Knife of Dreams: Chapter 1

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Author: Annouk Vinkona Ùlfanna

Dream Ter'angreal Chapter Icon.png

When Last Sounds

Point of View: Siuan

Chapter Icon: Dream Ter'angreal

Setting: Camp of the rebel Aes Sedai

Characters: Siuan, Arinvar, Avar Hachami, Jori, Myrelle, Sheriam, Carlinya, Morvrin, Burin Shaeren, Nuhel Dromand


Siuan informs the sisters who swore fealty to Egwene she is alive and ordered not to be rescued. Lelaine speaks in private with Siuan and makes clear she expects if something happens to Egwene that Siuan and her friends would support her, Lelaine, to the Amyrlin Seat.


Egwene's boat has been found overturned in the reeds, and the rebel Aes Sedai have been arguing about what to do next.

Siuan wakes after talking to Egwene in Tel'aran'rhiod. She was sleeping in Gareth Bryne's tent, even though she wonders herself why she went through the trouble of riding that far. Thinking about Bryne, she wonders why his bed is still untouched.

Borrowing a horse from one of the soldiers, she rides as fast as she can to the Aes Sedai part of the camp. She needs to let the sisters know that Egwene is still alive. She embraces saidar as soon as she enters the camp. The two murders have made her wary. She decides to first look for the sisters who swore fealty to Egwene, since a lot is at stake for them. They are the first who need to know Egwene is alive and that their oath still holds. She finds them in Myrelle's tent. Only Beonin and Nisao are not present.

Siuan tells them that Egwene and Leane are alive and prisoners of the White Tower. Sheriam suggests Traveling to the deep cells to rescue the two. Myrelle agrees and adds that the Warders should be left behind while they do this. Siuan says that Egwene is not held in the deep cells and that she is not to be tried. Egwene ordered them not to rescue her. Carlinya doesn't understand why Elaida wouldn't try Egwene, because that is exactly what they would do to her. Morvrin assumes that if the White Tower will not try her, they will try to break her. Siuan answers that Egwene said that she won't even be birched.

Lelaine enters the tent, interrupting the conversation. Sheriam gives away what Siuan has just told them; Siuan would have preferred to have been able to say it in her own words. Lelaine asks Siuan to take a walk with her, not giving her a chance to confirm her story to the other sisters, to make sure that Egwene's orders have sunk in.

Lelaine and Siuan leave the tent. Outside, Lelaine asks for Siuan's loyalty. She hints at knowing about the fealty sworn to Egwene. Apparently she has learned that information from Faolain, who she has pressed rather hard for information. Siuan tells her that she is loyal to her as a sister, but loyal to Egwene as the Amyrlin Seat. They talk about Egwene's situation and Siuan tells Lelaine that Egwene wants to meet the Hall in Tel'aran'rhiod the following night. She adds that Egwene told her that the Ajahs in the Tower are not as united as they seem to be. Lelaine agrees that Egwene is the lawful Amyrlin Seat, but she states clearly that should Egwene die or be stilled, she expects Siuan and her friends to support her to the Amyrlin Seat.

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