Laman Damodred

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

LAY-mahn DAHM-oh-drehd


Laman Damodred was the King of Cairhien shortly before and during the Aiel War. He is most widely known for cutting down Avendoraldera, a sapling of Avendesora, which was given to the Cairhienin by the Aiel for kindness shown in the past. This prompted the Aiel War (TWoRJTWoT, Ch. 14; TEotW, Ch. 6).

The fact that Laman's nephew, Taringail Damodred (married to Tigraine, and then to Morgase of Andor) was not Morgase's equal in Andor was seen as a weakness, and plots were born to take the throne from Laman, who began to make counter-schemes to keep the throne. Cutting down Avendoraldera to make a unique throne was a minor part of one of his schemes (TWoRJTWoT, Ch. 14).

Moiraine considered Laman to be a distant man who burned with ambition; the ambition was the only warmth in him (NS, Ch. 5).


  • Attempting to play the Game of Houses, Laman cuts down Avendoraldera to make a throne for himself, thus beginning the Aiel War (TWoRJTWoT, Ch. 14).
  • Laman is killed on the third day of the Battle of the Shining Walls in the year 968 NE, ending the Aiel War (TWoRJTWoT, Ch. 14).


Taringail Damodred was Laman's nephew. Laman wished to see Taringail not only co-rule with Morgase in Andor, but to be the sole ruler of Andor (TWoRJTWoT, Ch. 14).

Moiraine is Laman's niece (NS, Ch. 5) and Barthanes Damodred was his cousin (Tor Question of the Week, Week 6).

Laman had three brothers. Moressin and Aldecain were killed on the same day as Laman. His other brother was Moiraine's father (NS, Ch. 5).

Laman was unmarried. It is Moiraine's opinion that he remained so because even the incentive of becoming Queen of Cairhien was not enough to convince a woman to marry him (NS, Ch. 5).

The Aiel refer to Laman as "Treekiller". To them, the Aiel War was not really a war at all, but an execution (TDR, Ch. 39).


  • When Moiraine learns of the death of Laman and his brothers, she spends the night in prayer for their souls; she considers it a kind of penance for not feeling anything about their deaths (NS, Ch. 5).
  • Laman owned a Power-wrought, heron-marked blade that was taken by the Aiel as proof of his death. The scabbard is so encrusted with rubies and moonstones that it is hard to see the gold, except where a rising sun with many rays is set into it. The ivory hilt is long enough for two hands and has another golden sun on it. More rubies and moonstones are on the pommel and the quillons. It looks more like a showpiece than an actual weapon (TFoH, Ch. 21; TWoRJTWoT, Ch. 29).
  • Aviendha gives Laman's sword to Rand to cancel her debt to him. When Rand mentions that the sword must have cost a lot, Aviendha tells him that the price has gone down each time it has been sold, saying "it has passed from hand to hand, young men or fool Maidens who wanted to own the proof of [Laman's] death" (TFoH, Ch. 21).


"But then, Merean did not know Laman Damodred, a distant man who burned with ambition, the only warmth in him. Moiraine's opinion was that he had remained unmarried for the simple reason that even the inducement of becoming Queen of Cairhien was not enough to convince any woman to marry him." (Moiraine; NS, Ch. 5)

"They never make peace. Never. But they brought a sapling, as a sign of peace. Five hundred years it grew. Five hundred years of peace with those who make no peace with strangers. Why did he cut it down? Why? Blood was the price for Avendoraldera. Blood the price for Laman's pride." (Tam; TEotW, Ch. 6)