A Memory of Light: Chapter 32

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Points of View: Mat, Galad


Mat wants to move the four battle fronts to one battlefield. The Field of Merrilor is chosen.


Mat's Point of View:

Setting: Kandor

Characters: Mat, Tuon, Catrona, Galgan, Tylee, Min, Selucia, Gokhan, Egwene, Saerin, Silviana, Lelaine, Elayne, Gawyn

Mat surveys the battlefield through a horizontal gateway made by the Sharan damane Mat captured. He has rescued the Aes Sedai from the trap Bryne lay but at a loss of many men. The Seanchan are now using the term Aes Sedai instead of marath'damane under Mat's orders and Tuon has not countermanded it. Mat puts the camp on lockdown, no channeling, the Sharans are not cautious and may attack the camp in the night. Mat believes they should abandon this field and arranges for a meeting with Egwene and the Sitters by gateway.

Min interprets the omens for Tuon; Lord Gokhan, who will marry, is sent to the front lines. A young female soldier has an image of a white boar and Tuon orders her execution, as this is the symbol of one of her rivals. Min argues that her viewings may be used to warn of future events and people may be watched but not killed until they are caught doing something. Tuon agrees.

A gateway opens with the Hall on the other side. Egwene confirms Bryne was under Compulsion and Saerin confirms all four Great Captains were targeted and that two thirds of the Borderlanders were lost in battle as a result. Mat wants to make a unified stand and Elayne is contacted through another gateway to approve this plan. Her battle is won, thanks to the Asha'man. The Field of Merrilor is the site agreed upon for their last stand.

Galad's Point of View:

Setting: Cairhien

Characters: Galad, Trom, Elayne, Tam, Arganda, Logain, Nurelle, Talmanes, Haman

Galad finds Trom's body on the battlefield outside Cairhien. He continues up a hill to Elayne who is telling her leaders of Mat's new plan and urging them to call the battle a victory, despite their huge losses.


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Recurring Themes

Mat's love of humming tunes, in this case She Has No Ankles That I Can See.

Characters Mentioned

Bryne, Nynaeve, Handoin, Bashere, Agelmar, Lan, Perrin

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