Knife of Dreams: Chapter 2

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Author: Annouk Vinkona Ulfanna

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The Dark One's Touch

Chapter Icon: Flame of Tar Valon

Points of view: Beonin, Elaida


Beonin travels disguised to the White Tower. Later on she meets with Elaida and tells her she has always been loyal to her, shows her Traveling and Skimming and gives her the names of the sisters who were sent to the Tower to spread rumours about Logain and the Red Ajah.


Beonin's Point of View:

Setting: camp of the rebel Aes Sedai, Tar Valon, The White Tower

Characters: Beonin, Ehvin, Tervail, Varilin, Takima, Saroiya, Faiselle, Magla, Ashmanaille, Phaedrine, Mattin Stepaneos, Cariandre, Tarna, Anemara, Felaana, Negaine

Beonin wakes up early, being restless, and thinks about her past. Her breakfast is spoilt. She draws the conclusion that probably the Dark One is touching the world. She leaves the tent and finds her Warder, Tervail, outside watching the men around the tent, since it was a man who could channel who killed the two sisters. She tells him to saddle the horses.

While waiting, she watches the novices. On one hand she finds the change to admit novices older than eighteen difficult, but on the other hand she is sad thinking about how many Aes Sedai have been lost to the age barrier. She hopes for privacy, but, while watching the Sitters leave for negotiations with the White Tower, she is joined by Ashmanaille and Phaedrine. They ask for the Gray sister's advice about the murders. Beonin thinks that the murderer can only be found by finding the connection between the two murdered sisters. Since both were Blue, she makes a connection between Moiraine and Rand, leading her to the Asha'man. Ashmanaille is doubtful of that but thinks that an Asha'man might be able to find the killer. But any plans for an alliance with the Black Tower seem to be halted because the Sitters do not agree on details.

Beonin and Tervail ride to the Traveling ground. After a short wait they Travel to Tar Valon, close to the White Tower. Tervail wonders what his Aes Sedai's plans are. Beonin hesitates when she sees an Aes Sedai, Turanine Merdagon, who should be long dead, wandering in the gardens, another sign of the Dark One touching the world.

Beonin starts wearing an Illusion, clearly wanting to enter the White Tower disguised. Tervail thinks she wants to assassinate Elaida and suggests that he should do it. But she sends him away to hire a room in the city.

Elaida's Point of View:

Setting: The Amyrlin's study

Characters: Elaida, Beonin, Tarna

The point of view switches. Inside, Elaida listens to complaints from Mattin Stepaneos. He was kidnapped from Illian and brought to the White Tower for protection. The former King of Illian was kidnapped to demonstrate the Tower's power. Elaida plans to restore his throne, demonstrating even more power.

She calls Tarna, her new Keeper, to deal with Tower business. They talk about the harbours. Elaida wants to avoid fighting with the rebels at all costs. She is looking forward to Gareth Bryne commanding the Tower Guard. Even though she had ordered it, the streets of Tar Valon are not being cleaned. Tarna says that people are afraid to leave their houses, since they've seen the dead walk in the streets. Elaida is furious that she does not have a hold on Rand with Tarmon Gai'don so near. The sewer outlets of Tar Valon are nearly clogged and rats are in the Tower itself. The wards against them must be weakening.

The Accepted Anemara brings in Felaana and Negaine. They introduce a woman who wants to present a petition to the Amyrlin Seat. It is Beonin, who lets her disguise drop as soon as she enters the room. She reports how she tried to spread dissension among the sisters in Salidar. Clearly she has been loyal to Elaida the whole time, wanting to bring the rebel sisters back to Tar Valon. Elaida learns that the rebels know that Egwene is alive and not to be tried. Beonin tells her that Egwene can enter Tel'aran'rhiod. Apparently Egwene's discoveries were the main reason for Elaida to keep her alive. Beonin shows Elaida examples of Traveling and Skimming. Elaida wants Beonin to swear that she won't show the new weaves to anyone without her permission. Beonin also tells Elaida the names of the sisters sent back to the Tower to spread tales about Logain and the Red Ajah. The last name on the list makes Elaida sit bolt upright. She wants them watched. One of them is Meidani, who tried to resume an old friendship with Elaida. She wants her invited for dinner.

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