Lord of Chaos: Chapter 28

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Author: Asandra al'Terra

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Points of View: Rand, Fain


Back in Caemlyn Rand has several meetings and a Grey Man tries to kill him but is slain by Taim.


Rand's Point of View:

Characters: Rand, Aviendha, Harilin, Chiarid, Reene Harfor, Sulin, Mazrim Taim

Setting: Cairhien

Rand is in a foul mood, because he has decided that the voice of Lews Therin inside his head is real. His night is restless, his sleep fitful, and he gets up just when the sky is gray. The Dragon Reborn resolves to stop running - from the Forsaken in his dreams, and from Elayne and Aviendha's love.

He leaves his rooms, where two Maidens of the Spear, Harilin and Chiarid, stand guard. Other Aiel join him as he makes his way to the Traveling room. Just as he is leaving, a servant arrives with a letter from the Sea Folk; Rand stuffs it in his pocket, unread, and Travels back to Caemlyn with no reply.

Rand returns to his rooms there, where he meets Aviendha. He hears Lews Therin speaking of death, and Aviendha worriedly asks what is wrong. Lews Therin had already fled Rand's mind, though, and he says it is nothing.

Aviendha then declares that Rand has toh to her for not telling her where he was going; she tells the other Aiel who had accompanied Rand to the rooms - Nandera and Jalani - that she wishes to know where he is going and when.

But a moment later, Reene Harfor enters with a letter from the Sea Folk; Rand opens both that one and the one in his pocket, too - also from the Sea Folk - and decides that he will send Bashere to calm them down. Not long after that, Sulin - to Rand's shock - enters in Palace livery with a letter for him; she is meeting her toh for speaking to a gai'shain in Maiden handtalk. She scurries out of the room closely followed by Reene, and Rand opens the new letter. It is from Queen Alliandre of Ghealdan, but so simple that nobody would think it to be to the Dragon Reborn - she addresses him as cousin, amongst other things. However, she makes it clear that she supports him.

A door opens, but nobody enters; Rand continues reading, when everything clicks - it is a Gray Man. The Shadowspawn is slain - by Taim, who just entered through Rand's bedroom. Taim informs him there is a man with the spark at his school; after giving the news, he is soon dismissed, as are Nandera and Jalani. Aviendha talks to Rand about ji'e'toh, then leaves as well. Gai'shain later come to take the corpse away.

Fain's Point of View:

Characters: Fain, Perwyn Belman, Nan Belman

Location: Caemlyn

Fain watches the sunlight gleam off the dagger of Aridhol; his concentration is broken by the Myrddraal - which he controls - shifting. A young boy, Perwyn Belman, and his mother, Nan, enter the room; the boy gives him the news that someone tried to kill the Dragon Reborn. Fain is angry - he believes Rand is his to kill - and simply touches the boy, which causes him to shake uncontrollably; a trick of Fain's. He then pulls the woman away, so that she can please him. She struggles, and he decides he will have to hurt her - and that it is all Rand's fault.

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