Lord of Chaos: Chapter 25

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Author: Sirena Taliba

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Like Lightning and Rain

Chapter Icon: The Lion of Andor

Points of View: Egwene, Katerine, Nesune, Sarene

Setting: Cairhien


Egwene learns Gawyn has an irrational hatred of Rand. The Aes Sedai plot.


Egwene's Point of View:

Setting: Cairhien

Characters: Cowinde, Egwene, Sorilea, Amys, Bair, Corelna, Tialin, Gawyn, Aeron, Rodera, Edarra, Colinda, Doilan

Egwene wakes refreshed, and hurries to get ready so she can go into the city. However, Sorilea sees her and takes her to breakfast with the Wise Ones so they can discuss the Aes Sedai. They had learned from Rhuarc that there are six Aes Sedai, two of whom are Red, with a Gray in charge. They also learned their names. Egwene knew two of them, and tells the Wise Ones what she knows. The Wise Ones hope she will be able to remember more, as Aes Sedai shield their dreams. Egwene asks where they are staying, and learns they went to the house of a noble named Lady Arilyn. Egwene concludes that she is a spy for the Gray Ajah. Egwene also learns that they brought over five hundred guards, one hundred of which they brought into the city. They make plans to keep watch.

After breakfast, Egwene goes into town and, after asking for directions a few times, finds Lady Arilyn's palace. She can tell that a large amount of saidar is being channeled inside, but not what it is for. She uses Moiraine's trick to try and eavesdrop, but doesn't find out anything important. She tries to leave quickly when one of the Aes Sedai comes out looking for something, but runs into Gawyn. She leads him off a ways, and they start to talk, but as they are attracting attention, she asks him if they can go somewhere private.

He leads her to an inn, and they get a private dining room. He claims that Rand killed his mother and his sister. Egwene tells him that he did not, that Elayne is fine, and if he gives her time she will prove to him that Rand didn't kill his mother. She asks him not to harm Rand until she can prove it. She tells Gawyn that she loves him. He tells her he would do anything for her. She asks him not to tell the Aes Sedai about her, and tells him that she walks into the city every day, and which gate she comes in. After she leaves him, she feels that the Aes Sedai are still channeling in the mansion, and hurries away.

Katerine's Point of View:

Setting: Cairhien

Characters: Katerine, Colavaere

Katerine Sedai tells Lady Colavaere that they intend to take Rand to Tar Valon, and there will be a vacuum of power in Cairhien, implying that Colavaere should be the one to fill it.

Nesune's Point of View:

Setting: Cairhien

Characters: Nesune, Meilan

Nesune Sedai tells High Lord Meilan that once Rand departs for Tar Valon, Cairhien will be in need of strength, implying that he should be the one to provide it.

Sarene's Point of View:

Setting: Cairhien

Characters: Sarene, Coiren, Erian, Galina

Sarene Sedai walks into a room where Coiren Sedai and Erian Sedai are having tea. She claims that Berelain may be difficult. The other sisters are more concerned with the rumor of a Green sister with Rand. Galina Sedai comes in, and says that someone had channeled at them that morning. She believes that this is proof that Moiraine is alive and is pretending to be a Green. Galina tells Erian (a Green) that she can have the "Green" sister in her charge on the way back to Tar Valon. Sarene is told that it is her turn to prepare. After some discussion, she retires to her rooms and pulls in as much of saidar as she can hold and starts doing novice exercises.

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