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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Listeners are Seanchan spies, more passive than Seekers, but still dangerous. Their job is to watch, listen, and report information to Lesser Hands (TGS, Glossary, “Listeners,” “Seekers”). Because Listeners can be almost anyone, it is therefore best to never let one’s guard down (WH, Ch. 16). Servants can be Listeners (CoT, Ch. 4), and even da'covale can be, although so'jhin rarely are (TGS, Glossary, “Listeners”). When High Lord Turak tells Padan Fain that anyone, including his so’jhin Huon, might be a Listener, Huon silently protests (TGH, Ch. 34). The Seanchan Blood know and accept that anyone in their household could be a Listener (KoD, Prologue). In addition to knowing that they are being spied on, the Blood also frequently employ Listeners for their own purposes as well (TPoD, Ch. 24).

Having gained a hold in Ebou Dar, the Seanchan have likely begun to recruit Listeners from among the servants at the Tarasin Palace (CoT, Ch. 4).



“‘You know about their Listeners. That fellow over there who looks like a stableman could be one, or that skinny woman with the bundle on her back.’ Beslan glowered so hard at the pair Mat had pointed out that if they really were Listeners, they might report him for that alone.” (Mat to Beslan; WH, Ch. 16)

Mat, with Seanchan you have to assume they are all Listeners. That way, you learn what you want to know without saying the wrong thing in the wrong ear." (Thom to Mat; WH, Ch. 28)

“That there were Listeners in her household, she accepted; every household had its share of Listeners.” (Suroth; KoD, Prologue)