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Author Cariyad Teridal


Jehannah is the capital city of Ghealdan, lying on the river Boern on the site of what was once Shanaine in Manetheren. Most towns in Ghealdan are walled and contain buildings primarily made of stone and roofed with slate, and Jehannah is no exception. Buildings of several stories are far from unusual, and Jehannah contains the palaces of Ghealdan’s royalty and nobility (TFoH, Ch. 49).


  • Moiraine sends Uno and his soldiers to Jehannah to meet an unnamed woman when Rand is discovered missing from the camp (TDR, Ch. 6).
  • Upon meeting Nynaeve, Uno tells her how the woman Moiraine had told them to meet had died in her sleep before they arrived in Jehannah (TFoH, Ch. 38).
  • Furyk Karede, one of the Deathwatch Guard is asked by the Seeker Mor to find the kidnapped Tuon. Mor tells Karede that Jehannah was mentioned at the time of capture, although Karede decides that this is an obvious ruse and starts his search away from these areas (CoT, Ch. 4).