Lord of Chaos: Chapter 20

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Author: Val a'Shain

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From the Stedding

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Setting: Royal Palace, Caemlyn

Characters: Rand, Haman, Covril, Erith, Sulin


Ogier arrive looking for Loial. Rand has them show him the location of Waygates.


Rand is just putting tabac in his pipe when a servant runs in saying three Ogier arrived at the palace. Ogier are rare in Andor it seems. Rand decides to go and meet them and tells Bari to lead the way. Rand recognizes the Ogier as Haman, Covril and Erith. It takes Rand a moment to figure out what they are doing in Caemlyn. They are looking for Loial. Loial is by Ogier standards too young to be allowed Outside unsupervised. He's been gone for five years now and being away from the stedding for too long is dangerous for Ogier.

Rand tells them Loial went to the Two Rivers last time Rand saw him, in the company of good friends who will look after him. Loial's fiancée Erith, insists they go on right away. Rand realizes that the Ogier can help him close the Waygates the Shadow has been using to move groups of Shadowspawn and offers the Ogier hospitality for a few days. After he explains the Shadow is using the Ways Haman agrees to help.

Rand turns to the nearest Maiden, Sulin as it turns out, and yells for maps. He tells her to run. A visibly offended Sulin goes to relay the order and soon servants start to arrive. Rand and the Ogier set to work locating all the stedding. The Ogier are amazed at how much knowledge is lost to the humans. When Haman is done with the list of existing and lost stedding, groves and other places a Waygate was located, Rand notices one in particular. The one at Shadar Logoth. He asks if Haman can show them if Rand takes them there.

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