and Gawyn are both stunned to see each other, and Egwene quickly draws him away from Arilyn’s palace. She quickly learns that he is with Elaida’s embassy, and asks to speak to him privately (LoC, Ch. 25).

Gawyn leads Egwene to an inn, where he rents a private dining room so that they can speak alone. While they are there, Egwene confesses to Gawyn that she is in love with him, and although he doesn’t believe her at first, he soon reciprocates her declaration and they kiss. She asks Gawyn not to tell the embassy that she is there, and also not to harm Rand until she can prove he didn’t kill Morgase, and he agrees to both. She also lets him know that she walks in the city each morning, and he promises to join her as often as he can. She promises herself that she will not question Gawyn about the embassy because she doesn’t want to make him betray anyone (LoC, Ch. 25).

The next morning, Egwene and Gawyn meet in the city again. Gawyn warns Egwene that the embassy is looking for someone like her. Later, she returns to the tents, where she learns that the apprentices have been given a day off because the Wise Ones are holding a meeting. Egwene joins the other apprentices for a time, and learns from them that Rand has returned from Caemlyn. She leaves to go see Rand in the Sun Palace, and finds him in his anteroom, which is set up like a throne room. She warns him to be careful with the embassy. Wanting the embassy to leave Cairhien empty-handed, she tries to trick Rand into getting angry at Coiren and the other Aes Sedai by telling him that he should show deference to them; however, he surprises her by agreeing to show respect (LoC, Ch. 27).

The embassy arrives while Egwene is still with Rand, and she panics, wondering how to get out without them seeing her. She asks Rand for help; in response, he makes her invisible with a weave of saidin so that she will be able to secretly witness the meeting. She soon realizes that Rand had been joking about showing respect, as he is plenty “insolent” towards Coiren, Galina, and Nesune. After the three Aes Sedai leave, Egwene and Rand talk briefly about the meeting and about how Rand Travels between Caemlyn and Cairhien, with Egwene trying to work out how to do this with saidar (LoC, Ch. 27).

Over the next week or so, tensions run high amongst the Wise Ones due to the embassy and the arrival of several Shaido Wise Ones. The assign their apprentices, including Egwene, more punishments and chores than usual. Egwene finds it very difficult to suffer Sevanna’s presence particularly. Egwene spends as much time away from the tents as possible. Every morning, she meets Gawyn in the city. One day, she has an unfortunate incident with the Sea Folk when she tries to visit their ship in the harbour. Five nights into Rand’s return to Caemlyn, Egwene is allowed a quick visit to Tel’aran’rhiod with Bair; the next night, she is allowed to go again with Amys (LoC, Ch. 32).

The night after her trip to Tel’aran’rhiod with Amys, Egwene is allowed to attend a meeting with the Salidar Aes Sedai in the World of Dreams. She is very nervous about it. Egwene joins Amys and Bair in the Stone of Tear. Sheriam, Carlinya, Anaiya, Beonin, Morvrin, Myrelle, and Siuan arrive, although Egwene does not recognize the Siuan. As soon as they see Egwene, Sheriam, Carlinya, and Anaiya formally summon Egwene to appear before the Hall of the Tower. Egwene immediately assumes that they have learned she has been pretending to be an Aes Sedai. Although she is terrified, Egwene calmly responds that she will arrive in Salidar as soon as possible. The Aes Sedai suggest that Egwene make the long trip faster by travelling physically through Tel’aran’rhiod. The Wise Ones are horrified at the suggestion and refuse to teach Egwene how to do this, but Egwene thinks she has figured out how to do it on her own and agrees to try. Everyone then leaves Tel’aran’rhiod (LoC, Ch. 32).

Waking up, Egwene prepares for her journey and writes a note for Gawyn. Amys, Bair, and Sorilea arrive at her tent, and although Egwene expects them to be angry with her, they all understand that she must answer the summons. Egwene admits to the Wise Ones that she has entered Tel’aran’rhiod without permission, and also that she has lied about being Aes Sedai. Wanting to make things right before she leaves, she asks them to help her meet her toh. All of the women Egwene has lied to are called together and given the chance to strap her with a belt. After they have done so, they finally declare that Egwene no longer has toh towards them and embrace her. Everyone but Egwene, Amys, Bair, and Sorilea leaves, and the four women say their goodbyes, with Sorilea insisting that Egwene will always have a place with the Aiel if the Aes Sedai kick her out of the White Tower. While Amys will no longer teach Egwene Dreamwalking, in keeping with her earlier promise to stop if Egwene ever entered Tel’aran’rhiod against orders, Bair offers to continue her lessons. Finally, the Wise Ones leave Egwene to her departure (LoC, Ch. 33).

Egwene quickly washes her face, packs her belongings, and dresses, although the last is painful due to her recent strapping. She channels a weave, making it so that her current surroundings are one with their counterpart in Tel’aran’rhiod. It works, and she is able to enter Tel’aran’rhiod physically. She calls up a dream version of Bela, and proceeds to ride to Salidar. She is able to move very quickly through the World of Dreams, going miles with each step. When she reaches Salidar, she channels the same same weave she used to enter Tel’aran’rhiod and is able to exit (LoC, Ch. 34).

In Salidar, it is night, and the seven Aes Sedai Egwene met in Tel’aran’rhiod are astonished that she has arrived so soon. Egwene finally recognizes Siuan for who she is, and learns that Nynaeve has discovered how to Heal stilling. They all make small talk for a while until Siuan pushes the other Aes Sedai to reveal their reason for calling Egwene to Salidar: Egwene is to become the Amyrlin Seat of the rebel Aes Sedai (LoC, Ch. 34). At first, Egwene wonders if it a joke, as she is not yet even Aes Sedai. The others, however, tell her that while Tower Law states the Amyrlin Seat is Aes Sedai, it does not specify that she must first be Aes Sedai in order to obtain the position. Egwene tries to refuse, but is told that refusing a summons by the Hall cannot be done (LoC, Ch. 35).

The next little while is a flurry of activity as Egwene is instructed on how to act and what she must say. The Hall is summoned that very night. Egwene is led to the building where the Hall convenes and the ceremony begins. She answers Romanda’s ritual questions about why she is there and how she wishes to serve the White Tower. Only nine of the eighteen Sitters stand in approval of Egwene’s raising to the Amyrlin Seat, so Egwene proceeds to wash each Sitter’s feet before asking again to be allowed to serve as Amyrlin Seat. This time, all eighteen of the Sitters stand in approval, although Lelaine and Romanda are very slow about it. Egewne is led by Romanda and Lelaine to the carved and painted chair that serves as the Amyrlin Seat in exile, and all of the Aes Sedai present in the room proceed to kiss her ring (LoC, Ch. 35).

All of the Sitters eventually leave the room, Egwene is left alone with Aniaya, Beonin, Carlinya, Sheriam, Morvrin, and Myrelle. The six Aes Sedai determine that it will be best if they spend the night bringing Egwene up to speed about the state of Salidar (LoC, Ch. 35). They talk for a long time, and after the six Aes Sedai leave, Romanda and Lelaine each come to her separately to give her advice on what she should do next (LoC, Ch. 36).

The next morning, Egwene readies herself with the help of her new maid, Chesa. She is formally announced as the new Amyrlin Seat and gives a brief speech, which was written for her by the Sitters. It is very long, so she cuts it down significantly. She names Sheriam as her Keeper of the Chronicles and raises Theodrin, Faolain, Elayne, and Nynaeve to the status of Aes Sedai so that she won’t stand out as the only Aes Sedai to be raised without passing the test. Afterwards, Sheriam, Romanda, and Lelaine are not pleased about the changes Egwene made to the speech or her raising of the other four Accepted (LoC, Ch. 36).

When Romanda and Lelaine leave, Egwene tells Sheriam she wishes to speak to Elayne and Nynaeve in her office. When her two friends arrive, they curtsey, and Egwene makes them promise not to treat her differently in private. The three women catch up. Elayne and Nyaneve tell Egwene about the Bowl of the Winds in Ebou Dar, and Egwene promises to send them to search for it if she can; however, she also recognizes that she has been set up as a figurehead and does not actually have much power. She doesn’t intend to allow the Aes Sedai to get away with this, but she knows she has to tread carefully (LoC, Ch. 36).

Once they have caught up on other matters, Nynaeve and Elayne confess that they are holding Moghedien prisoner, and that the Forsaken is the source of many of their “discoveries.” Egwene orders Nynaeve to bring Moghedien to her. While they wait for Nynaeve, Egwene and Elayne discuss Egwene’s desire to tie all women who can channel to the Tower (LoC, Ch. 37).

Nynaeve returns with Moghedien, and after demonstrating the a’dam that Elayne has made, passes the bracelet to Egwene. Egwene warns Moghedien that if she ever lies to her, she’ll have her executed. Egwene then proceeds to question Moghedien about Travelling and realizes that it is very similar to how she entered Tel’aran’rhiod in the flesh. She is able to open a gateway (LoC, Ch. 37).

Siuan arrives and Egwene dismisses Elayne and Nynaeve. Egwene proceeds to ask Siuan for her help in controlling the Hall of the Tower, and Siuan agrees. Egwene begins using Siuan, Elayne, and Nynaeve to help her consolidate power by having them play Romanda, Lelaine, and Sheriam off of each other (LoC, Ch. 37). At some point, Egwene manages to get the other Aes Sedai to agree that Elayne and Nynaeve should be sent to Ebou Dar to search for the Bowl of the Winds (LoC, Ch. 39).

Two days after Egwene’s raising, Mat arrives in Salidar with the Band of the Red Hand; they have been sent by Rand. Mat is shocked to learn that Egwene is Amyrlin, and at first thinks that she is playing a trick. He promises to get Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve safely out of Salidar if they will just do what he says (LoC, Ch. 38). When he realizes that Egwene truly is the Amyrlin, he still tries to convince the three women to leave Salidar with him, arguing that they’re going to get themselves killed. Egwene points out in turn that Mat is technically Dragonsworn, since he follows Rand’s orders, which puts him in a precarious position in Salidar himself (LoC, Ch. 39).

Mat leaves to find Thom, and Egwene discusses him with Elayne and Nynaeve. Egwene hopes she can use the Band’s presence to push the Salidar Aes Sedai into doing what she wants them to do—which is to move on Tar Valon and Elaida. She also wants to send Mat to Ebou Dar with Elayne and Nynaeve (LoC, Ch. 39).

Sheriam arrives to speak with Egwene, and Elayne and Nynaeve leave. Egwene proceeds to use the Band to convince Sheriam that the rebels must move towards Tar Valon. Egwene suggests that they must put distance between themselves and the “Dragonsworn,” and north is the only direction they can safely go. Amadicia is to the west, and if they move south towards Ebou Dar, the Altarans will think they mean to take control of the city. Sheriam reluctantly agrees (LoC, Ch. 39).

A couple of days after he arrives in Salidar, Egwene presents Mat with an ultimatum: he can either go to Ebou Dar with Elayne and Nynaeve or he can take the Band and leave Salidar. He agrees to go to Ebou Dar, but leaves the majority of the Band with Egwene. Egwene intends to continue using their presence to manipulate the other Aes Sedai. The next day, Egwene goes to see Mat off, and despite their arguments, he is furious that the other Aes Sedai are clearly ignoring her; he thinks that she looks very much alone. In response, he bows elaborately and kisses her ring, and other members of the Band kneel. Egwene is surprised, but thanks Mat for the gesture (LoC, Ch. 44).

The rebel Aes Sedai leave Salidar and begin to move north. The Band moves as well, close to the rebels but not with them, and Egwene uses their presence to convince nobles to swear fealty to her; they think she will protect them from the “Dragonsworn” (LoC, Ch. 52).

Sixteen days after the rebels leave Salidar, Egwene visits Logain in his tent and asks him what he thinks about Rand’s amnesty for men who can channel. That night, she enters Tel’aran’rhiod to meet with Elayne and Nynaeve. When she wakes up, Siuan is in her tent and they discuss Logain, whom Egwene intends to free. The other Aes Sedai are pushing to either gentle him again or to kill him, and Egwene knows either option would make things extremely difficult with Rand. On Egwene’s orders, Siuan has therefore arranged for tea with a sedative to be given to the Aes Sedai who maintain Logain’s shield (LoC, Ch. 52).

One night shortly after Logain escapes, Egwene feels Moghedien’s a’dam come off with “the flash of pain that meant a man who could channel had brushed the link.” She goes to check on the Forsaken, and finds that Moghedien is gone from her tent (LoC, Epilogue).

A Crown of Swords

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Egwene begins to get headaches once Logain disappears (ACoS, Ch. 12).

The Path of Daggers

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Egwene has a few of her dreams: Rand wearing different masks; Perrin and a Tinker unknowingly hacking through plants that scream with human voices; and Mat weighing two Aes Sedai on a balance scale with the decision being very important. She wakes up to Halima, Aran'gar in disguise, who is causing Egwene's headaches, and gets closer to Egwene by massaging her to "stop" the headaches. Siuan has come to summon Egwene but Halima does not think it is a good idea as Egwene needs rest. Egwene goes with Suian to meet Bryne in her study. Bryne tells her of an army that approaches that he believes is from Andor that he thinks will try to stop them from traveling through. Egwene tells him to arrange a meeting with them. He then leaves, and Egwene and Siuan talk about the disadvantages of the Three Oaths (TPoD, Ch. 15). Egwene meets with the Hall and tells them that they will rest for a few days. She then goes over a few petitions on how to fix the money problems. After a while Romanda comes in, dismisses Siuan, and tells Egwene that she knows of her plans to meet with the nobles. She demands to do the talking. After she leaves, Lelaine enters with the same message except she wants to do the talking. They are to meet with the nobles the next day (TPoD, Ch. 16).

When they ride out to meet the nobles, Bryne is there with some of his soldiers, as is Talmanes from the Band of the Red Hand. The nobles explain why they don't want to get involved, not wanting to get between the two sides of the White Tower. Egwene explains that they will rest there a month without entering Andor, they will buy supplies from Murandy, and then they will leave. She also tells them the novice book is open to anyone of any age if they test true (TPoD, Ch. 17). Many nobles approach Egwene to talk to her about her opening the novice book to anyone. She talks with them and then joins Talmanes. Talmanes tells her he is going to stay behind in Murandy rather than go with her to help Roedran as a mercenary army. She makes him promise not to get involved in a war then agrees (TPoD, Ch. 18). Upon returning to camp, Egwene calls the Hall to sit. She asks them to stand for a war against Elaida. Takima states the law of war and enough stand that the war is passed with a lesser consensus. Romanda tries to interrupt, but Egwene has Takima read another part of the law that says in war, the Hall must approve all decrees made by the Amyrlin; this causes Delana to vomit. Egwene tells them in one month's time they will travel and begin their siege on the White Tower (TPoD, Ch. 19). They have circles open gateways to an area a little outside of Tar Valon (TPoD, Ch. 30).

Winter's Heart

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Egwene teaches the Wise Ones how to Travel (WH, Prologue). Egwene meets with Elayne and Nynaeve in Tel'aran'rhiod. Elayne and Nynaeve catch Egwene up on what has been going on. Egwene comes up with a plan that allows Aes Sedai to retire into the Kin. She also says every Sister will swear on the Oath Rod or they will face full justice, telling Nynaeve and Elayne when they get back they must swear the oaths. She tells Elayne and Nynaeve that she wants them back but they will have to wait until she gains more control because the Aes Sedai would not be comfortable with the Kin. She then tells them about how she has been having problems with people listening to her. Even though she is the Amyrlin, they don't treat her as such, and even though she had declared several people Aes Sedai, they are still treated as Accepted. She asks Nynaeve what she did when people treated her like that when she was Wisdom. Nynaeve gives her some advice. They catch someone spying on them that looks kind of like Rand and chase him (WH, Ch. 10). Egwene meets with them in Tel'aran'rhiod again the night before she makes her move on the White Tower. They meet in Emond's Field, noting that it has changed drastically. Egwene brings up that she is troubled by the news that Rand is controlling Aes Sedai. Elayne suggests she makes a visit to Emond's Field but Egwene says she is not ready to face Emond's Field as Amyrlin (WH, Ch. 26).

Crossroads of Twilight

This section contains spoilers relating to Crossroads of Twilight. Please expand to view.

Delana brings to Egwene's attention that some of the Sisters are talking about making negotiations with the White Tower. Egwne brings it up and Beonin says that she thinks it is a good idea. Egwene says she is ok with them talking about making negotiations as long as part of the agreements made was that Elaida was exiled (CoT, Ch. 16). Egwene returns to camp, where she tells the Sisters to keep Traveling a secret as it is a huge advantage over the White Tower. She then goes to the tent where cuendillar is being made. She learns that Kairen is improving but is not strong enough for the plan that Egwene has concocted. In fact, besides herself, there are only three other people with the strength in Earth to do it (CoT, Ch. 17). Egwene returns to her tent where Siuan makes a report to her of the night before and of what the eyes and ears had to say. They are then notified that Akarrin is back and is about to make a report to the Hall on Shadar Logoth (CoT, Ch. 18). They arrive and Akarrin starts her report. Where Shadar Logoth used to be there is now a giant hole. They had sent people skilled with reading residues and they concluded that a very large amount of saidin was used. The reporting group is dismissed, and Moria says she thinks it was a Forsaken, and there is no way they can stand up to something like that themselves, even with linking. She suggests making an alliance with the Black Tower to increase their circles using men. Egwene brings it up before the Hall and asks them to stand in favor. While it is agreed to by a lesser consensus some refuse to stand. They begin discussions on who is to go (CoT, Ch. 19).

Egwene is captured when she turns one of Tar Valon's chains that control the bridges into cuendillar. When she comes to, she sees an ageless face, so she knows an Aes Sedai must be involved. It is interesting to note is that it is extremely likely that the Seanchan are in the area; it is possible that a raken was seen, though not recognized by Egwene. Egwene had a dream that a Seanchan woman would save her and this could be tied into her capture (CoT, Ch. 20; Ch. 30).

Knife of Dreams

This section contains spoilers relating to Knife of Dreams. Please expand to view.

Egwene regains consciousness (though pretends to be yet unconscious) after her capture, while riding in a coach with five Aes Sedai. The five are Katerine Alruddin, a Red Sister; Felaana, a Brown; Pritalle Nerbaijan, a Yellow, with her Warder, Harril; Berisha Terakuni, a Gray; and Barasine, another Red. Her ruse ends when Katerine grasps this and slaps her (KoD, Prologue).

Egwene realizes that they are riding through Tar Valon; that she is not shielded, though she cannot channel; that there is definite contention among the Sisters in the coach; and that the odor of rotting garbage is wafting into the coach from the city. She is appalled that Elaida has allowed things to deteriorate to such an extent (KoD, Prologue).

The Sisters in the coach engage in discussion on the Hall, the harbor chain, Egwene's probable fate, with Katerine and Barasine being quite acrid, even to the other "shawled" women. Egwene is asked what she did to the chain. When she responds, Katerine slaps her again. Egwene is silent for the remainder of the ride to the Tower (KoD, Prologue).

Once at the main rear entrance to the Tower, Egwene is surprised to see Nicola Treehill (a runaway from the rebel camp) on the steps. Nicola is attending Elaida that evening and delivers a message to Katerine, orders concerning Egwene. Felaana and Pritalle and her Warder leave them. Berisha remains. Nicola refers to Egwene as "Mother," and Katerine erupts and switches the girl with Air. Nicola squeals and promptly runs back to Elaida's study, tripping on her way. Egwene is to be taken to the Mistress of Novices instead of directly to the "cells." Katerine and Barasine give a thinly veiled threat to Berisha; she leaves them, rather frightened (KoD, Prologue).

En route to the Mistress of Novices, Egwene and her Red Sister entourage encounter a third Red, Melare, who is, at least by comparison, sympathetic to Egwene. Melare speaks of the "wilder" they captured at the opposite harbor. She also refers to something "funny" about the "wilder's" channeling. She wants Egwene or the "wilder" to explain "hiding" the weaves to her. Melare also believes that Leane is lying about who she is. Egwene explains that the other captive truly is Leane Sharif, how after being stilled, the woman had lost the ageless look and the appearance of a number of years, that Nynaeve al'Meara Healed her, and since she was no longer in the Blue Ajah, Leane was allowed to choose another--she chose Green. Melare agrees to confirm this and wants to return to the dungeon because she does not want to leave Desala, the other Sister in the cells, alone with "the other one" for too long. It sounds as though Melare does not trust Desala to refrain from overly abusive treatment of the prisoner (KoD, Prologue).

Melare assumes Egwene is to be taken to the cells until Katerine informs her that Egwene will be seeing Silviana, the Mistress of Novices. Katerine is sure Egwene is going to get birched, she says so, and with much satisfaction (KoD, Prologue).

Egwene observes that the hallways are devoid of Sisters, noting that even in the wee hours, many Brown Sisters would be awake and working, novices or Accepted on errands for them. Due to this, combined with the obvious hostility and tension among Ajahs, she contemplates what is actually going on in the Tower. Things are not as she had thought prior to her capture (KoD, Prologue).

Blue and white floor tiles change into red and green floor tiles, which lead to the door of the Mistress of Novices. The study of the Mistress of Novices is a dark-paneled room with plain, sturdy furnishings. Silviana, nearly as tall as Baresine, stocky, square-chinned, dark-haired, with a no-nonsense manner, is the Mistress of Novices; she is also Red. Silviana commands the two other Red Sisters to leave them alone, to which Katerine begins to argue until Silviana stands her ground. Katerine and Baresine wait outside (KoD, Prologue).

Silviana explains to Egwene that the "Amyrlin," meaning Elaida, of course, does not want to lose her and her abilities, but that Egwene's name will be stricken from the roll of the Accepted and reentered in the novice book. Egwene stands firm in declaring herself to be the Amyrlin Seat. Silviana enters Egwene's name in the punishments book. Her corporal punishment will begin prior to breakfast on the following morning (KoD, Prologue).

Katerine and Baresine are both surprised that Egwene will be neither birched nor executed, but rather she will be given mild doses of forkroot during the day and shielded at night. Silviana also requires Baresine to return Egwene's Great Serpent ring, which she had stolen while Egwene was unconscious. Silviana takes charge of it for Egwene, for when she believes Egwene will have the right to wear it (KoD, Prologue).

Trying to warn them of the Seanchan attack, Egwene tells of being a Dreamer. Katerine and Baresine are scoffing, but Silviana, at least, is willing to relay the information. Katerine and Baresine escort Egwene to her novice room where they go in to shield her. Egwene readies herself for bed, performing relaxation exercises, preparing to enter Tel'aran'rhiod. Forkroot does not affect this ability, for it has nothing to do with channeling. Egwene does not see Siuan's dreams, so she waits for her to fall asleep, aware that Siuan, probably believing Egwene to be dead, would likely not fall asleep until exhaustion claims her (KoD, Prologue).

Taken from Siuan Sanche's point of view, this section is regarding reaction in the Rebel Aes Sedai camp over Egwene's supposed death and learned of capture. Once Siuan finally falls asleep from utter exhaustion, Egwene appears to Siuan in her dreams; they meet in Tel'aran'rhiod (KoD, Ch. 1).

Siuan, after musing over Gareth Bryne, while dressing, garners a horse from the soldiers' camp and rides, in her usual inept fashion, to the camp of the Aes Sedai. Siuan informs the Sitters of Egwene's capture, refusal of rescue, and state of the Tower. She has to assert herself to keep them from going after Egwene right then and there (KoD, Ch. 1).

Lelaine commands, yet sets it forth as though it is a request, Siuan to walk with her. Lelaine tries to gain Siuan's loyalty in the event something happens to Egwene. Lelaine is also amused that the Sitters will be meeting that night in Tel'aran'rhiod, in the Tower Hall of the Sitters, right under Elaida's nose (KoD, Ch. 1).

Beonin Marinye, a Gray Sister, mentally reports from her perspective in the scheme of things. She and her Warder, Tervail Dura, ready themselves to leave the camp. Contemplation over older novices and what has been lost over the centuries angers Beonin. She sees Sitters on horses heading toward the negotiations. Ashmanaille and Phaedrine, two Sisters, accost Beonin before she can depart. They discuss Egwene and Leane's capture, the murders with saidin, and then Beonin mounts and leaves them abruptly (KoD, Ch. 2).

Boenin and Tervail arrive at the Traveling ground, she channels the weave for Traveling, and they disembark in Tar Valon, the shaft of the White Tower rising above them. Tervail believes Beonin is going to try to attack Elaida and wants to do it for her. She commands him to find an inn in the city and wait for her. Beonin sees the dead walking--the Dark One's Touch. She weaves the weaves for illusion, along with some others, then inverts the weave, hiding her ability to channel (KoD, Ch. 2).

The scene changes to Elaida's point of view. Mattin Stepaneos den Balgar, former king of Illian, is a prisoner of Elaida and the White Tower. It is being termed "guest". Elaida claims she has saved him from the Dragon Reborn and that perhaps the White Tower can regain him Illian. After Mattin Stepaneos departs, Elaida deals with various reports and instructions for Tarna, who is now the Keeper. Tarna announces that there is a woman who wishes to present a petition to the Amyrlin Seat. Tarna begins to detain the woman, but Elaida decides she is feeling magnanimous and wishes to grant the petition. The woman enters and transforms into Beonin (KoD, Ch. 2).

Beonin explains her role in Salidar and shows Elaida some of the new weaves, praising Egwene. Elaida is quite caustic to Beonin, considering her efforts in the rebel camp a failure, and she forbids Beonin from showing the weaves without Elaida's express permission. Beonin swears to only show weaves to other Sisters with the "Amyrlin's" permission. It seems significant that she does not refer to Elaida, specifically, in this oath (KoD, Ch. 2).

The Forsaken meet in Tel'aran'rhiod. The point of view is through the lens of Aran'gar (Halima; the former male Forsaken, Balthamel). She and the other Forsaken, Graendal, Demandred, Mesaana, and Semirhage, await Moridin (formerly Ishamael). While anticipating his arrival, Aran'gar works toward the goal of maneuvering Graendal, until she is confronted by the threesome of Demandred, Semirhage, and Mesaana, the latter lambasting him for allowing Egwene to be captured. Aran'gar surmises that Mesaana is in the White Tower and rebuts their misconception that Egwene is merely a pawn or figurehead (KoD, Ch. 3).

As seen through Romanda's eyes, she details internally, and in a rather nitpicky manner, her observations of a number of things. She begins with self-justification of reading The Flame, the Blade, and the Heart, her thoughts then move on to various novices and Sisters, and to Egwene (including a grudging admiration and respect for her) (KoD, Ch. 23).

She then has a discussion with Nisao about the murders of Anaiya and Kairen with saidin, something niggling at the back of her mind about it. They also discuss Egwene's orders concerning finding the murderer. Both have, independently, come to the conclusion that Egwene is the puppet of no one. Theodrin enters at the end of this discussion to announce that Lelaine has called a Sitting (KoD, Ch. 23).

Romanda continues her assessment of other initiates as she strides off to the Sitting, taking special note of Siuan and Bryne, then Halima and Delana, and finally engaging in a confrontation with the Mistress of Novices, Tiana. Even in the pavilion used as the Hall of the Sitters, Romanda continues her private musings on certain Sisters, including during the actual meeting. Lelaine acts as moderator. She tells of a Green Sister who approached her concerning a proposal for Egwene, not the Amyrlin (KoD, Ch. 23).

Merise, a Green who is doing the bidding of Cadsuane, who is fulfilling a request from Rand, arrives with her Warders, and one Warder is also an Asha'man. This creates a number of varied reactions from the Sitters. Jahar Narishma, the Asha'man Warder, demands Egwene. Romanda replies that she is unavailable. Jahar reacts abruptly, but it is because he felt saidin being channeled. He wonders aloud if it is the Forsaken who killed Eben. There is a big stir over Jahar channeling among the Sitters. Delana leaves the pavilion hurriedly. Jahar gives the terms of the proposal, the short of it being that any Sister faithful to Egwene may bond 47 men who can channel (KoD, Ch. 23).

The Sitters vote to accept this proposal, with only two dissenting votes--Saroiya and Nacelle. It is not thought of until after the vote is cast: why 47, since it is such an irregular number? The Sitters are shocked and not exactly pleased by the answer that 51 Sisters are already bonded to Asha'man, and four Asha'man to Sisters. Jahar gives a very impassioned speech concerning Eben and cleansing the Source. It is also thought of then to ask Jahar about why he has referred twice to a woman channeling saidin. He explains (KoD, Ch. 23).

Romanda realizes what has been niggling at the back of her mind and calls for the arrest of Delana and Halima, explaining why. After a search, it is found that Halima, Delana, and Delana's serving woman had been seen walking toward the Traveling ground. Halima had been in the lead, Delana and the serving woman carrying their belongings (KoD, Ch. 23).

Egwene's perspective recounts significant occurrences relating to her captivity. She chooses embracing pain like the Aiel. Consequently, even though painful, she regains her composure quickly after punishment. Alviarin, who has been stripped of the stole and is no longer Keeper, does not fare so well (KoD, Ch. 24).

Another milestone for Egwene occurs at breakfast when a Cairhienin novice trips her. Egwene asks the girl's name, which she gives--Alvistere. Egwene then proceeds to soundly reprimand Alvistere, Egwene declaring her own de facto status as the Amyrlin Seat, despite appearances to the contrary. Laras, the Mistress of the Kitchens, is mentioned as Egwene carries her breakfast tray to the dining hall. Egwene eats sitting down, despite her painful bottom (KoD, Ch. 24).

During novice classes, Egwene embarrasses the Accepted teaching those classes because she can, with forkroot in her, nonetheless, surpass them in channeling. This results in Egwene being given private tutoring with Aes Sedai. She uses these sessions as opportunities to drop bits of information and help sway loyalties of the Sisters from Elaida over to herself (KoD, Ch. 24).

Egwene is also allowed visits with Leane, gains considerable influence with the novices, and is given a substantial number of chores. She moreover learns further disturbing facts such as Rand was kidnapped, there was a great battle in which Rand captured Sisters, and Asha'man have bonded Sisters, all of which consistently point back to Elaida (KoD, Ch. 24).

She has some interesting encounters. One such is while she is raking leaves out of the water garden. Alviarin attempts to entice Egwene to succumb to offers of "escape." Egwene does not trust her. In frustration, Alviarin continues these baited ploys, but to no avail (KoD, Ch. 24).

Mattin Stepaneos appears on her fourth day of captivity. He insists on speaking with Egwene, despite his accompanying Red Sister's efforts to dissuade him. Egwene corrects his misconceptions on a number of topics, predominantly in relation to Rand (KoD, Ch. 24).

On her seventh day of captivity, Egwene is carrying water to the White Ajah quarters when she spies Beonin. She is outraged at what this implies. Initially, Egwene accuses Beonin of being Black Ajah, but after Beonin's little diatribe, Egwene realizes that the older woman is so deft at splitting hairs regarding oaths, including the Oath against lying, that she has convinced herself that she has broken no oaths. In a flash Egwene realizes that Beonin has betrayed the ferrets. She commands Beonin to warn the rebel camp spies that Elaida now has all of their names (KoD, Ch. 24).

At breakfast of Egwene's ninth day in the Tower, all the novices stand as she enters the dining hall. One of the girls brings Egwene her breakfast and nearly curtsies to her. They had left Egwene a cushion, which she does not use. The novices do not sit until Egwene begins to eat. Egwene sips her tea--honey in the tea! (KoD, Ch. 24).

From Tarna Feir's vantage, she notes hostility in other Ajahs as she walks to Elaida's apartments, and contemplates the possibility of bonding Asha'man. Tarna walks in on Elaida toying with Meidani; Meidani departs soon after Tarna's arrival. Any attempts on Tarna's part to temper Elaida's rashness have fallen on deaf ears. Tarna thinks, but is too savvy to say openly to Elaida, about whether Egwene will actually break. Elaida instructs (orders) Tarna to have Egwene attend her that evening, while she and Meidani are dining (KoD, Ch. 25).

The scene changes to Mat, who is making his way through the Altaran woods with Tuon and the rest of his troop, when Talmanes appears with Vanin. In addition to his irritation at Talmanes' arrival, Mat is shocked at Talmanes' mention of and insistence that Egwene is truly the Amyrlin Seat. The Sisters with Mat express considerable interest as well (KoD, Ch. 25).

The Gathering Storm

This section contains spoilers relating to The Gathering Storm. Please expand to view.

Regarding Egwene, this basically begins where Knife of Dreams concluded, the same day. Egwene is receiving punishment from the Mistress of Novices. She only has two tears and reflects on how she has not learned to embrace pain as the Aiel, but believes she is close; the Aiel could laugh at the worst torture, and she can smile as soon as she stands up from being beaten. Egwene leaves Silviana's study for Elaida's. Two Red Sisters, Barasine and Katerine, appear to escort her to Elaida's quarters. Katerine doses Egwene with forkroot. Egwene loiters outside the Mistress of Novice's quarters, hoping to see if Alviarin will appear for her penance. Egwene attempts to reason with the Red sisters about conditions in the Tower. Katerine argues with her and becomes angry, giving Egwene more punishment and proceeds to escort her toward Elaida's quarters. Egwene has been keeping Elaida's failures alive with the novices, particularly the capturing of Rand and bonding Asha'man. The Aes Sedai are hearing the gossip from the novices. Rounding a corner, they abruptly come upon a mural that has not only changed locations (in this case moving from the Library), but the depiction is different as well. The ancient Amyrlin's face is now bloody, and there are dead bodies hanging from the eaves, actually paling Katerine's face. This forces a detour at which Egwene now sees Alviarin, late, heading for Silviana's study and her punishment (TGS, Ch. 2).

As they pass through the Red Ajah quarters, Egwene notes that the sisters are suspicious even of servants. At the Tower's center, she climbs several flights of stairs to Elaida's chambers. After contemplation of a number of options, Egwene deems it essential to do what is necessary: she must conduct herself so that Elaida believes there is no battle, for this is the only way for Egwene to win. Silence is Egwene's intended weapon for the night. Instead of a servant, a Gray sister opens the door for Egwene. The Gray is adorned in finery. Elaida is sitting in a chair that is virtually a throne. Egwene mentally compares the overdone, ornate aspect of Elaida's personal quarters with what she imagines Siuan's had most likely been. As Egwene adheres to her plan, she is further sickened and angered by Elaida's destructive nature. Egwene is surprised to find that the Gray Sister is Meidani, one of the spies sent out from Salidar. Meidani is cowed. As the evening progresses, Egwene becomes increasingly incited to internal anger. Elaida's scoffing of the Seanchan threat is a major point, however, when the false Amyrlin introduces the need for a fourth Oath, that of obeying the Amyrlin Seat, Egwene, who is serving table, is provoked to the point that she drops the soup tureen, purposely, though Elaida believes it is clumsiness. Elaida explodes, orders Egwene and Meidani to clean up the mess, yells for servants, and sends Egwene for extra penance. Egwene uses the distraction to quietly tell Meidani that there is hope and that Elaida can be pulled down (TGS, Ch. 2).

Egwene makes her way to the dining hall, the aromas reminding her of her father's inn. Her supper consists of the same highly peppered soup that she had spilled in Elaida's chambers, along with some heels of bread. With the food spoilage, the pepper is necessary to make the soup edible. She hears Laras in the kitchen. Egwene also realizes that she does not need to undermine Elaida; the woman is doing it to herself. Egwene knows she must hold the Tower together (TGS, Ch. 2).

After supper Egwene returns to Silviana's for punishment, relaying most of the night's events to the Mistress of Novices. While Egwene is strapped, she realizes how utterly ludicrous this punishment is in light of the internal pain at seeing the Sisters' suspicion of one another and of Elaida's destructive and caustic effect on the Tower. She begins to laugh, and Silviana believes Egwene has succumbed to the pressure and beatings. Suddenly, Egwene understands that what the Aiel do in embracing pain is not to grow harder, but that the pain of spirit in seeing the demise of the Tower and its inhabitants far surpasses any physical pain of a beating. This is the true nature of the Aiel embracing pain (TGS, Ch. 2).

Gawyn, while making patrols, agonizes over his decisions and his loyalties to his sister and Egwene. The conflicted state of his mind over these issues is accelerating (TGS, Ch. 4).

After the latest punishment, Egwene visits Leane in the cells. The Tower Law prohibits physical punishment of Aes Sedai, but she is not allowed freedom or soap or a change of clothes. While Egwene encourages Leane, the stone, mortar, and bars of Leane's cell begin to melt like wax, though cool in temperature. The melting floor begins to draw Leane down into its vortex. The Yellow Sisters guarding Leane use the Power to rescue the former Keeper. Egwene employs the opportunity to ask the Yellows what Elaida is doing about the increasing problem of the Dark One touching the Tower (TGS, Ch. 6).

On the way to her own novice room, Egwene walks down floor tiles which change from a nondescript gray into brown. Brown Sisters are talking with one another, something uncommon in the novices' quarters. She now notices that the room doors do not look as they should. The Brown sisters do not understand why Egwene is in their quarters. In reality, a section of Brown Ajah rooms and novice rooms have switched, dividing both Brown sisters and novices into two sections of the Tower. Now some of the novice quarters, Egwene's included, are on the twenty-second floor instead of in the lower wings (TGS, Ch. 6).

Siuan attends Lelaine, keeping the exact nature of her relationship with both Egwene and Gareth Bryne concealed. Lelaine is pretending absolute loyalty to Egwene, although Siuan is aware of Lelaine's play for power. Upon leaving Lelaine, Siuan makes her way toward Bryne's tent. Upon arrival and after some verbal bantering, Bryne reveals that he knows Siuan meets Egwene every third night (TGS, Ch. 8).

In Tel'aran'rhiod Siuan convenes with Egwene in the Mistress of Novices' quarters. Egwene decides they should move to the novices' dining hall. Here Siuan reveals that there had been one of the Forsaken in camp, probably Halima, and how it was discovered because of the Asha'man and Romanda. Siuan proceeds to tell Egwene that it appears to have been a woman wielding saidin, that they escaped, about the Asha'man bonding Aes Sedai, and the taint being cleansed. Egwene is angered afresh over Elaida's "reign of disaster". Siuan also informs Egwene of Lelaine's ploys, attempting to coax Egwene to return to the rebel camp. Egwene is not persuadable. Egwene asks about a storeroom of in the Tower containing objects of power, something which Elayne mentioned. Siuan confirms this and tells her where it is. Finally Egwene decides that they should meet every two days, and will probably begin meeting in the city instead of the Tower, reasoning that if there was a Forsaken in the camp, there is most likely one in the Tower as well (TGS, Ch. 8).

Weeks later Egwene is slated to have lessons with a number of Aes Sedai. Her first meeting is with Bennae Nalsad, a Brown sister. Bennae, lacking subtlety, broaches the subject of the Thirteenth Depository, without actually stating it in those terms, seeking Egwene's advice. Egwene uses the opportunity to further her status of Amyrlin in the perception of the Tower Aes Sedai (TGS, Ch. 12).

Next Egwene visits Nagora, a White, and is presented with logic puzzles. Nagora is pleased with Egwene's answer. She is next with Suana, a Sitter of the Yellow. The rooms of the Aes Sedai are overflowing with growing plants and mirrors to reflect the light. Suana wants Egwene to join the Yellow Ajah. Egwene states that the Amyrlin has no Ajah. Egwene works to persuade Suana to act as peacemaker with the other Ajahs (TGS, Ch. 12).

Meidani's rooms are filled with memorabilia from her travels and work as a negotiator. Egwene is somewhat surprised by the difference in this Meidani and the one she met in Elaida's quarters. During the conversation between Egwene and Meidani, the younger woman convinces the Gray Sister that she, Egwene, truly is the rightful Amyrlin. Egwene also furrows out what is behind Meidani having not fled the Tower. Egwene demonstrates the weaves for Traveling for Meidani, who is initially incredulous but makes a gateway which takes them to the lower realms of the Tower. The presence of rats as Egwene follows Meidani is another proof of the failure of wards. They find their way to a room, guarded by a Warder, and inside are four Aes Sedai, all Sitters: Seaine, a White; Doesine, Cairhienin Yellow; Yukiri, a Gray; and Saerin, a Brown (TGS, Ch. 12).

At first these Sitters are angry with Meidani and dismissing of Egwene. It is made known that they have forced Meidani to swear a fourth Oath on the Oath Rod, one to obey them. The Sitters disclose that they have been searching for Black Sisters. On an educated gamble, Egwene deduces that it is likely a Black Sister helped to unseat Siuan, and she is proven correct. By the end of the meeting, Egwene is in command of the situation, commending them for their good work in finding members of the Black Ajah, but demanding that they release Meidani and the other Salidar spies from the fourth oath (TGS, Ch. 12).

In Dorlan, Gawyn practices the sword with two Warders. One of the Warders, Sleete, bonded to Hattori, a Green Aes Sedai, approaches Gawyn after the practice to offer him the chance to be bonded to her. Gawyn knows his loyalty has to be to Egwene and Elayne, and that if he is to be bonded at all, it must be to Egwene (TGS, Ch. 13).

Gawyn, concerned about the safety of his men and restless, approaches the living quarters of the Aes Sedai, in the mayor's house. He tries to assert himself and acquire some answers concerning their plans. He is sent away with a stiff rebuff by Covarla Sedai. He thinks again of why he supported Elaida, basically because he had not like Siuan's treatment of his sister and Egwene. More honestly and realistically now, Gawyn admits to himself that Elaida would not have treated the girls any better. As the Aes Sedai conclude their meeting, Katerine Alruddin appears. She had left Dorlan and returned to the White Tower weeks earlier. Gawyn is shocked by her appearance. Katerine begins talking about the puppet Amyrlin, laughing scathingly concerning her plight, "...captured and made to howl half the day...that al'Vere girl right now..." Stumbling back into the wall, Gawyn is stunned and incredulous. He disciplines his outer manner to be respectful to Katerine and inquires about Egwene, referring to her as the rebel Amyrlin. The vicious Red Sister reveals that Egwene al'Vere was set up as the rebel Amyrlin, has been captured, and that Katerine, herself, arrived by Traveling. Gawyn, fearing terribly for Egwene's safety and life, is no longer vacillating; he covertly packs his saddlebags, leaving most of his belongings in his tent. He knows he cannot mount a rescue on his own, the Younglings will not support him, and that leaves only one option of which he can think. He rides away from Dorlan (TGS, Ch. 13).

With steel nutcracker, bowl, and walnuts in hand, Egwene sits in a balconied room with Ferane, Miyasi, and Tesan, three White Sisters, cracking walnuts for them and eventually answering their questions about the Dragon Reborn. Egwene turns the conversation to the state of the Tower. Ferane offers Egwene a place in the White Ajah, should Egwene so choose (TGS, Ch. 16).

Katerine is waiting for Egwene, a cup of forkroot tea ready and armed with new instructions: Egwene is to spend all of her time doing chores, only chores. Katerine escorts Egwene to the kitchens. Contemplating her new course of action and options, Egwene steels herself. Laras has Egwene cleaning out the kitchen fireplaces, a hard and filthy job. Egwene can hear Katerine and the other Red in the dining room talking and laughing. A shadow appears before the fireplace. It is Laras, the Mistress of Kitchens, an enormous woman. Egwene wonders how the woman can move so quietly. Laras has a secret chamber in the floor of the pantry and attempts to get Egwene to hide, the massive woman intending to secret her out of the Tower at night. Egwene declines, actually refusing the offer. Laras states that she will not be a part of breaking a girl's spirit. Egwene knows she would not be able to fight Elaida if she escapes. As they return to the fireplace, there is a flash of red--Katerine. Egwene uses the ruse of being corrected by Laras as subterfuge. Katerine informs Egwene that the Amyrlin wishes Egwene to attend her for supper (TGS, Ch. 16).

Egwene washes and is escorted to Elaida's chambers, walking through the Red Ajah section of the Tower. Egwene decides that she needs to be silent before Elaida. There are five Sitters in attendance, one from each Ajah except Blue and Red. Realizing that this changes the dynamic, Egwene knows she cannot be subservient to Elaida in front of these women, some with whom she has established profitable relationships. Elaida is using Egwene as an example of what can happen to anyone who displeases her. Shevan introduces the subject of the Seanchan, Elaida taunts Egwene, accusing her of lying. Egwene reiterates that she has dreamed about the Seanchan then proceeds to debate Elaida masterfully, regarding Rand and quoting former Amyrlins and The Karaethon Cycle. Elaida, berserk now, slams Egwene against the wall with the Power. The wine pitcher shatters, lacerating Egwene's arms. Elaida continues beating Egwene with the Power. Some of the Sitters try to intervene, though not very actively. Elaida's madness, more obviously apparent than ever, leeches out in every word she spews. The dinner ends with Elaida raving that Egwene is a Darkfriend. By contrast, Egwene calmly endures, slipping into unconsciousness (TGS, Ch. 16).

Gawyn, in desperation, arrives at the rebel camp seeking the help of Gareth Bryne. Gawyn is taken aback by all that Bryne tells him, and he is both frantic over Egwene and unbelieving at what he hears. Bryne, probing Gawyn as to why he has not been in Caemlyn helping his sister, divines that Gawyn has been the fly in the ointment regarding successful raids on Bryne's army. Bryne wants to know what Egwene is to Gawyn. When Gawyn replies that he does not know but wishes he did, Bryne chuckles and understands, thinking of his relationship with Siuan, no doubt (TGS, Ch. 24).

Sheriam, Egwene's Keeper in the rebel camp, revels in the absence of Egwene and the availability of the Amyrlin's tent and desk for her own use. To an even greater degree, she gloats in the absence of Halima and the Forsaken's torture. When a disguised figure, one who has great strength in saidar, appears before Sheriam, the Keeper is disheartened and begins gibbering sycophantically in terror. This woman, in all likelihood the Forsaken, Mesaana, commands Sheriam to see that the rebels cease supporting Egwene; she also requires the Black Keeper to relinquish all the dream ter'angreal, in order to prevent Egwene from meeting with the Sitters. The woman walks through a gateway and into the halls of the White Tower (TGS, Ch. 25).

Now imprisoned in a tiny, dark cell in the lower realms of the White Tower, Egwene converses with Seaine as the White Sitter informs Egwene of the upcoming trial. There is some talk of the Dark One's touch on the Tower, such as food spoilage and room shifts, Egwene telling Seaine to keep these occurrences alive in the thoughts of the Aes Sedai (TGS, Ch. 25).

Shemerin, a Yellow sister whom Elaida erroneously stripped of the shawl, relays how she slipped out a watergate in the city, about five minutes' walk from the statue of Eleyan al'Landerin and her Warders. Even Romanda finds the story giving credence to Egwene's contention of Elaida's power mongering. They are interrupted when the tent floor erupts in cockroaches, a variety found in Shara. The Aes Sedai burn the tent, roaches and all. Egwene had met with the rebel Sitters in Tel'aran'rhiod, informing them of the dinner with Elaida, her imprisonment, the upcoming trial, and her continued refusal for rescue (TGS, Ch. 26).

While with Lelaine, hoping to persuade her to rescue Egwene, Gawyn reminisces about his father's advice regarding Aes Sedai--not to trust them. Lelaine uses the opportunity to press him about Caemlyn and Elayne, yet gives no help concerning Egwene. Gawyn tries to probe and query about Egwene and how they communicate with her but to no avail (TGS, Ch. 30).

Escorted out of the Aes Sedai portion of the camp by a novice, on his way to meet Bryne, Gawyn has been increasingly realizing that those in the camp do, in fact, view Egwene as the true Amyrlin, not merely a distraction aimed at Elaida. Gawyn, however, continues to believe that she is in danger and in need of rescue. When in discussion with Bryne, who prods the younger man into a metaphoric corner, Gawyn vacillates and presumes regarding Egwene and his obligations. Gareth Bryne ends the conversation by affirming his conviction that Elaida must be brought down and advising Gawyn that he must decide where he stands (TGS, Ch. 30).

Meeting in Tel'aran'rhiod, inside a cobbler's shop in the city, Siuan and Egwene discuss the trial. Siuan can only persuade Egwene to allow rescue if she is given a sentence of execution. Siuan reveals Gawyn's arrival in the rebel camp. Egwene endeavors to act very casual and uninterested, but Siuan is wise to her. Conversation regarding Gawyn leads into Lelaine and Romanda and the growing nature of the factions in the camp. Egwene describes her tiny, dark cell and declares that all such cells should be filled and mortared. She then gives a start, comprehending Rand's worse situation when Elaida had him in the box. After Siuan departs, Egwene continues in the World of Dreams, searching for information, precisely what information she is unsure. She initially walks through the rebel camp, the tent arrangements making apparent the factions as Siuan had relayed. This all prompts Egwene to make mental plans concerning her options regarding the Aes Sedai and the hoped for reunification. The locale then changes, and she finds herself in a Tinker camp, remembering her time with the Traveling People. This brings to her mind that although saving the world is crucial, living one's own life in the process is no mean thing, and she is determined to have Gawyn as Warder and husband. Egwene finally returns to outside the White Tower, though still in Tel'aran'rhiod, where something casts a shadow over her (TGS, Ch. 38).

Now returned to the waking world, she awakes to her cramped body in the little cell. Red Sisters pull Egwene out for her daily beatings, beatings at which Egwene laughs. Katerine appears and forestalls the two other Red Sisters, informing them that Egwene is to be released. Silviana will be punished for Egwene's deeds. The new Mistress of Novices, Katerine, will be giving all of Egwene's "instructions" henceforth. Egwene is escorted to her room by the two Reds who had planned to strap her. On their way Saerin detains them, demanding to speak to Egwene, standing down the Reds in the process. The white-haired, scarred, very old Brown tells the truth of Silviana--she had appeared before the Hall, demanding Egwene's release and Elaida's removal, refusing to don the attire of a novice when Elaida ordered such. In reaction Elaida called for Silviana's stilling and execution. The Red Ajah is collapsing, but Egwene explains why that manner of thinking is wrong and that all Ajahs are needed for Tarmon Gai'don. Egwene sends Saerin to try to prevent Silviana's fate. As Saerin runs to discharge her command, Egwene approaches the two Reds, trying to provoke them into constructive action over the plight of their Ajah. They do not want to leave Egwene alone and unshielded. Egwene calls for a novice to run to the Mistress of Novices and get her some forkroot tea, which the girl does. One of the Reds runs to check on the state of her Ajah. Egwene and Barasine continue to ascend the stairs to the twenty-second floor until they reach Egwene's door. The novice returns, Egwene downs the strong dose, and enters her room intending to change and wash (TGS, Ch. 38).

As Egwene enters her room, she is shocked to find Verin there, sitting on her bed and sipping tea. Verin casually tells Egwene that her dress, her bloodied, white novice dress, is green. Though initially confused, Egwene stops motionless with shock at the realization that Verin can lie and what this implies. Verin tells Egwene that they have much to discuss (TGS, Ch. 38).

Egwene accuses Verin of having never held the Oath Rod, which the older woman denies. Egwene, subsequently, charges that Verin has had the Oaths removed, at which Verin concedes sweetly. Blurting that she does not trust Verin, who admits she is Black Ajah, Egwene is stabbed with fear and wishing for saidar. They proceed to converse about Verin's tea, Laras (the Mistress of Kitchens), Egwene's work in the Tower, Rand, and the difference between the Dark One and the Forsaken. This entire conversation seems so strange to Egwene, who begins to interrupt when Verin's manner changes suddenly (TGS, Ch. 39).

Verin's normally distracted air vanishes, and she looks intensely at Egwene, who is stunned by what she sees. The aged Aes Sedai reveals to Egwene that years earlier she had been caught by the Black Ajah and put in the position of being executed or joining them. She chose to join them and use it as an opportunity to study the Black Ajah and the Dark One. Tomas, Verin's Warder, had been a Darkfriend who had wanted out of his oaths; Verin gave him an opportunity to fight from inside the organization along with her. Explaining the nature of oaths to the Dark One, that a person must keep them until the hour of one's death, Verin continues to sip her tea. Egwene discerns that the tea is poisoned, Verin confirming that it contains asping rot, an extremely potent poison which generally works within an hour. According to Verin, Tomas is spending his last hour with family (TGS, Ch. 39).

Most importantly, Verin discloses that she has spent many years uncovering, among other related information, members of the Black Ajah, and she gives Egwene two books. The first book, a large, red book, contains illogical sentences. The smaller, blue book is Verin's cipher for the red book. The red tome contains Verin's painstakingly garnered information on the Black Ajah and their cause. In addition Verin gives Egwene a bookmark which locks and makes the books invisible, apparently a ter'angreal from the Age of Legends. Verin also makes known that she is sure the Forsaken, Mesaana, is in the Tower, posing as an Aes Sedai, but that she was unable to determine the woman's identity. Greatly moved by Verin's work and sacrifice, Egwene sits with Verin until the end, both women articulating their mutual admiration for the other. When it seems that Verin is dead, Egwene uses the saucer to check for breath, feeling callused but knowing she must think as Amyrlin. Verin has stopped breathing (TGS, Ch. 39).

A young Red Aes Sedai has been set as a guard outside of Egwene's door, and the girl opens the door to check on Egwene. Egwene uses subterfuge to keep Turese from becoming suspicious. Once Turese closes the door, Egwene commences studying the books. The code is very complex, but Egwene knows it is paramount to decipher the list of the Black Ajah, which she does. Some of the more noteworthy Aes Sedai included are Katerine, Alviarin, Elza, Galina, Sheriam, Duhara, Delana, Talene, and Moria. Some sisters which Egwene had thought might be on this list but are not are Cadsuane, Romanda, Lelaine, and Elaida, Verin including particular explanation that she had especially looked into Elaida (TGS, Ch. 39).

Nicola is sent to Egwene with a bowl of soup, which the novice says is for Verin Sedai. This is a ruse, and once Nicola departs and a little time passes, Egwene changes into a clean novice dress and finds a small glass vial in the soup, a message inside reading, "wait." Next, Meidani visits Egwene, Verin now looking waxy, and Egwene uses true words to reveal only part of what transpired between herself and Verin. Meidani informs Egwene about the trial, that Elaida has been officially censured, but the woman has not been deposed. Egwene exposes Alviarin as Black, advising Meidani to take the Black Sister and have her reswear. Egwene instructs Meidani to take the poisoned tea and Verin's body through a gateway. Meidani does this, and Egwene lies down to enter Tel'aran'rhiod (TGS, Ch. 39).

Awakening in Tel'aran'rhiod in her room, Egwene shifts to the Tower's Spring Garden to wait for Siuan. While there, she thinks about the Black Ajah, particularly Sheriam, wondering what mischief the woman has been about. Egwene is reminded that her Black Keeper was one of the Aes Sedai who Healed Mat of the Shadar Logoth dagger and speculates as to whether the flame-haired woman could have done anything nefarious in that regard. Egwene is sickened to note that both she and Elaida had been manipulated by the Forsaken and Black Ajah Keepers. Siuan appears to find Egwene in a full suit of armor with Aiel spears. Egwene casts off this ensemble and informs Siuan of Sheriam and Moria, commanding her to watch them closely. Siuan inquires as to Egwene's captivity, but before Egwene can answer fully, she is abruptly pulled back to the waking world, Nicola shaking her awake. At that moment the Tower shakes violently. Nicola is crying that they are under attack by Shadowspawn that fly and throw fire; it is Tarmon Gai'don. Egwene realizes it is not Tarmon Gai'don but the Seanchan, just as she had dreamed (TGS, Ch. 39).

Siuan knows something is seriously wrong, fearing Elaida is getting ready to execute Egwene or something else dire. Bryne receives a report from one of his soldiers that flying beasts are attacking the White Tower. Siuan explains to Gareth Bryne that this is the Seanchan and expresses her determination to rescue Egwene. Bryne refuses to accompany Siuan, on the grounds of not breaking his oath to Egwene, since Egwene forbad rescue. Siuan stalks off to find help elsewhere (TGS, Ch. 40).

Egwene and Nicola make their way down the hallway, the Tower shaking, Egwene informing the novice that this is not Tarmon Gai'don but the Seanchan attack. Looking out a window, Egwene sees raken, damane, and sul'dam, understanding that this is a raid to capture channelers. Egwene shrinks in fear, panicking, thinking of escape. Then, she gathers herself, telling Nicola that they will fight. The forkroot has barely worn off, and Nicola does not understand how Egwene can possibly channel. Egwene searches out the novices, teaching them to link, drawing the Power through the circle of novices. Now having enough of saidar to channel significantly, Egwene weaves a gateway, taking three of the girls with her to the storeroom which contains objects of the One Power. Here she finds a fluted wand, the most powerful sa'angreal the Tower possesses. Egwene pulls on the Power through the rod, a huge surge of saidar flooding through her and the three novices. Egwene is now primed to do battle with the Seanchan (TGS, Ch. 40).

Siuan finds Gawyn, who exuberantly agrees to accompany her in the rescue. Bryne consents to go with them if Siuan will bond him as her Warder. This she does, Gawyn returns with horses, and they, with one hundred of Bryne's soldiers, set off for the Tower and an attempted rescue of the Amyrlin (TGS, Ch. 40).

Adelorna Bastine, Captain General of the Green Ajah, stumbles through the Tower rubble, fleeing the sul'dam and damane. She is in shock and has been separated from her Warders. Rounding a corner, Adelorna is shielded by a sul'dam and damane, who drag her over the debris using the power, another sul'dam snapping a metal collar around her neck. Suddenly her collar unclasps, and the sul'dam is devoured in flame. Adelorna feels a source of incredibly strong channeling from behind her. The gray-clad damane try to shield the source of that power, but their collars are released with weaves of Air. Their sul'dam are both annihilated, one with a flash of lightning and the other by tongues of flame. The Seanchan soldiers retreat. Adelorna turns to see a woman in white glowing with the One Power. She recognizes that it is Egwene al'Vere (TGS, Ch. 40).

Egwene gives orders to the novices, then abruptly raises her hands, felling raken with blasts of lightening and fire. Adelorna worries about captives, at which Egwene declares that they are better off dead. The Captain General then tries to wrest control of the situation from Egwene, who tells her in no uncertain terms that she is in command through the duration of this threat. Adelorna submits, surprised at her own response to the younger woman. Egwene weaves a gateway to the angreal storeroom, shocking Adelorna, who realizes that Egwene could have left the Tower at any time (TGS, Ch. 40).

Siuan and company find the watergate that Shemerin had used, the one near the statue of Eleyan al'Landerin and her Warders, and make their way to the Tower grounds. Arriving at the iron gates of the Tower grounds, they see Egwene's balls of fires from below but do not know that it is she (TGS, Ch. 41).

Saerin, one of the Brown Sitters, has taken charge of the command center, which has been organized in a ground floor room of the Tower. Saerin concludes that Egwene was right, concerning the attack as well as the division in the Tower. Katerine Alruddin enters the room in a rage, intending to take charge, at which Saerin comments that Egwene al'Vere predicted the attack and stands her ground against the volatile Red sister. A repeated booming from above returns Saerin's attention to Captain Chubain, of the Tower Guard. The explosions are not shaking the Tower; they are attacks on the Seanchan. Chubain reports that there is resistance on the twenty-second floor. Katerine finds it incredulous that Browns would be seriously fighting, but Saerin remembers that this section is now mostly novices. Saerin, in amazement, realizes it is Egwene (TGS, Ch. 41).

While the novices fight Seanchan on the stairs, Egwene stands at the gaping fracture in the Tower wall, wind whipping about her, the Power flowing through her like an immeasurable deluge. She blasts to'raken from the sky, and the Seanchan center their attack upon her. Linked as she is, and with the sa'angreal, the damanes' shields and weaves are impotent against her. Only a full circle could take Egwene at this point, and the a'dam prevent such use of the Power. She intends that the Seanchan never attack the White Tower again (TGS, Ch. 41).

Bryne and Gawyn see a woman in white on one of the upper floors, at one of the huge fissures, fire glowing between her upraised hands. It is Egwene blasting the to'raken, but even with a spyglass they cannot discern who it is. Siuan returns from inside the Tower with a novice who is loyal to Egwene. The girl informs them that Egwene is probably on the upper floors, where many of the novice quarters are located (TGS, Ch. 41).

Egwene, now spent, sits on the rubble with her eyes closed, a breeze blowing from the rent in the Tower wall. Of those with her, only three novices and one Aes Sedai had been killed. Egwene laments the state of the Tower. She is picked up and carried by Gawyn; she believes it is merely a dream at first. Egwene is so exhausted she cannot resist her rescuers. Siuan notices the fluted rod sa'angreal and weaves a gateway for their escape (TGS, Ch. 41).

Saerin, at the command center, is astounded at the report of Egwene's accomplishments during the attack. And finally, an Accepted, who had been attending Elaida, reveals that Elaida was taken in the Seanchan attack (TGS, Ch. 41).

Egwene, now back in her tent in the rebel camp, her maid, Chesa, sewing contentedly, considers what she believes is a failure on her part and what her course of action must be. She next contemplates the attributes of all the various Ajahs and the world's problems. As she leaves, Gawyn is sitting in front of her tent; he has been there all night. Egwene now sees Gawyn as more handsome than Galad and takes pleasure in thinking about him, but she is angry with him nonetheless. He presses her to talk to him, but she refuses for the time being. For Egwene's benefit, Gawyn tries to dissuade Egwene from attacking the White Tower. She replies that she will do what she must (TGS, Ch. 43).

In the Tower, five of the Ajah Heads meet together to discuss the Seanchan attack, the need for a new Amyrlin, and their huge blunder in trying to manipulate the Tower and de facto rule instead of Elaida. After some debate, Adelorna confirming Egwene's incredible feat of the night before, they all agree to see Egwene al'Vere raised to the Amyrlin Seat (TGS, Ch. 43).

Siuan stands beneath an oak, watching Sheriam close the tent flaps of the Hall. Bryne approaches, and she tells him she is afraid she has lost Egwene's trust but does not regret rescuing her. Egwene stands in the pavilion of the rebel Hall, twelve Sitters and Sheriam in attendance. She considers Sheriam and pertinent ramifications in light of all she knows. Egwene embraces the source, reveling in finally being able to do so fully without forkroot or a sa'angreal or in a circle, startling the Hall into following suit. After commanding that they release the Source, Egwene pulls out the Oath Rod from her pouch and swears the Three Oaths. The Sitters are taken aback. She then proceeds to tell them about a "Black Sister" visiting her in the Tower, the revelations about the Black Ajah, and Egwene subsequently swears that she is not a Darkfriend. As she informs the Hall that all will need to remove their oaths and reswear and swear that they are not a member of the Black Ajah, Sheriam embraces the Source. Egwene slams a shield between the woman and saidar, shocking both Sheriam and the Sitters. At this point Egwene begins interrogating the red-haired Aes Sedai, tricking her into lying, proving she is Black. Sheriam inquires about the identity of the Black Sister and how she got around the Oaths to the Dark Lord. Egwene reveals to her that it was Verin and that the woman drank poison. Sheriam is bound in flows of Air. Egwene continues the proceedings before the Hall, puts Romanda in her place, and the other women forswear and reswear. Only Sheriam and Moria are found to be Black among those in the Hall. Over two hundred names were on Verin's list of the Black Ajah, both in the Tower and the rebel camp, seventy from the camp. Egwene formulates plans for capturing the rest of the Black Ajah in camp and for assaulting the White Tower. The motion is put forward, and the vote is unanimous concerning both (TGS, Ch. 43).

Egwene, adorned in a crimson gown to symbolize the reunification of the Tower, including reconciliation with the Red Ajah, the blood to be spilled in the assault, and that which had been spilled in the Black Ajah executions, strides through the camp. Siuan has found Egwene's Great Serpent ring, and she is wearing it again. Over fifty Black Sisters have been stilled and executed. Sheriam's execution, the former Keeper, in desperation, confessing to a number of crimes, was vivid in Egwene's mind. Egwene is reminded once again of the Aiel and the true character pain. Some want the sisters guarded and interrogated, but memory of the previous situation with Moghedien prevents Egwene from conceding. Egwene has no intention of letting Verin's sacrifice be in vain. Just under twenty Black sisters have escaped. Egwene continues through the camp, her shoulder-length brown hair streaming with crimson ribbons to signify the blood she has shed (TGS, Ch. 45).

Lelaine and Romanda both vie for Egwene's favor, relaying messages from Gareth Bryne, bringing news concerning the envoy to the Black Tower, the stolen dream ter'angreal, and one of the Forsaken being in the White Tower. Egwene does not know that Elaida has been captured. Egwene, Lelaine, Romanda, the Sitters, and soldiers mount and ride out of the camp to meet the army, Gawyn following at a distance. As they approach the village of Darein, Egwene sees the damaged Tower, but exults that it stands despite the Seanchan attack. Siuan and Bryne are there, at the back of the army, Egwene able to tell from Bryne's manner that Siuan has bonded him. After some admonitory words for Siuan, Egwene consults the General regarding the assault (TGS, Ch. 45).

At the Alindaer Bridge General Bryne shows Egwene the Tower Guard of only one thousand. While they are contemplating why so few, Egwene decides to wait for an hour before assaulting the Tower. Before she can give the command, a group of Aes Sedai appear on the opposite side of the bridge, a Gray in the lead. Andaya, a Gray Sitter, informs Egwene that they have chosen to raise her to the Amyrlin Seat. Egwene asks about Elaida, and Andaya tells of Elaida's capture. She inquires if they will accept her army, the other Aes Sedai, and reinstate the Blue Ajah. Andaya replies that those demands had been anticipated, and they would be met. Egwene accepts and rides across the bridge, joyful at the turn of events (TGS, Ch. 45).

Egwene moves quickly to the White Tower, Gawyn and Siuan hardly able to keep pace. She mentally contrasts her raising in Salidar with this one, while she is tutored by a Brown. Siuan objects. Egwene explains that the Tower Sitters need the opportunity to raise her as well. Overruling Siuan's protest, Egwene orders the rebel sisters to meet at the Sunset Gate where she will address them and accept their apology for rebelling against the Tower. Gawyn bows, a motion Egwene sees as more impertinent than disputing her. Just before going into the Hall, Egwene is reminded of how similar this is to her testing for Accepted. The gong sounds. The elaborate doors open. With a view directly out to Dragonmount toward the west, Egwene nearly gasps at the gaping hole in the side of the White Tower. Eighteen chairs and the Amyrlin's Seat stand in the Hall, enough for three Sitters from each Ajah except the Blue. Only eleven Sitters are in attendance, the Red's being unwelcomed by the rest, the Blue with the rebels, and a few having fled or out of the Tower. Saerin begins the ceremony, but before Egwene responds to the Brown, she asks about Silviana, who is still imprisoned. Leane, however, has been freed. Egwene demands Silviana be released, then the ceremony proceeds. All eleven sitters rise to their feet, no dissention, all unified in their decision. Saerin declares Egwene raised to the Amyrlin Seat, the Sitters each kissing her ring. Silviana is brought, bound in chains, the Sitters believing Egwene is going to punish the Red Sister. The young Amyrlin commands Silviana released, summons the former Mistress of Novices to her, lambasts the Sitters for their accountability in the division and disasters in the White Tower, and finally, she raises Silviana to the position of Keeper. When Silviana graciously accepts, the conversation moves into the subject of men, the cleansing of saidin, the future role of the Reds, Sheriam, the Black Ajah, and the Oath Rod (TGS, Ch. 46).

The company of women strides through the rubble-strewn hallways, Egwene preparing to address the returning rebels. On the eastern side of the Tower, the Amyrlin accepts the apology of the rebels, unifying the Aes Sedai in a speech of reconciliation (TGS, Ch. 46).

Egwene, now in the Amyrlin's study, which has been cleared of Elaida's possessions, reads a report from Silviana and reflects on how the woman is a far superior Keeper than Sheriam had been. Romanda and Lelaine, both offended with Egwene's recent decisions, have sent letters rescinding their support. Most of the Tower Black Ajah have escaped, about sixty. Saerin had taken a census after the Seanchan attack, the results indicating that nearly forty initiates had been captured, over two dozen of them Aes Sedai. Egwene has the Tower Hall reswear their oaths, and she does it again herself for their benefit, informing them of what had transpired in the rebel camp. Now every Aes Sedai has sworn to not be a Darkfriend, those who were not executed. Egwene is again reminded of Verin's accuracy since only three in the rebel camp and three caught in the Tower were found to be Black but absent from the Brown Sister's book. Egwene has tried but cannot reconcile the remaining names on the list as possibilities for the Forsaken, Mesaana (TGS, Epilogue).

Silviana requests that Egwene accompany her to the Hall. Masons have been working on the fitting for a rose window which Egwene has ordered to fit the hole made by the Seanchan attack. The floor has been repainted with the colors of all seven Ajahs. The two women stand at the gap. The clouds have broken and are in a ring around Dragonmount, an opening too perfect to be natural, a column of sunlight flooding down. Egwene instructs Silviana to record the date because she believes it is indicative of some significant event, something good (TGS, Epilogue).

Towers of Midnight

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Egwene starts to spend time in Tel’aran’rhiod just to think. She commands Nynaeve to stop avoiding her and tells her to meet her in the Hall of the Tower in two days' time. Egwene pans to have Elayne and her raised to the shawl properly. Egwene wakes from having a True Dream, knows what it means; if she does not stop Mesaana, something terrible will happen. It could mean the fall of the White Tower or the victory of the Dark One. Silviana came to wake Egwene and tell her that the Dragon Reborn is in the Tower and asking to see her. Egwene and the Hall of the Tower receive the Dragon Reborn. She questions his intent, and he tells her that in a month’s time he will be traveling to Shayol Ghul to break the remaining seals on the Dark One's prison. Egwene connects this with the Dream she had that morning. Egwene wishes to speak of the women who have been bonded by Asha’man, but Rand simply tells her to meet him on the Field of Merrilor in three days' time. From there he will proceed to Shayol Ghul and break the remaining seals on the Dark Ones prison. After this announcement he simply leaves. Thereafter Egwene convenes the Hall to discuss Rand and his plan (ToM, Ch. 3).

Egwene decides she needs to take action against Rand and writes letters to rulers asking for their assistance in opposing him. She tells Gawyn that she believes the assassin is a Forsaken and tells him to stop guarding her door and being so protective. She is frustrated with him as she still loves him, but he will not accept her authority (ToM, Ch. 5).

Egwene meets with two Wise Ones (Amys and Bair) in Tel’aran’rhiod and thereafter with Nynaeve (who finally accepts Egwene in her position as Amyrlin). Egwene asks Nynaeve and Elayne to return to the Tower to be properly raised. Elayne refuses due to her pregnancy and Egwene asks her to make more dream ter'angreal. They are attacked by Black Sisters (ToM, Ch. 14).

Egwene meets with Saerin, Seaine, and Yukiri, and they discuss the possibility of Mesaana having defeated the Oath Rod (ToM, Ch. 15). Egwene takes part in Nynaeve’s raising and tests her without mercy (ToM, Ch. 20).

After Gawyn trips Egwene’s trap for the assassin, she is infuriated with him, as he might have ruined her chances to catch Mesaana (ToM, Ch. 22). As a result of this she gives him a tongue-lashing (ToM, Ch. 23). Yet when she learns that he has left without permission, she sends him a letter ordering him to return to her.

The Hall attempts to meet secretly without informing Egwene, but she finds out about it and in that session, she gets the Hall to agree to give her authority over the world's monarchs, while they control the Tower's army. Too late does the Hall realize that this means that only Egwene is now allowed to deal with the Dragon Reborn (ToM, Ch. 27).

Egwene plots possible ways to capture Mesaana with Siuan and Nynaeve, after they discuss Rand and other matters (ToM, Ch. 33). After receiving no response from Gawyn, Egwene and Siuan go over the last details of their plan for the night and go to sleep (ToM, Ch. 35).

While Egwene and Leane meet in Tel'aran'rhiod with Sitters, Windfinders, and Wise Ones to discuss connecting and unifying all channellers with the White Tower, the Black Ajah attacks them (ToM, Ch. 36). During the fight against the Black Ajah, Egwene kills several Black Sisters and sees Perrin in his battle against Slayer. His strength in Tel'aran'rhiod surprises her and she comes to the realization that channeling cannot be compared to the strength one has if skilled in the World of Dreams (ToM, Ch. 37).

Mesaana tricks Egwene and so catches her with an a'dam. Before Egwene succumbs to despair, she denied the collar its strength. This leads to her and Mesaana having a contest of will-strength. Mesaana proves to be the weaker one and her mind snaps. After Egwene wakes from the battle, she finds Gawyn mortally wounded by the assassins he just saved her from. She Heals him and finally bonds him as her Warder (ToM, Ch. 38). After Gawyn is recuperated he and Egwene discuss what needs to be done about the Seanchan (ToM, Ch. 42).

Egwene visits Elayne's dreams and tells her that they defeated Mesaana (ToM, Ch. 45).

A Memory of Light

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Egwene has convinced Darlin and Gregorin to attend the meeting at the Field of Merrilor; they have many of the same concerns she does, and will support her against Rand (AMoL, Ch. 1).

On the night before the meeting at the Field of Merrilor is to be held, Egwene writes a letter to Rand to organize her thoughts, although she does not know if she will actually send it. She meets with Elayne and the two women discuss Rand’s plan to break the seals. Egwene wonders if she can count on Elayne, although does not voice her concern. When news suddenly arrives of the attack on Caemlyn, Egwene and Elayne go to the Travelling grounds, where soldiers and refugees are arriving from Caemlyn. Egwene sends Gawyn to the nearby White Tower camp to gather as many Aes Sedai as possible, as well as to alert Gareth Bryne. She declares that the White Tower will support Andor. When Egwene sees that Talmanes is near death, she finds Nynaeve to Heal him. Egwene then comes across Bayle Domon and Leilwin, who had accompanied Nynaeve to the Travelling grounds. Leilwin tells Egwene that she wishes to serve the Amyrlin Seat; when Egwene realizes that Leilwin is Seanchan, she has both of them placed under watch. She then offers her strength to Nynaeve through a link in order to aid in the Healing of soldiers and refugees (AMoL, Ch. 1).

Egwene spends the night in the Tower in case assassins attempt to find her in the White Tower camp near the Field of Merrilor. She has a couple of Dreams: one of “a frozen pillar of glass” and one of a sphere—the world—cracking apart. She tries to tie it up “with cords, striving to hold it together” (AMoL, Ch. 5).

The next morning, she reads a report on the state of Caemlyn and then learns that Rand has instructed everyone to meet him that morning; the time he has set is only half an hour away, and so Egwene hurries to get there. She goes to the designated meeting spot with Silviana, the Hall of the Tower, and a contingent of soldiers. Once there, she greets Elayne, Darlin, and Gregorin. As she surveys the rulers who are gathering, Egwene considers who will side with her and who will side with Rand. She intends to walk out of the meeting with two victories in hand: one, that the White Tower will be in charge of the Last Battle instead of Rand, as she knows Rand will need to focus on Shayol Ghul, and two, that she be given the seals. When she realizes that Roedran is in attendance for the meeting, she speaks with him and, in order to unsettle him, lets him know that she is secretly responsible for helping to consolidate his rule (AMoL, Ch. 5).

When Rand arrives for the meeting, he erects a pavilion with the One Power and informs all of the gathered rulers that they may bring five people in with them. Egwene chooses Silviana, Saerin, Romanda, Lelaine, and Gawyn. She is gratified when Amys, Sorilea, and several other Wise Ones come to stand with her once they have entered the pavilion (AMoL, Ch. 5).

Once everyone has gathered within the pavilion, Rand tells them that they must be unified if they are to win the Last Battle, and that he is not willing to die on their behalf only to have them start fighting for power amongst themselves in the aftermath. To this effect, he demands three things of them in exchange for his life. The first is that they accept a treaty named the Dragon’s Peace. Among other things, the Dragon’s Peace will prevent the current nations from expanding their borders, and will require all signees to defend any nation that has been attacked by another. The second is that the White Tower allow him to keep the seals so that he may break them. The third is that Rand wants to command everyone's armies in the Last Battle, to ensure a unified fight (AMoL, Ch. 5).

While the rulers argue about Rand’s first demand, Egwene and Rand argue about the second demand regarding the seals. Egwene thinks it is too dangerous to break the seals and allow the Dark One more influence over the world. Rand briefly accuses her of not caring if the Dark One should taint saidin again during the resealing of his prison, though he quickly backs down on this. Rand confesses to Egwene that he is planning to kill the Dark One, not just reseal his prison, and Egwene tells him that he is insane (AMoL, Ch. 5).

As arguments continue over Rand’s three demands, Egwene can feel his ta’veren effect working and knows that soon the others will give in to him. Knowing she has to do something, she challenges him again, telling him that he is a fool. Rand and Egwene exchange heated words, and just as the arguing appears to be reaching a dangerous climax, Moiraine suddenly enters the pavilion to everyone’s shock (AMoL, Ch. 5; AMoL, Ch. 6). Egwene greets Moiriane and welcomes her back to the White Tower, and then appeals to her for help in dissuading Rand from his demands. Moiraine quotes passages from the Karaetheon Cycle to those gathered—passages which insinuate that the Dragon Reborn will force peace upon his people , that he will need to break the seals in order to fix the Dark One’s prison, and that the White Tower will bow to Rand (AMoL, Ch. 6).

Following this, everyone is able to proceed in their arguments in a much more orderly fashion. Moiriane manages to bring Rand and Egwene to a compromise, informing Rand that Egwene herself will break the seals when she feels it is time. Rand and Egwene both agree, and Rand gives Egwene the seals. Egwene is then the first one to sign the Dragon’s Peace treaty that Rand has drawn up (AMoL, Ch. 6).

Once the meeting at Merrilor is over and Rand has left, Egwene surveys maps with Elayne. It is decided that there will be four battlefronts: Caemlyn, Kandor, Tarwin’s Gap, and Shayol Ghul. The White Tower is to fight in Kandor, delaying the Trollocs there until Elayne has managed to retake Caemlyn and can send further aid. At some point during the day, Egwene speaks to Elayne about having the Horn of Valere delivered to Mat (AMoL, Ch. 7).

The next few day are spent in planning. During this time, Egwene and Gawyn are married by Silviana (AMoL, Ch. 9). At some point, Egwene sends a letter to Elayne expressing displeasure about Elayne’s maneuver to tie the Kin to Andor, but saying that they will worry about it after the Last Battle (AMoL, Ch. 10).

Once the White Tower’s battle plans are in place, Egwene Travels to Kandor with the White Tower’s forces. Once there, Egwene goes to see Leilwin and Domon, who are being guarded in a tent. Leilwin swears herself to Egwene, and Egwene orders that Leilwin tell her everything she can think of about the Seanchan (AMoL, Ch. 9). The information ends up being very useful, and Egwene often keeps Egeanin close in afterwards so that she can ask further questions (AMoL, Ch. 11).

Adelorna asks to speak with Egwene, and they proceed to ride through the White Tower camp in Kandor together. Adelorna informs Egwene that the Green Ajah supports her; like many, the Greens were upset when Egwene chose Silviana, a Red, as her Keeper. From the conversation, Egwene discerns both that Adelorna is the Captain-General of the Green Ajah, and that the Green Ajah is trying to put some sort of claim on Egwene (AMoL, Ch. 11).

After speaking with Adelorna, Egwene goes with Gawyn, Silviana, and Leilwin to visit Bryne. Bryne has not been using the Aes Sedai in battle, and Egwene wants to know why. He replies that he had not wanted to overstep his authority, and then proceeds to show her other plans that make better use of the Aes Sedai, which Egwene approves of (AMoL, Ch. 11).

Egwene leads a force of more than 100 Aes Sedai against the Trollocs in the hills of Kandor. She uses Vora’s sa’angreal and wreaks destruction upon the Shadowspawn until the Trollocs turn and run. Gawyn and the soldiers with the Aes Sedai watch in awe (AMoL, Ch. 13). As the battle progresses over many days, the White Tower’s forces are pushed back from the hills to the open plains of Kandor. The Aes Sedai fight in rotations of small groups to make sure they are always rested for battle. Their job is to break apart large groups of Trollocs using the One Power so that the soldiers can handle the rest. Egwene is growing exhausted, and Gawyn thinks that she is fighting too often. Every night, he makes her sleep in a different place to stave off possible assassins (AMoL, Ch. 18).

Both the Wise Ones and Rand have requested meetings with Egwene. She Travels to the Tower, where she falls asleep and meets with Amys, Bair, and Melaine. They want to know if Egwene has seen the “fractures in the pattern,” looking like cracks in the land, that are appearing when balefire is used. They have been noticed by the Wise Ones and by the Borderlanders with Lan. Egwene promises to warn the Aes Sedai not to use balefire. The Wise Ones then tell Egwene that they are not planning to visit Tel’aran’rhiod often anymore, because Tel’aran’rhiod has been changing and growing more dangerous. Egwene and the Wise Ones say their goodbyes, with Amys telling Egwene that she is proud of her. Egwene knows that she herself will not be visiting Tel’aran’rhiod either, because she can no longer risk it. She says goodbye to the World of Dreams for the time being (AMoL, Ch. 19).

When Egwene wakes up, is waiting to meet with her. Rand gives her a hair ribbon (AMoL, Ch. 19); he has been giving gifts to those closest to him in preparation for his death (AMoL, Ch. 18). Egwene is at first exasperated, thinking that Rand is suggesting that she is a child, but he tells her that he is trying to “make amends”—that she is like a sister to him and that he didn’t want their last encounter to be an argument. Egwene embraces him and tells him that she does support him, even if she won’t let him break the seals. Rand asks if he can see the seals before he leaves, promising not to break them. Egwene agrees, and when Rand handles them, he realizes they are fake. At first he thinks that Egwene has replaced them with fakes to keep him from breaking them. Then they both realize that the seals must have been stolen by the Shadow and replaced with counterfeits. Egwene determines that it must have happened before Rand gave them to her, because she has had them on her person at all times (AMoL, Ch. 19).

Later that day, Egwene returns to the battlefield, along with Gawyn, Romanda, Lelaine, Leane, Silviana, Raemassa, their Warders, and a group of soldiers. Egwene uses the One Power to clear a distant hilltop of Trollocs; the group then Travels to that hilltop so that they can attack the Trollocs from behind their own lines. The Trollocs fight back harder than expected, and eventually, Egwene’s group retreats back to camp through a gateway. Gawyn finds it odd that the Trollocs were fighting so hard when they have little to gain by holding their current position; Egwene becomes suspicious and orders that the White Tower army pull back, and Gawyn leaves to deliver the message to Bryne (AMoL, Ch. 20).

Suddenly, a massive gateway opens to reveal a huge, unfamiliar army. Sensing that this army contains hundreds of women who can channel, Egwene orders the other Aes Sedai to let go of the One Power so that they will not be detected. Romanda disobeys and begins to open a gateway, and is immediately killed. The rest of the Aes Sedai scatter. Egwene and Lelaine reach Gawyn at the command tent, and Lelaine reveals that the army resembles accounts of Sharans. Egwene, Gawyn, and Lelaine manage to get away from the command tent just before it is destroyed, although Egwene and Gawyn lose sight of Lelaine in the process (AMoL, Ch. 20).

Egwene and Gawyn proceed to hide behind a cart, huddled beneath Gawyn’s Warder cloak, for the next several hours. Egwene cannot channel without drawing the attention of the Sharan channelers. Egwene is horrified at the destruction that the Sharans are wreaking on her camp, and is afraid that Bryne, who had been in the command tent, is now dead. Gawyn holds her in comfort as they wait until night to attempt an escape (AMoL, Ch. 20). Egwene falls asleep for a time. Gawyn does some scouting while she sleeps, and awakens her after he returns. He tells her he plans to sneak away and create a distraction so that she can escape. Before he can do so, however, a man appears and declares that he is Bao the Wyld. Bao announces to the Sharans that he can sense a female channeler who remains at large, and Egwene fears she has been discovered. However, it is Leane he has found. Egwene watches as Bao tells Leane to carry a message to Rand: that his old friend Barid Bel Medar is waiting for him. At this, Egwene realizes that Bao the Wyld is actually Demandred (AMoL, Ch. 22).

After Demandred leaves, Gawyn leads Egwene out of the destroyed camp. He makes her take his Warder cloak, and then goes ahead of her to scout out a path, using the bloodknife rings without Egwene’s knowledge. While she is alone, Egwene is discovered and shielded by an Ayyad woman. She lets the terror she feels at being captive run loose in order to alert Gawyn. However, before Gawyn can find her, Egeanin appears and is able to rescue Egwene, telling Egwene afterwards that she was serious about her oath. Together, Egwene and Egeanin find Gawyn, and then eventually meet up with Domon, who is waiting for them. About ten minutes out of the camp, Egwene make a gateway so they can all Skim to the White Tower (AMoL, Ch. 23).

After the Sharan attack, the White Tower army retreats to southeastern Kandor. Egwene spends the next few days meeting with Sitters in secret locations. A few days after the initial attack, Egwene, Bryne, Doesine, Saerin, and several other Sitters meet with Elayne. Elayne orders them to stand for the time being, with Egwene’s agreement (AMoL, Ch. 25).

When Mat learns of the attack, he convinces Tuon to support the Aes Sedai (AMoL, Ch. 24).Tuon demands to hold an audience with Egwene, and Egwene agrees. They decide to meet in Arafel so that neither will have to visit each other’s camp. When Egwene arrives along with most of the Sitters and a group of soldiers, Tuon is already there, attended by members of the Blood, Deathwatch Guards, and da’covale. Egwene is annoyed, as she had hoped to arrive first. She is torn about accepting the Seanchan’s help, but now that the Sharans have joined the Shadow, she knows she has no choice (AMoL, Ch. 26).

Egwene and Tuon greet each other coldly and begin their meeting by trading words about the Seanchan enslavement of damane. Tuon insists that damane are happier when they are collared, and Egwene reveals that she herself used to be a damane and certainly was not happier. Tuon is horrified to learn about Egwene’s former imprisonment; while she had decided that it would be within protocol to speak directly to a marath’damane, apparently speaking to a former damane is another matter entirely. Tuon turns to a member of the Blood and demands to know why he did not tell her that Egwene had once been a damane. Egwene is shocked to see that it is Mat, and her immediate instinct is to wonder how she can free him. However, once she learns that Tuon and Mat are married, she is amused that Tuon has been influenced by a ta’veren (AMoL, Ch. 26).

Egwene and Tuon go on to discuss the terms of Seanchan’s aid in the Last Battle. Tuon tells Egwene that Rand has agreed to let the Seanchan keep the nations they currently control; when Egwene presses for more detail, Tuon confirms that she holds Altara, Amadicia, Tarabon, and Almoth Plain, allowing Egwene to argue for the freedom for the Sea Folk islands. Tuon agrees to leave the Sea Folk islands alone, but insists on adding an addendum to the agreement: that women in lands uncontrolled by the Seanchan be allowed passage to Ebou Dar should they wish to become damane. Egwene agrees because she cannot imagine any woman actually wishing to do so, and demands that Tuon reciprocate and allow channelers to leave Seanchan-controlled land if they wish. Tuon asks if, in exchange, Egwene will allow the Seanchan to capture the Ayyad and Dreadlords, but Egwene does not think even they deserve to be collared. Egwene reveals what she knows about sul’dam being able to learn to channel. She asks if Tuon will allow herself to be tested and obey her own rules if it turns out she can channel. Matters become more heated from here, and just as things are about to come to blows, Mat steps between the two women and reminds them that the world needs both of them. Finally, Tuon agrees that she will fight the Shadow alongside Egwene, but states that she will not place her armies under Egwene’s control. She does, however, offer to send some sul’dam and damane immediately to help Egwene. As Tuon and Mat leave, Egwene tells Mat that she will help get him free of the Seanchan if she can, but Mat tells her he doesn’t need her help (AMoL, Ch. 26).

Egwene returns to the battlefield, accompanied by Gawyn and Leilwin. She kills a Myrddraal, and then watches as a group of heavy cavalry peels away from the foot soldiers fighting at the river in order to ride to her aid. This, however, exposes the foot soldiers to the Sharans and the cavalry to Trollocs. Egwene is horrified and wonders what Bryne could have been thinking to give such an order. She and the other Aes Sedai try to help, but the foot soldiers sustain heavy casualties and the heavy cavalry is virtually destroyed. The Trollocs then turn to attack the Aes Sedai and their soldiers, and Egwene orders her pikemen to retreat through gateways before following with the rest of the Aes Sedai. Egwene decides she needs to speak with Bryne, after which she plans to rejoin the troops (AMoL, Ch. 29).

Returning to the White Tower camp, Egwene finds that Bryne is not in the command tent. She tries to piece together what just happened on the battlefield and speaks to Uno, who is one of the few surviving members of the heavy cavalry. Uno does not know what happened; he was instructed to aid the Aes Sedai and was promised backup which never came (AMoL, Ch. 31).

Egwene returns to the battlefield with Myrelle, Pylar, and many other Aes Sedai. They try to push the Trollocs back, but it is to no avail. She leaves the battlefield and returns to the White Tower camp to once again search for Bryne. Back in camp, a woman of the Seanchan Blood approaches Egwene, and Egwene sees with shock that it is Min (AMoL, Ch. 31). She has a message from Mat, who thinks that Bryne is a Darkfriend and is trying to lose the battle (AMoL, Ch. 29; AMoL, Ch. 31). Mat, who is now in charge of the Seanchan armies, wants Egwene to turn the White Tower armies over to him so that he can sort everything out. Although Egwene is concerned about the mistakes that Bryne has made on the battlefield, she does not believe that he can be a Darkfriend. She also refuses to hand over control of her army, which is currently under the supervision of the Hall of the Tower (AMoL, Ch. 31).

Egwene sends Silviana to search for Bryne. While waiting, she rests and considers Mat’s message, and ultimately comes to the realization that she trusts Mat. She asks Gawyn to send a messenger to Elayne to find out how the battle is going in Cairhien. Then, she hunts down Silviana, who has just located Bryne, and sends for the Sitters. Gawyn rushes back with the news that Bashere is a Darkfriend and that Elayne’s troops almost lost the battle at Cairhien because of it. Egwene and the Hall confront Brye, and it is determined that the great captains are all under Compulsion. Egwene realizes that she now has no choice but to turn her army over to Mat; due to his foxhead ter’angreal, he is the only person not susceptible to Compulsion (AMoL, Ch. 31).

Mat calls a meeting between the Seanchan and the White Tower; the meeting is held through an open gateway. Egwene has the Amyrlin Seat fetched from the White Tower in order to make an imposing impression on Tuon. Mat announces that he wants to withdraw from their current battlefield. He wants all of the armies of the Light to make one last stand together. He asks if Elayne can be brought into the meeting via gateway as well, and when she arrives, it is agreed that they cannot keep fighting on multiple battlefronts. They decide to move all of their armies to the Field of Merrilor (AMoL, Ch. 32).

Once the armies have all moved to the Field of Merrilor, Egwene helps to prepare for the battle that will take place there. Gawyn and Leilwin both accompany Egwene everywhere (AMoL, Ch. 36).

After a week of preparations (AMoL, Ch. 37), Egwene and Mat speak about the upcoming battle. Mat asks Egwene if she has located the missing Horn of Valere yet, but she has not. They go through a gateway to the Knob, where they look at the soon-to-be battlefield. Egwene thinks retreat is a possibility if they lose here, but Mat disagrees; they are out of food and he does not think they can continue retreating. Egwene then says that they only have to hold on until Rand wins his fight against the Dark One, but Mat replies that even if Rand wins his battle, the Light’s armies will need to win their battle as well. Suddenly, Mat realizes that the Shadow’s armies have arrived ahead of schedule and he tells Egwene that the battle is about to begin (AMoL, Ch. 36).

Once the battle has begun, Egwene surveys the fighting through a gateway. Demandred has been wreaking havoc amongst their armies, and she discusses the matter with several of the Sitters. She does not notice when Gawyn slips away to go try to kill the Forsaken (AMoL, Ch. 37).

Egwene receives orders from Mat to have the White Tower army attack the Sharans. As she goes to Travel to join her army, she notices cracks in the pattern that have caused by balefire; they are growing more numerous. She tests the cracks with the One Power and, although she does not know quite what she is doing, manages to create a time of “bandage” over them that causes “a thin film of crystals” to form over them. Suddenly, she notices that Gawyn is gone and angrily sends someone to find him. Bryne offers to do it, and when he leaves, Egwene sends Siuan to keep watch on the Seanchan. Once she has reached her army, she tells Chubain about Mat’s orders (AMoL, Ch. 37).

When Egwene feels that Gawyn has been mortally wounded by Demandred, she freezes. Silviana suggests that Egwene pass Gawyn’s bond to her so that Egwene won’t be incapacitated during the battle if Gawyn dies. Egwene is shocked at the suggestion and refuses. Egwene decides that the White Tower army will force its way towards Gawyn so that Egwene can reach him and Heal him. However, they are too late and Egwene feels him die when she is just moments away from his side. Driven by grief and pain, she draws as much of the One Power as she can. She strikes at the Sharans, and then passes out AMoL, Ch. 37).

Egwene is taken through a gateway to Mayene. When she awakens, Silviana and Rosil try to convince her to remain there, but Egwene insists on returning to the battlefield. Before she does, she decides that she will need another Warder to help her, and she asks Leilwin if she will perform that duty. Leilwin agrees, and Egwene bonds her (AMoL, Ch. 37).

Egwene returns to the battlefield intending to find and kill Mazrim Taim. She ruthlessly attacks the Sharan forces, gathering Aes Sedai and Asha’man as she goes. When she finds Taim, she orders most of the Aes Sedai and Asha’man to keep the other Dreadlords away, and then advances with Leilwin, Merise and Narishma. Egwene and Taim engage in battle, with Narishma warning Egwene whenever Taim makes a weave with saidin. Taim tries to kill Egwene with balefire, and then escapes using the True Power (AMoL, Ch. 37).

With Taim having fled, Egwene returns to attacking the Sharans. She and the other Aes Sedai fight for hours. Egwene orders the other Aes Sedai to deflect the weaves of the Ayyad while she herself attacks with Vora’s sa’angreal. Leilwin approaches to tell Egwene that Logain now has the seals in his possession, and Egwene is relieved (AMoL, Ch. 37).

Taim returns to fight Egwene again, now carrying Demandred’s sa’angreal, Sakarnen. He uses balefire again, causing more cracks in the Pattern to appear, and the Aes Sedai are now overwhelmed. Egwene remembers Perrin telling her once that balefire is just another weave, and she realizes that there must be an opposite weave to balefire. She remembers the weave she used on the cracks in the Pattern, and when Taim next uses balefire, channels that weave. The two weaves hit and negate each other, causing a flash of light. She can feel that her weave is in some way causing “A shoring up of the Pattern,” and calls it the Flame of Tar Valon. She feels peace, knowing that the Pattern will be okay and that Gawyn will thus be reborn (AMoL, Ch. 37).

Egwene defeats Taim by using the Flame of Tar Valon to crystallize him. However, she knows she has drawn too much of the One Power and that she will be burned out when she lets go of it. She tells Leilwin to find the seals and break them the moment light shines, and then weaves a gateway and shoves Leilwin through. As she does so, she releases Leilwin from the bond. Egwene then draws even more of the One Power and weaves the Flame of Tar Valon one last time before dying. Although her body is gone, there remains “a column of crystal as wide as an ancient leatherleaf tree, rising some fifty feet in the air,” with Vora’s sa’angreal held within (AMoL, Ch. 37).

Rand is devastated by Egwene’s death and her name joins the other dead women on his list (AMoL, Ch. 37). He is in despair at all of the people he has been unable to save. However, Egwene’s voice appears in Rand’s head, telling him that he has to allow other people to be heroes too, and that everyone has the right to give their lives for something they believe in. This convinces Rand to let go of his list, a necessary step in defeating the Dark One (AMoL, Ch. 38).

When they learn of Egwene’s death, Mat, Perrin, and Nynaeve all grieve (AMoL, Ch. 37; (AMoL, Epilogue).

Strengths and Talents

Egwene is significantly strong in the One Power; she is only second in strength to Nynaeve in the White Tower and equals Elayne's strength (TGH, Ch. 4). She had the spark inborn, something that is quite rare (TEotW, Ch. 12), though apparently not in the Two Rivers, which has produced three ta'veren and multiple channelers (TSR, Ch. 31). She is also unusually strong in Earth, predominantly a male strength; this means that she can delve for metal ores (TGH, Ch. 42). She also has strength in Fire, also a typically male Power (ACoS, Ch. 36).

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Egwene is poor at Healing but was able to teach Aviendha to manage multiple weaves (TFoH, Ch. 52).

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Egwene has several other Talents; she figured out the weave of Traveling (LoC, Ch. 27).

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With Moghedien's help she figured out the weave for Skimming (ACoS, Ch. 9).

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Moghedien also helped her to discover the weave for making cuendillar (CoT, Ch. 17), and the forbidden weave of Compulsion (CoT, Ch. 18).


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Egwene is a Dreamer and a Dreamwalker (TGH, Ch. 12 and TSR, Ch. 23). Her dreams have a significant chance of coming true, unlike Foretelling, which is definite, and they include dreams of Rand drawing Callandor (TDR, Ch. 25) and Perrin's involvement with Faile and Berelain (TDR, Ch. 37). She is the only Dreamer in the White Tower since Corianin Nedeal (TDR, Ch. 21). Before she was trained to enter Tel'aran'rhiod at will, Egwene used a ring ter'angreal to visit it (TDR, Ch. 27).

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Egwene was trained to be a Dreamwalker by the Aiel Wise Ones Amys, Melaine, and Bair before she was summoned back to Salidar (TSR, Ch. 23).

Relationships with Other Characters

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When Egwene still lived in Emond's Field, it was assumed by many people that she and Rand would marry, especially after Marin al'Vere and Tam al'Thor talked about it (TGH, Ch. 36). However, after leaving the Two Rivers, Egwene and Rand both realize that they are not meant to be with each other (TSR, Ch. 7).

Egwene comes to learn that she is in love with Gawyn, Elayne's brother (LoC, Ch. 14). They profess their love when they meet in Cairhien and Egwene tells him that they will be bonded (LoC, Ch. 18). Gawyn had not acted upon his love earlier because Galad is interested in her. Galad had saved Gawyn's life when they were younger and so he believed that he could not go after someone his half-brother loved (TDR, Ch. 16).

Egwene is closest to Nynaeve and Elayne, two of the Aes Sedai who she thinks she can totally trust. She raises both of them to Aes Sedai when she becomes Amyrlin Seat, despite the fact that Nynaeve's block remained unbroken at that time (LoC, Ch. 36).

Elaida and Egwene have never gotten on well. Elaida did not believe that Egwene should be allowed to take her Accepted Test because she was a wilder (TDR, Ch. 22). This only intensified when she heard that Egwene was Amyrlin Seat of the Salidar Aes Sedai. Elaida now dreams of Egwene begging for forgiveness and pleading not to be stilled (ACoS, Ch. 32).

Egwene has a very precarious relationship with the Hall. From the start, Lelaine and Romanda try to control her (LoC, Ch. 36). If Egwene had not been made Amyrlin Seat, either Romanda or Lelaine would have (LoC, Ch. 35). When Egwene wins the vote on war with Elaida, she tries to exert more control over the Hall (TPoD, Ch. 19).

Several Sitters have sworn fealty to Egwene. Myrelle and Nisao swore so that Myrelle's bonding of Lan did not become public (LoC, Ch. 12), Faolain and Theodrin swore because she is Amyrlin Seat (ACoS, Ch. 11), and Sheriam and others also swore (TPoD, Ch. 16).

Egwene often asks Siuan for advice on Aes Sedai matters. Siuan was originally sent by the other Aes Sedai to teach her etiquette (LoC, Ch. 36) but in reality becomes more than that. She helps Egwene control the Hall and tells her of the laws and secret Tower histories (TPoD, Ch. 19).

Egwene, having already established relationships and gaining, even when grudging, respect from many of the Rebel Aes Sedai, proceeded to do the same with Silviana, the Mistress of Novices, and many other of the Tower Aes Sedai (KoD, Ch. 24).

While maintaining a sense of authority over them, and forbidding herself friendship with them, Egwene has, nevertheless, secured a strong bond with many, if not most, of the novices, and a number of Accepted (KoD, Ch. 24).

Visions and Prophecies

"She's part of it. You're in love with her. She loves you, too, but she's not for you, or you for her. Not the way you both want. When I look at her, I see the same as when I look at Mistress Alys. She won't refuse it." (Min to Rand; TEotW, Ch. 15)

"A white flame, and... Oh, all sorts of things. I don't know what it means." (About Egwene; TGH, Ch. 24).

"Danger. You are all in some kind of danger. Or you will be, very soon. I can't make it out, but it is danger." (Min, to Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve; TGH, Ch. 38)

"You know I've read you, Egwene. I don't understand most of it - I almost never do - but I see things I am sure link you to Rand, and Perrin, and Mat, and - yes, even Galad, the Light help you for a fool. How can any of that happen if the Seanchan take you off across the ocean?" (Min, TGH, Ch. 42)

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For a moment she let herself think of the images she had glimpsed, just for a moment, flickering around Gawyn's head. Gawyn kneeling at Egwene's feet with his head bowed, and Gawyn breaking Egwene's neck, first one then the other, as if either could be the future. (Min; TSR, Ch. 47)

Egwene stood among a crowd of women, fear in her eyes; slowly the women knelt around her. Nynaeve was one of them, and he believed he saw Elayne's red-gold hair. (Perrin; TSR, Ch. 53)

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A tall, beautiful man - had she ever thought his half-brother Galad was more beautiful? - with golden hair and eyes of the most wonderful deep blue. He had some distance to cover yet, but he could see her; his gaze was fixed on her like an archer's on the target. A faint sound of crunching and grating hung in the air. She looked down. And felt a scream building in her. On bare feet, Gawyn walked across a floor of broken glass, shards breaking at every slow step. Even in the faint light she could see the trail of blood left by his slashed feet. She flung out a hand, tried to shout for him to stop, tried to run to him, but just that quickly she was elsewhere. (About Gawyn; ACoS, Ch. 7)

A golden hawk stretched out its wing and touched her, and she and the hawk were tied together somehow; all she knew was that the hawk was female. (ACoS, Ch. 7)

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She had to place her feet very carefully. The path was a cracked ledge barely wide enough for her to stand on with one shoulder pressed against the cliff, a ledge littered with stones as large as her fist that could turn under a misplaced step and send her hurtling over the edge. It almost seemed this was like the dreams of pushing millstones and pulling carts, yet she knew it was a true dream. Abruptly, the ledge dropped away from under her with the crack of crumbling stone, and she caught frantically at the cliff, fingers scrabbling to find a hold. Her fingertips slid into a tiny crevice, and her fall stopped with a jolt that wrenched her arms. Feet dangling into the clouds, she listened to the falling stone crash against the cliff until the sound faded to nothing without the stone ever hitting the ground. Dimly, she could see the broken ledge to her left. Ten feet away, it might as well have been a mile off for all the chance she had of reaching it. In the other direction, the mists hid whatever remained of the path, but she thought it had to be farther away still. There was no strength in her arms. She could not pull herself up, only hang there by her fingertips until she fell. The edge of the crevice seemed as sharp as a knife under fingers. Suddenly a woman appeared, clambering down the sheer side of the cliff out of the clouds, making her way as deftly as if she were walking down stairs. There was a sword strapped to her back. Her face wavered, never settling clearly, but the sword seemed as solid as the stone. The woman reached Egwene's level and held out one hand. "We can reach the top together," she said in a familiar drawling accent. (CoT, Ch. 20)

She was climbing another path along a cliff shrouded in clouds, but this was a broad ledge of smoothly paved white stone, and there were no rocks underfoot. The cliff itself was chalky white and as smooth as if polished. Despite the clouds, the pale stone almost gleamed. She climbed quickly and soon realized that the ledge was spiraling around. The cliff was actually a spire. No sooner did that thought occur than she was standing on top of it, a flat polished disc walled by mist. Not quite flat, though. A small white plinth stood centered in that circle, supporting an oil-lamp made of clear glass. The flame on the lamp burned bright and steady without flickering. It was white, too. Suddenly a pair of birds flashed out of the mist, two ravens black as night. Streaking across the spire-top, they struck the lamp and flew on without so much as a pause. The lamp spun and wobbled, dancing around atop the plinth, flinging off droplets of oil. Some of those drops caught fire in midair and vanished. Others fell around the short column, each supporting a tiny, flickering white flame. And the lamp continued to wobble on the edge of falling. (CoT, Ch. 20)


  • Whatever Egwene does, she wants to do it to the best of her ability (TEotW, Ravens Prologue). She is like this with channeling, which is unusual as most novices are scared of channeling, though it is slightly dangerous for her to be that eager to learn (TGH, Ch. 18).
  • Min has several viewings of Egwene; the first is that Egwene loves Rand but is not in love with him (TEotW, Ch. 15). She is linked with Rand, Mat, Perrin, and Galad (TGH, Ch. 42), and Min saw the white flame of the Aes Sedai around Egwene, indicating that Egwene would become Amyrlin Seat (TGH, Ch. 24).
  • The first time she sees a glow around a woman channeling saidar is when Elayne channels when they first meet (TGH, Ch. 24).
  • During her Accepted test, each arch shows her abandoning Rand to his death. The last one depicts her as being Amyrlin Seat, having been raised from the Green Ajah (TDR, Ch. 22).
  • A Gray Man was sent to the White Tower to kill Egwene and Nynaeve but it was killed by Slayer when it failed (TDR, Ch. 15).

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  • When Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve are out of the Tower, Siuan Sanche tells Gawyn that they are studying with Mara Tomanes, an Aes Sedai in Illian (TSR, Ch. 47).
  • Egwene has nightmares of her Seanchan captivity for weeks after she is rescued (TSR, Ch. 52).

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  • When the Hall votes to declare war on Elaida, it gives Egwene control of the Hall over all matters concerning the war (TPoD, Ch. 19).
  • Egwene wants any and every woman who can channel to be linked to the White Tower (ACoS, Ch. 31). She opens the novice book to women of any age (TPoD, Ch. 17). This leads to over a thousand novices joining the Salidar Aes Sedai (TPoD, Ch. 30).

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  • Nicola Treehill tries to blackmail Egwene into letting her learn faster by threatening to let slip that Elayne and Nynaeve, and possibly Egwene herself, pretended to be Aes Sedai when they were only Accepted (ACoS, Ch. 9). When Egwene rebuffs her, she blackmails Myrelle and Nisao about Lan until Egwene stops her again (ACoS, Ch. 12).

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  • Egwene's punishing of novices from the Two Rivers has begun to give her the reputation of being another Sereille Bagand; that is to say, she is very harsh and has a strong will (CoT, Ch. 18).


Quotes by Egwene

"From what Moiraine tells me, you leaped into it as soon as you could, fumbling through the dark with never a thought of whether there was a bottomless pit under your next step." (Verin to Egwene; The Great Hunt, Chapter 13)

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"People change, Rand. Feelings change. When people are apart, sometimes they grow apart. I love you as I would a brother, perhaps more than a brother, but not to marry." (Egwene to Rand; The Shadow Rising, Chapter 7)

"You have much to learn. Far more than I can begin to teach you, now. Come to the Three-fold Land." (Amys to Egwene; The Shadow Rising, Chapter 11)

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"If the Queen of Andor can be Aes Sedai, a Prince can be a Warder. And you will be mine. Push that through your thick skull; I am serious. And I love you." (Egwene to Gawyn; Lord of Chaos, Chapter 25)

"I'm the Amyrlin but...Elayne, Sheriam doesn't have to think very hard to recall a novice named Egwene, staring goggle-eyed at everything and being sent to rake the New Garden walks for eating apples after bedtime. She means to lead me by the hand, or maybe push me by the scruff of my neck." (Egwene to Elayne; Lord of Chaos, Chapter 36)

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"A certain degree of respect is required towards the Amyrlin Seat, and from now on, I will have it, daughter." (Egwene to Lelaine; The Path of Daggers, Chapter 19)

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"My own charge is..." She pressed her thumb down on the edge of the chair as if pinning something and laughed again. (Aran'gar presumably about Egwene; Winter's Heart, Chapter 13)

"Elayne, I have to order women I grew up with switched because they don't believe I am the Amyrlin Seat, or if they do, that they can break the rules because they knew me." (Egwene to Elayne; Winter's Heart, Chapter 26)

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Egwene wondered whether the woman hated her personally, or for what she represented, or simply hated everyone. (Egwene, about Katerine Alruddin; Knife of Dreams, Prologue)

"I am Aes Sedai by virtue of having been raised to the Amyrlin Seat," Egwene replied calmly..."I can cite the relevant passages in the law, if you wish." (Knife of Dreams, Prologue)

"What is your name?" she [Egwene] said. "Alvistere," the young woman replied. "Why do you want to know? So you can carry tales to Silviana? It will do you no good. Everyone will say they saw nothing." "A pity, that Alvistere. You want to become Aes Sedai and give up the ability to lie, yet you want others to lie for you. Do you see any inconsistency in that?" Alvistere's face reddened. "Who are you to lecture me?" "I am the Amyrlin Seat. A prisoner, but still the Amyrlin Seat." (Egwene and Alvistere, after Alvistere trips Egwene; Knife of Dreams, Chapter 24)

"You've been kidnapped and brought aboard a sinking ship." (Egwene to Mattin Stepaneos; Knife of Dreams, Chapter 24)

"...they all indicated the same thing. She [Egwene] was winning her war." (Knife of Dreams, Chapter 24)

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"Nobody subjugates the Aiel." (Egwene discussing Rand with some of the White Sisters; The Gathering Storm, Chapter 16)

"Coward." (Egwene to Elaida in front of some Sitters; The Gathering Storm, Chapter 16)

"I don't trust you...I don't think I ever have." (Egwene upon learning that Verin has had the Three Oaths removed; The Gathering Storm, Chapter 39)

"But your soul is not Brown. I can see it...Your soul is of a pure white, Verin...Like the Light itself." (Egwene to Verin; The Gathering Storm, Chapter 39)

"Let them come!" Egwene roared. ... "Stand Nicola! You're an initiate of the Tower, not a frightened milkmaid." (Egwene to Nicola; The Gathering Storm, Chapter 40)

"I am in command until this threat passes. You will call me Mother." (Egwene to Adelorna, Captain General of the Greeh Ajah; The Gathering Storm, Chapter 40)

"If I left, it wouldn't have been fleeing you, Adelorna, it would have been abandoning you. I am the Amyrlin Seat." (The Gathering Storm, Chapter 40)

I destroyed them...I was a burning warrior, a hero called by the Horn. They won't dare face me again. (Egwene thinking after the battle with the Seanchan; The Gathering Storm, Chapter 41)

"I have to go order people I care about to slaughter another group of people I care about." (Egwene to Gawyn; The Gathering Storm, Chapter 43)

"You will address me as 'Mother', Romanda." (Egwene; The Gathering Storm, Chapter 43)

"Besides. Who are you to lecture me on being rash?" (Egwene to Siuan; The Gathering Storm, Chapter 45)

"I bear it already, Saerin." (Egwene on taking the weight of responsibility of Amyrlin; The Gathering Storm, Chapter 46)

Quotes about Egwene

"You may go far. Perhaps even the Amyrlin Seat, one day, if you study hard and work hard." (Moiraine to Egwene; The Eye of the World, Chapter 12)

"Gawyn will never admit he is interested in a woman if Galad is interested in her, but I have heard him talk about you, and I know. He never could hide things from me." (Elayne to Egwene; The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 16)

"She should not be given this chance... I do not care what her potential is. She should be put out of the Tower. Or failing that, set to scrubbing floors for the next ten years." (Elaida about Egwene; The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 22)

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"They made a very bad mistake, didn't they? Of course, I made it first. The plump little grunter for the table turns out to be a live silverpike as long as your leg." (Siuan to Egwene; Lord of Chaos, Chapter 37)

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"Just another novice?" he [Mattin Stepaneos] murmured. "I think you be mistaken, Cariandre." (Knife of Dreams, Chapter 24)

Mat said... "I assume Egwene never came to you for help getting away from those fool Aes Sedai..." "You were wrong about her, Mat. She really is the Amyrlin Seat, and she has those Aes Sedai by the scruff of the neck." (Talmanes; Knife of Dreams, Chapter 25)

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"I, for one, think that's a splendid idea." (Adelorna's comment to the other Ajah Heads regarding raising Egwene to Amyrlin; The Gathering Storm, Chapter 43)

"Egwene al'Vere, the Watcher of the Seals, the Flame of Tar Valon, the Amyrlin Seat!" (Saerin, announcing Egwene; The Gathering Storm, Chapter 46)