Lord of Chaos: Chapter 26

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Author: Asandra al'Terra

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Connecting Lines

Chapter Icon: Sunburst

Point of View: Rand

Location: Caemlyn

Characters: Rand, Deira, Desora, Dimir Faral, Nandera, Caldin, Reene Harfor, Elenia


A few Children of Light attempt to kill Rand.


Rand is on a hilltop, watching Saldaean cavalry perform their training, although it could be called a show from the tricks they do. He is surrounded by Aiel, Mountain Dancers that day, and Saldaean women, the wives of those training, stood near them, their eyes icy.

After a brief encounter with Deira, Davram Bashere's wife, Rand turns back to Caemlyn; Lews Therin's voice giggles inside his head.

When they enter the city, Rand is greeted with cheers; those that shout "The King Of Andor!" make the Dragon Reborn uncomfortable and he looks everywhere but the crowd. Because of this, he sees a crossbowman on a roof, aiming at him. The bolt is stopped by a weave of Air; but Rand is knocked off his horse as someone crashes into him. He looks up from the ground to see one of the Maidens, Desora, on top of him, dying, a crossbow bolt through her ribs.

Others are dead, four prisoners in white cloaks with a Golden Sunburst on their chests are taken by the Aiel. Three are to be hanged, and one, Dimir Faral, is told to ride as fast as he can to Pedron Niall, with the message that someday, Rand will hang him.

Upon returning to the Palace, Rand is told by the First Maid, Mistress Harfor, that a Wavemistress and Lady Elenia request an audience. Rand replies that he will see the Wavemistress in the mid-afternoon, and to send the Lady Elenia to his rooms.

When the lady arrives, Rand listens to her speak of Andoran history and bloodlines. It turns out that he is related to Elayne - but distantly. The connections are all too far back.

Rand dismisses Elenia, then tells the Aiel outside his door that he is going to Cairhien - and not to tell Aviendha.

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