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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Haman son of Dal, son of Morel is an Ogier Elder from Stedding Shangtai. He is white-haired with a long, drooping mustache and a narrow beard. He is married to Voniel, Covril's sister (LoC, Ch. 20). He is well over three hundred years old and is a noted Speaker (KoD, Ch. 19).


  • He leaves his studies and classes to journey with Covril and Erith Outside. They arrive at the Royal Palace in Caemlyn on their journey looking for Loial. There, Rand asks them to show him where the Waygates can be found (LoC, Ch. 20).
  • With the two Ogier women he goes with Rand to Shadar Logoth to close the Waygate and then heads off in the direction of the Two Rivers to finally find Loial (LoC, Ch. 21).
  • After the Trolloc attack, he offers to Rand to close all the Waygates, leaving his business with the Great Stump to Loial (KoD, Ch. 20).


  • Loial often remembers his lectures. Haman is sure that Loial never listened when he talked. He has always said Loial was too hot-headed (TEotW, Ch. 36) and every Ogier but Loial has more sense to use the Ways (TEotW, Ch. 45).
  • He is the most intelligent Ogier Loial has ever met, yet still he says it would take someone smarter than he to understand human's deeds (TGH, Ch. 21).
  • He is Loial's teacher and Loial thinks Haman knows everything (LoC, Ch. 20).
  • He believes Loial will make a fine scholar (KoD, Ch. 20).


"Elder Haman says Galldrian is a disgrace." (Loial; The Great Hunt, Chapter 25)

"Whatever you do, Cairhienin will see some sort of plot in it. At least, that is what Elder Haman always said." (Loial; The Great Hunt, Chapter 30)

"That I know of five have remained Outside that long and survived to return, and I think I would know if more had. Such madness would be written about and talked about. Three of those died within a year of coming home, the fourth was an invalid for the rest of his life, and the fifth little better, needing a stick to walk." (Haman on consequences the Longing has on Ogier; Lord of Chaos, Chapter 20)