Towers of Midnight: Chapter 47

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Author: Bryce al'Mara

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A Teaching Chamber

Chapter Icon: a'dam

Points of View: Faile, Tuon, Perrin


Perrin and Elayne negotiate the future of the Two Rivers, Elaida shows the Seanchan Traveling, and Tuon plans a full scale attack on the Tower. Perrin, Mat, and Thom catch up with each other and Mat tells Perrin about Moiraine.


Faile's Point of View:

Location: Caemlyn

Characters: Faile, Perrin, Elayne, Morgase

Faile rides through a gateway with Perrin into Caemlyn on their way to meet Elayne, accompanied by a large group of men consisting of 100 Two Rivers bowmen, 100 of Alliandre's Guardsmen, 100 members of the Wolf Guard, and the Maidens. Their goal is to look impressive but not hostile. They travel to the Royal Palace and make their way to the throne room where Elayne is waiting with Morgase and some of the Queen's Guard. After the welcoming is done Elayne thanks Perrin and Faile for returning her mother and asks them what they want in return. Faile responds she would like to talk about it in a more intimate setting. The group moves to Elayne's sitting room. Faile thinks about how the rumors about the father of Elayne's child were probably wrong and that it is probably Rand. Elayne asks why she should not kill them for being traitors. She points out that when she sent an envoy to the Two Rivers for taxes they refused to pay. Perrin points out that the Crown has done nothing for Two Rivers, not even sending people to help when they were attacked by Trollocs. Elayne offers to pardon them and send troops to protect them but Perrin refuses. Morgase suggests letting Perrin rule the Two Rivers under the supervision of the Queen. After some negotiating Elayne decides to gift the Two Rivers to the Dragon Reborn which will allow Perrin to rule it as steward and allow them an exemption from taxes. Since Faile is second in line for the throne of Saldaea and Elayne does not want to lose the Two Rivers to another country, they agree to have one of Faile and Perrin's children continue as steward in the Two Rivers and another succeed the throne of Saldaea, should Faile ascend. Faile and Perrin will also encourage a relationship between their children and Elayne's with the ideal goal of them marrying and tying Saldaea to Andor. Faile then asks if Elayne knows what Rand is doing. She tells them that he is going to break the seals and that she knows where Rand will be.

Tuon's Point of View:

Setting: Damane Teaching chamber

Characters: Tuon, Selucia, Galgan, Beslan

Tuon walks into the Teaching Chamber where damane are taught. She sits in her throne which she had moved here so she could watch. It calmed her to watch the damane being trained. King Beslan walks in. She thinks about how he has not made any deals or arrangements with anyone for assassination attempts against her which she finds odd. She has realized that people on this side of the ocean think differently and it took her time with Mat to realize that. Also in the chamber was Galgan who was in her favor and a possible future member of the Imperial Family. Tuon asks Melitene, her der'sul'dam to show her what her damane knows. Melitene tells her damane Suffa, who is Elaida, to slice the air. Elaida begs to be released telling Tuon she will give her twenty of the most powerful Aes Sedai. Melitene apologizes for Elaida's outburst. Melitene makes Elaida open a gateway. As it opens a hawk flies by which is an omen of power. Tuon is surprised to find that Traveling does exist. She has Beslan and Galgan step forward to check it out and thinks on the fact that Galgan had met with several assassins to find out how much it would cost to kill Tuon then had them killed which is a sign that he is following her for now but that he is ambitious. Tuon has Selucia ask if there is any information on the weapon to which Melitene replied that no one knew anything and thought it was an isolated accident caused by some ter'angreal. Tuon tells them to have all the damane return to the city where they will train them all to channel and then they will attack the White Tower with full power. They needed the Aes Sedai to reclaim Seanchan and to fight the Last Battle and to let no one know that they know how to Travel.

Perrin's Point of View:

Location: The Happy Throng

Characters: Perrin, Mat, Thom

Perrin, Mat, and Thom are hanging out at an inn and sharing their stories of what happened since they last saw each other. They talk about Tuon and how Mat is married to her. The subject then goes to Verin's letter. Mat asks Perrin if he has heard from her but he hasn't. Mat and Thom tell Perrin to watch out. Thom suggests Perrin do what Mat does and change places he stays often but Perrin says he has a better idea: he can have Aiel waiting in the tent for whoever comes. Mat asks Perrin to have one of his men make a gateway for him. He then tells Perrin that Moiraine is alive and how they are going to rescue her. He explains that it has to only be him and Thom and one other person.


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