Knife of Dreams: Chapter 18

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News for the Dragon

Chapter Icon: A Dragon

Point of View: Rand

Setting: Lord Algarin's manor, Tear

Characters: Rand, Loial, Alivia, Nynaeve, Harilin, Enaila, Min, Cadsuane, Verin, Ethin


Rand listens to news about different events around the world thinking he needs to make a truce with the Seanchan. Three Ogier arrive, Haman and Covril among them.


Loial is questioning Rand about his recent deeds, such as taking Illian and cleansing the Source. Rand is only half listening, thinking on the women who have died for him now that he has allowed the Maidens back to guard him. He thinks back to the time he fought Sammael in Shadar Logoth and pictures Moridin's face. Lews Therin and Rand both feel aware of him, and think he is aware of them too. Rand worries that the man might be able to find him by his ta'veren effect on the Pattern. Lost in his thoughts, the others worry he might be ill, and Nynaeve delves him to be sure. Logain arrives, with news, firstly of the situation in Andor, with Elayne and the Borderland army. He has moved over half the Black Tower, to either Arad Doman or Illian, including all the men who bonded Aes Sedai, though some of them are with Logain in Tear. He tells them that Bandar Eban is in chaos, Alsalam nowhere to be found and mobs ruling the city, extorting and raping, but that Rhuarc has begun to impose order. He tells Rand more of the situation at the Black Tower, that there are forty-one who he considers Taim's cronies and that he has over fifty more in 'special' classes. They begin to argue over the extent of Taim's treachery until Cadsuane says she might have to spank the both of them if they can't be civil in her presence. Verin tells them that the Last Battle is close, so Taim will have to wait anyway. Rand talks about his plans for a truce with the Seanchan and that the Aelfinn told him that "the north and the east must be as one, the west and the south must be as one. The two must be as one" He has also realised that the prophecies say he must bind the nine moons to him. Ethin returns, to tell them that three Ogier have arrived, Haman and Covril among them. Loial goes to see her and Verin leaves, claiming to think she has done all she can there. Nynaeve also leaves, to find Lan, telling them a storm is coming, but she doesn't mean the weather.

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