Lunal Galgan

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Lunal Galgan is Captain-General of the Seanchan forces and Commander of the Return. He is a tall, blue-eyed man with red-lacquered fingernails indicating that he is one of the High Blood. His snow-white hair hangs in a tight-plaited queue to his shoulders (KoD, Prologue).

With the Empress Radhanan dead, he intended to make himself the first Emperor in nine hundred years. If he still does, now that Tuon has returned, is unknown (KoD, Epilogue). Before declaring herself Empress, Tuon thinks Galgan may consider seizing the throne if she performs poorly (TGS, Ch. 19)


  • His ancestors were among the first to support Luthair Paendrag (KoD, Prologue).
  • He came with Tuon and the Return (KoD, Prologue).
  • He meets with his Generals and the Blood to report the overrun forces and camps in Tarabon. He does not object Suroth's order to move every nine in ten raken to Tarabon to find Ituralde, as long as she doesn't move the to'raken (KoD, Prologue).
  • He signs the orders to raise Tylee Khirgan to Lieutenant-General and to the Blood (KoD, Epilogue).
  • At a later meeting, he inquires about Ituralde's current numbers of men. He insists that they need to work to keep their minds off the news from Seanchan (KoD, Epilogue).
  • After Beslan has sworn, Galgan tells Tuon that the Dragon Reborn has requested a meeting and it may be unwise to attend (TGS, Ch. 19)
  • He tels her Yulan has their most ambitious plan, that he believes has much merit and worth the risk of the Dragon Reborn turning against them(TGS, Ch. 19)
  • He goes with Tuon to the meeting with Rand. He is ordered by Tuon to go ahead with the attack on the White Tower. (TGS, Ch. 35)
  • He is present when Tuon learns that they now have Traveling as a weapon. Tuon is happy with him especially after the outcome of the attack on the White Tower. He had met with assassins in the city to ask how much it would be to kill Tuon then had them killed. A way of showing he was a threat but that he was loyal. Tuon has Selucia ask him what he will do with such a power. He explains that it depends on the factors of Traveling which he will look into.(ToM, Ch. 47)
  • He hires assassins to kill Tuon, but only ones he expects to fail (AMoL, Ch. 11)
  • He initially does not believe Mat capable of commanding an army (AMoL, Ch. 24)
  • He is not pleased when Mat is named Rodholder (AMoL, Ch. 24)
  • He accepts Mat's decisions (AMoL, Ch. 27)
  • If the Prince of the Ravens has any real understanding of armies and battlefields he will realize that moving a force of this size requires no small effort (AMoL, Ch. 24)
  • He slowly warms to Mat and even smiles at one of his jokes (AMoL, Ch. 32)
  • He comes to regard Mat as a very talented leader (AMoL, Ch. 32)
  • When Tuon uses an attempt at assassination to blame Mat he disapproves (AMoL, Ch. 37)
  • When the Seanchan try to decide if they should return to the battle, Galgan speaks in Mat's favour (AMoL, Ch. 37)
  • When Min claims the Empress has abandoned the armies of human kind, he argues for Tuon (AMoL, Ch. 37)


Suroth loathes him. Officially he should be of a lower rank than she, because she commands the Forerunners (KoD, Prologue). He clearly states that she is under his command because the Forerunners were subsumed by the Return. She decides to kill him, since he is her way of becoming Empress (KoD, Epilogue).

He admires Rodel Ituralde's strategical skill, even if he attacks his own ranks (KoD, Prologue).

He is favored by Tuon for his victory at the White Tower and forhaving worked against Suroth. If things go well with the reclamation then she plans on raising him to the Imperial Family.(ToM, Ch. 47)



  • 'You overstep yourself, Galgan,' she said coldly. 'I command the Forerunners. For the time being, I command the Return. You will sign no orders without my approval.' 'You commanded the Forerunners, who have been subsumed into the Return,' he replied calmly, and Suroth tasted bitterness." (Suroth and Galgan; KoD, Epilogue)
  • I don't know where you found this one, Greatest One, but he is a diamond of great worth. I have watched him these last hours as he rescued the forces of the White Tower. For all of his unconventional style, I have rarely seen a battle commander as gifted as he. (AMoL, Ch. 32)