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Author: Ehlana Taravin


Beonin Marinye is an Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah. She is pretty, with dark honey hair which she wears in a multitude of braids and big blue-gray eyes that are so big they constantly make her appear slightly startled (TFoH, Ch. 27, Ch. 50, LoC, Ch. 7). She is a Taraboner and has a distinct and heavy accent (TFoH, Ch. 27, LoC, Ch. 7, CoT, Ch. 16). Her grandmother, Collaris, was a noted Advocate in Tanchico and her mother, Aeldrine, was a wealthy merchant (KoD, Ch. 2).

Nothing surprises Beonin, and she is the type of woman who demands proof of everything and expects anything (LoC, Ch. 7).

Beonin is bonded to Tervail Dura, a man with a bold nose and scarred face (LoC, Ch. 30, CoT, Ch. 16).

Beonin is part of Sheriam's group at Salidar and was the one who explained the rules that allowed Egwene to become Amyrlin.

She values negotiation and mediation. She supports the fraction at Salidar who would like to negotiate with Elaida and the sisters that remained in the White Tower (TFoH, Ch. 27, CoT, Ch. 16).

Beonin is also one of the sisters who swore to obey Egwene, together with Carlinya, Morvrin, Nisao, Anaiya, Myrelle, and Sheriam. She was so shaken by it that her teeth chattered the first time she saw Egwene with the other Sitters after swearing (TPoD, Ch. 16).

Beonin believes that knowing the names of the common folk around her is important as simple courtesies have value (KoD, Ch. 2).


  • Beonin goes to the Tower against her mother’s wishes and was Accepted around thirty years ago (KoD, Ch. 2).
  • Boenin and the rest of the Saildar leaders decide to elect a new Amyrlin. They also decide to send emissaries to search for Rand in the Aiel Waste (TFoH, Ch. 27).
  • Beonin, Sheriam, Anaiya, Myrelle, Carlinya, and Morvrin convince Gareth Bryne to support them against Elaida and build them an army. They also turn over Siuan and Leane to him as maids so the two of them can finish their punishment (TFoH, Ch. 28).
  • Sheriam, Myrelle, Carlinya, Anaiya, Morvrin, and Beonin question Elayne and Nynaeve after they get to Salidar (TFoH, Ch. 50).
  • Beonin goes to Tel'aran'rhiod with Nynaeve, Elayne, Siuan, Leane, Anaiya, Carlinya, Myrelle, and Morvrin. They look around the White Tower and go through Elaida's personal correspondence but eventually end up trapped in a nightmare (LoC, Ch. 7).
  • Beonin is one of the sisters who meets with Egwene, Amys, and Bair in Tel'aran'rhiod to summon Egwene to Salidar. She suggests the Wise Ones teach Egwene how to enter Tel'aran'rhiod physically (LoC, Ch. 32).
  • Sheriam, Siuan, Beonin, Anaiya, Carlinya, Morvrin, and Myrelle tell Egwene that they chose her as the next Amyrlin Seat. Beonin is the one that explains the loophole in the Tower law that it is nowhere said that it is necessary to be Aes Sedai to become Amyrlin Seat (LoC, Ch. 34).
  • Beonin is one of the Aes Sedai who prepares Egwene for the raising to Amyrlin Seat (LoC, Ch. 35). Sheriam, Morvrin, and Myrelle go with Egwene into the ceremony. Carlinya, Beonin, and Anaiya are told to stay outside. Carlinya and Beonin are not pleased with it (LoC, Ch. 35).
  • Beonin explains to Egwene the consequences of being refused the Amyrlin Seat. She tells Egwene that in the past those sisters were usually exiled, so as to not be a source of disharmony (LoC, Ch. 35).
  • Instead of the formal "night of contemplation and prayer", Sheriam, Beonin, Myrelle, Carlinya, Anaiya, and Morvrin stay with Egwene to tell her how matters stand in Salidar. However, they only tell her the things they think are important and mostly ignore Egwene's own questions and concerns (LoC, Ch. 35, Ch. 36).
  • Sheriam, Carlinya, and Beonin admit to sending sisters back into the White Tower to spread the word about the Red Ajah plan for Logain. All of this unknown to the Hall of the Little Tower (ACoS, Ch. 8).
  • Egwene sends Beonin, Anaiya, and Myrelle to secretly meet with Lord Pelivar and Lady Arathelle (TPoD, Ch. 15).
  • Beonin swears to obey Egwene together with Carlinya, Morvrin, Nisao, Anaiya, Myrelle, and Sheriam. She was so shaken by it, her teeth chatter the first time she saw Egwene with the Sitters after swearing (TPoD, Ch. 15).
  • Sheriam, Nisao, Morvrin, Myrelle, Anaiya, Beonin, Carlinya, and their Warders accompany Egwene and Gareth Bryne to scout out Tar Valon. Beonin receives permission from Egwene to open negotiations with the White Tower (CoT, Ch. 16).
  • Egwene tells Beonin to keep a pretense of negotiation and to stretch the talks about the White Tower out as long as she can. (CoT, Ch. 17)
  • Egwene goes to meet with the Hall of the Little Tower, escorted by Anaiya, Myrelle, and Morvrin. Nisao and Carlinya are already waiting outside the meeting pavilion and Beonin comes running in later (CoT, Ch. 19).
  • Varilin has taken over the talks with the White Tower, pushing Beonin into a lesser role (CoT, Ch. 30).
  • After Egwene is captured, Beonin disguises herself and gets to see Elaida by claiming to have a petition. She shows her skimming and Traveling but is forbidden from teaching anyone else (KoD, Ch. 2).
  • It is revealed that Beonin was Elaida's creature in Salidar, having spread the rumors about spies in the camp and was the reason the rebels stood still for so long (KoD, Ch. 2).
  • She tells Elaida of the spies sent in by the Salidar group (KoD, Ch. 2).
  • Egwene forces her to accept that she cannot abandon her oath (KoD, Ch. 24).
  • When the rebels learn that Elaida has Traveling, Siuan realises that Beonin must have betrayed it (TGS, Ch. 18).

Strengths and Talents

  • Sheriam is stronger than Myrelle, who is stronger then Beonin, Anaiya, Carlinya, and Morvrin. Beonin, Anaiya, Carlinya, and Morvrin are all very close in strength. All of them are much stronger than Siuan after she was Healed (LoC, Ch. 34).
  • She can use the new Healing as well as most people and knows all the new weaves learned in Salidar (KoD, Ch. 2).
  • She has the strength to Travel, as well as Skim, and open a gateway that is "more than two paces by two" (KoD, Ch. 2).
  • She knows how to invert her weaves and hide her ability to channel (KoD, Ch. 2).


  • Beonin is not embarrassed of talking about stilling with Siuan (TFoH, Ch. 27).
  • Gareth refers to Beonin as someone to be wary of and that she reeks of ambition (TFoH, Ch. 28).
  • Beonin had to be rescued by Elayne after getting trapped in a nightmare in Tel'aran'rhiod. She ended up with her dress clawed to shreds, and she was panting on her knees (LoC, Ch. 7).
  • Beonin suggests that the Wise Ones teach Egwene how to enter Tel'aran'rhiod physically, thus angering the Wise Ones Amys and Bair, who consider it to be evil (LoC, Ch. 32).
  • Beonin fears Egwene after being made to swear to her. Her teeth chatter the first time she sees Egwene with the Sitters after swearing (TPoD, Ch. 16).
  • Beonin's eyes blaze with anger when she is told that negotiations with the White Tower are out of the question. She tries to convince Delana to support her in this and faints after being told by Egwene that she is allowed to start negotiations with the White Tower with the condition that Elaida is to resign and go into exile (CoT, Ch. 16).
  • Siuan tells Egwene that Beonin is ambitious, but that she always thought she'd have gone scurrying back to Elaida if Sheriam and the others hadn't stiffened her backbone (CoT, Ch. 18).
  • Her welcome back in the Tower is not as warm as she had hoped and she would enjoy seeing Elaida fail (KoD, Ch. 24).


  • Beonin falls for Siuan and Leane's squabbling act and repeatedly tries to mediate between the two of them (LoC, Ch. 7).
  • Despite going to the White Tower against her mother's wishes, Beonin still admires her and her grandmother (KoD, Ch. 2).


  • "Morvrin was skeptical of everything despite her placid, sometimes vaguely absent look, a stout Brown with gray-streaked hair who demanded six pieces of evidence before she would believe fish had scales. And Beonin, a pretty Gray with dark honey hair and blue-gray eyes so big they constantly made her appear slightly startled -- Beonin made Morvrin seem gullible." (The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 27)
  • "All but the Red sisters can be approached," Beonin said judiciously, "negotiated with." Mediation and negotiation were her Ajah's reason for existence." (Beonin to Sheriam, The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 27)
  • "We will need to negotiate with those sisters who remain in the Tower," Beonin mused, only half to herself. "The Amyrlin we choose, she must be a skilled negotiator, yes?" (Beonin to Sheriam and the rest of the Salidar leaders; The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 27)
  • Carlinya, cold enough to make the others seem warm, leaned forward. He was wary of her, and of the big-eyed one named Beonin. He was not sure why. Except that if he were in the Game of Houses here, he would say both women reeked of ambition. Maybe he was involved in exactly that. (Gareth Bryne's thoughts on Beonin and Carlinya; The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 28)
  • Beonin's look of constant wide-eyed startlement had a distinctly annoyed cast. Annoyed and something more. Sometimes Beonin made as if to touch the white cloth spread neatly over the cuendillar seal, but her hand always stopped and retreated. (The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 50)
  • "You worked together long enough," Beonin said in her heavy Taraboner accent. A pretty Gray with honey-colored hair in a multitude of braids, she had blue-gray eyes that constantly looked startled. Nothing surprised Beonin, though. She would not believe the sun came up in the morning until she saw for herself, yet if one morning it did not, Elayne doubted that Beonin would turn a hair. It would just confirm that she had been right to demand proof. "You can and must work together again." (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 7)
  • Beonin's honey-colored braids swayed as she nodded. "The Amyrlin Seat, she is Aes Sedai -- the law is quite clear; several places it is stated, 'the Amyrlin Seat as Aes Sedai' -- but nowhere is it said that it is necessary to be Aes Sedai to become Amyrlin." Any Aes Sedai would be familiar with Tower law, but as mediators, Grays had to know the law of every land, and Beonin took on a lecturing tone, as though explaining something that none knew as well as she. "The law that sets forth how the Amyrlin is to be chosen, it merely says 'the woman who is summoned,' or 'she who stands before the Hall' or the like. From beginning to end, the words 'Aes Sedai' are mentioned not once." (Beonin to Egwene; Lord of Chaos, Chapter 35)
  • Beonin had been riding in silence, clutching her cloak around her and peering at a spot between her brown mare's ears, but suddenly she shook her head. Ordinarily, her large blue-gray eyes made her appear startled, but they peered from her hood in a blaze of anger as she glared from one of her companions to another, including Egwene. "Why should negotiations be out of the question?" Sheriam blinked at her in surprise, and Morvrin opened her mouth with a scowl, but Beonin plunged on, directing her ire at Delana, now, her Taraboner accent stronger than usual. "We are Gray, you and I. We negotiate, mediate. Elaida, she has stated the conditions most onerous, but that is often the case in the beginning of negotiations. We can reunite the White Tower and assure the safety of everyone, if we only talk." (Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 16)
  • "As a girl, she had been headstrong, always aspiring to more. The Tower had taught her that you could achieve much if you could control yourself. She prided herself on that ability." (KoD, Ch. 2)
  • "Her grandmother, a noted advocate in Tanchico, had infused her with a love for the intricacies of the law, while her mother had demonstrated that it was always possible to better yourself." (KoD, Ch. 2)