Lord of Chaos: Chapter 21

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Author: Sirena Taliba

Two Ravens Chapter Icon.png

To Shadar Logoth

Chapter Icon: Two Ravens

Point of View: Rand

Setting: The Royal Palace in Caemlyn, Shadar Logoth

Characters: Covril, Rand, Erith, Haman, Sulin, Liah, Cassin, Jalani, Nandera, Urien, Lews Therin, Desora


Rand lays wards on the waygate at Shadar Logoth and Liah is lost in the city.


After initial reluctance, Elder Haman is persuaded to lead Rand to the Waygate in Shadar Logoth. Although he believes it too dangerous, the two Ogier women (Covril and Erith) insist because Traveling there will take them most of the way to the Two Rivers, and Loial, instantly. Once the decision is made, they are ready to depart instantly. Sulin, however, insists on having a slow count of fifty to gather Aiel to guard Rand. In her hurry, she spoke to gai'shain as Far Dareis Mai. She says she will "deal with it when Rand al'Thor is safe today." When the Aiel are assembled, Rand warns them not to touch anything or go in the buildings, and they go through a gateway into Shadar Logoth. Rand lets the gateway go, but holds onto the Source.

In Shadar Logoth, Rand feels the unseen watchers, although it is only mid-morning. "When he had been here before, that feeling had not come this strongly until the sun began to go down." Lews Therin seems to address Rand, but he decides it was merely happenstance brought on by the location. Rand thinks back on the results of his previous visit as Haman leads them to the Waygate. Rand does not want to remove the keys, as the gate may one day be needed, so he puts a very nasty weave around it to kill Shadowspawn. It would kill them slowly, so the next Fade to come through would not be warned. As he channels, he feels the taint so strongly it pulsed, even releasing saidin afterwards doesn't help completely. He decides that it was the evil in Shadar Logoth resonating with the evil of the taint. As he prepares to Travel again, he realizes someone was missing. The Aiel discover it was Liah. Rand becomes very angry and orders a careful search in pairs. He reiterates that they shouldn't go into the buildings or shadows.

The sense of the unseen watchers fades at midday, but grows strong again soon after. Rand makes them search until the sun begins to set, and then reluctantly gives up. He takes everyone to a field in the Two Rivers that he thought was abandoned. He found instead a boy watching a flock of sheep and a tile roofed farmhouse nearby. He points the Ogier in the direction of Emond's Field. Haman tells Rand that he mustn't kill himself. Rand replies that he won't, and returns to Caemlyn.


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What happened to Liah?

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