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Author: Kayla Tari


Liah is a Maiden of the Spear, and belongs to the Cosaida Sept of the Chareen Clan (LoC, Ch. 19; Ch. 26; WH, Ch. 34). She is handsome, but she has a hard face with a scar across her cheek. She is yellow haired and very tall, a head shorter than Rand. She talks in a quick and clipped way (LoC, Ch. 3).

As is the case with other Maidens, she is regularly guarding Rand. She was the first who suggested that the Maidens should be his honour guard, and was present when he said announced that they carry his honour.


  • Liah is standing guard around Rand with about twenty other Maidens in the courtyard of the Royal Palace in Caemlyn while he's practising the sword (LoC, Ch. 1).
  • Rand goes to Shadar Logoth with the Haman, Covril, Erith and the Maidens to check on the Waygate, and Liah is lost there and cannot be found. She survives, but is now bonded to Aridhol (LoC, Ch. 21).


Liah is one of the Maidens who protect Rand as his honour guard.

Ahvienda doesn't know Liah (LoC, Ch. 19).

Rand thinks of her and other Maidens as some of the women who died for him (LoC, Ch. 26; TPoD, Ch. 13; WH, Ch. 34).

Rand thinks that when he killed her, he told himself it was for her own good. (ACoS, Ch. 41)


Liah glanced at him, her laugh silvery. "You will look pretty in skirts, Red Shield, the day you come to ask to become a Maiden." (to Cassin; Lord of Chaos, Chapter 19)

"Rand al'Thor?" she said slowly. Her eyes widened, falling to the dead Trollocs, and a look of horror spread across her face. "Rand al'Thor," she whispered, fumbling the black veil into place across her face with the hand that held her spear. "The Car'a'carn!" she wailed. And fled. (A Crown of Swords, Chapter 41)