Lord of Chaos: Chapter 52

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Author: Leora Oldessroth

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Weaves of the Power

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Points of View: Mat, Elayne, Egwene, Myrelle


Elayne, Nynaeve, Birgitte and Aviendha are looking for the Bowl of the Winds in the Rahad without any success. Egwene talks with Logain and later on we find out she organized his escape. Lan finally reaches his new Aes Sedai - Myrelle.


Mat's Point of View:

Location: The Wandering Woman

Characters: Mat

Mat is playing dice in the common room of The Wandering Woman; there are assorted others in the room with them. Vanin comes in and tells him that Elayne and Nynaeve have managed to slip out of the palace again without being seen. Mat ends his game and goes to speak with Mistress Anan. She comments dryly that with his luck, her husband should ask him where to fish.

Olver appears and asks Mat if they can go horse-racing. Frielle, one of Mistress Anan's daughters, rushes up and apologizes for Olver getting away from her. Nalesean is following swiftly behind. Mat is upset at Nalesean because he entered Olver as a jockey in two races and Olver had won. Now all Olver wants to do is keep riding. Mat tells Frielle that it's alright and that she can discipline Olver if she needs to. Olver starts to "flirt" with her and Mat wonders where Olver learned that. Nalesean figures out that Elayne and Nyaneve have disappeared and he sets off to assemble the Band.

Mat goes up to his room where Nerim is fussing around. He helps Mat get dressed. Mat tucks a number of knives onto his person but leaves the ashandarei in his room. He goes outside and meets up with the rest of the Band. Mat tells them they will look in the Rahad today, in pairs. He orders them to find boatmen to ferry them across.

Elayne's Point of View:

Location: The Rahad

Characters: Elayne

Elayne and Birgitte are in the Rahad and they think they have found the street seen in Tel'aran'rhiod where the building with the Bowl of the Winds is (Nynaeve and Aviendha are also there but searching separate from Elayne and Birgitte). They are all disguised as poor, widowed women that refuse to marry again as Tylin says they'll be bothered less that way. They find a building that Elayne thinks is the one and she suggests that they go in. They go in but all they find is people living there who are not friendly. They leave.

A brawl breaks out between two men with knives and a crowd watches. The women do not leave as that would probably attract more attention to them. One of the men, Baris, manages to get his knife into the chest of the other, Masic. Masic collapses. Elayne moves forward to try to Heal him but a woman, Asra, in a blue dress and a red belt gets there first. She puts some herbs in his mouth and embraces saidar herself, forming the weaves for Healing. It is no use, however, and Masic dies. Asra tells Baris that he must go tell Masric's wife that he killed him. Asra walks by the women as she is leaving and Elayne can feel that she is strong; she is a Domani and Elayne wonders what a Domani wilder is doing in the Rahad.

Birgitte warns Elayne not to try to speak to Asra - she seems to be respected and Elayne will only get herself into trouble. Elayne agrees. They are about to leave when Nalesean and Mat come around the corner; they walk right past the women without recognizing them. Birgitte says that Mat is the more dangerous of the two. Elayne tells her to focus and they pick another building to investigate.

Egwene's Point of View:

Characters: Egwene

Setting: Logain's tent; Tel'aran'rhiod

Egwene is in Logain's tent where he is being shielded by six Aes Sedai; she had suggested that the shield be tied off but no one is inclined to leave the man unguarded. Egwene is asking Logain what he thinks about the amnesty that Rand is offering; is it possible for men to hold off the madness like Logain has done? She reminds him that he would probably be given a place of honor in the Black Tower while here there is still a good chance he could be gentled.

Logain is shocked that the Aes Sedai could still think of gentling him after all he has done for them. Egwene tells him the Hall will decide in a few days what to do with him. This makes Logain angry and he lunges at Egwene, but she wraps him up in flows of Air. Logain is angry and yells that he wishes he were with Rand instead of the Aes Sedai; she promises him that neither she nor any of her followers will harm him if she can help it. Egwene promises to speak with him again when he is calm. She leaves.

Egwene walks back through the camp; Gareth Bryne's forces have grown and the Band is no more than ten miles behind them. The march has brought many nobles to Egwene who have sworn fealty to her. She is still uncomfortable, though, with the idea of Aes Sedai blood being spilled. Egwene eats dinner and retires to her tent. Chesa helps her undress while giving her the latest gossip. Egwene puts herself to sleep and steps into Tel'aran'rhiod.

Elayne and Nynaeve soon join her. The two report that they haven't found the Bowl of the Winds yet but that they do not think it will be much longer. Egwene asks if they ought to come back with the rest of the rebel Aes Sedai; she doesn't want them hurt. Nynaeve and Elayne protest and Egwene drops the idea. Egwene asks if they are making use of Mat. Elayne says that they are. Egwene tells Nynaeve not to be too hard on Mat. Elayne asks if Egwene has been able to talk to the Aiel dreamwalkers and find out whether something can be found with need twice. Egwene reports that it cannot be done so there is no use trying to find the storeroom with the Bowl of the Winds through need again.

Elayne asks about Rand. Egwene tells her he is in Cairhien, as far as she knows, and she reports that Perrin and Faile got married. Elayne asks her to pass a message along to Min: that Elayne hopes Min will like Aviendha as much as she does. Elayne says her goodbyes and leaves. Nynaeve stays a minute longer and asks Egwene if there is news of Lan. Egwene tells her that there is not.

Egwene wakes herself to find Siuan sitting in her tent. Siuan has come to report that their plan to free Logain has been set into motion. The Gaidin guarding him have been drugged. Egwene asks if she is doing the right thing; she practically answers herself, saying that the Hall will gentle him otherwise. Egwene tells Siuan to make sure that Logain doesn't hurt anyone when he leaves.

Myrelle's Point of View:

Location: Outside the camp of the rebel Aes Sedai

Characters: Myrelle

Myrelle is the Aes Sedai that Moiraine passed Lan's bond to. She has told Nisao about it, and Nisao is telling her that there will be a furor if anyone else discovers what she had done. Myrelle invited Nisao along because she has been studying sicknesses of the mind. She can feel Lan coming closer all the time, feel all of his wounds; she is amazed that he is still alive because he has suffered so many wounds. Lan appears on his horse. He tells Myrelle that she should not have sent Nuhel and Croi, two of her Warders, out to find him - he almost killed them before he knew who they were. He calls for Avar, another Warder, to come out as well. Myrelle tells Lan to come to her; when he does not, she compels him through the bond to come forward. Myrelle looks at him and wonders how she will be able to keep him alive.

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