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Each Community Member has an administrator who is responsible for handling whatever issues may arise within their group of Community Members. These administrators are often referred to as "membership admins" or "community admins" or "Community Membership admins." The chain of command for our Community Members is as follows:


All Citizens and Visitors report to the Mayor.

All Novices and Recruits report to the Master/Mistress of Novices and Recruits.

All Accepted and Soldiers report to the Master/Mistress of Accepted and Soldiers.

All Aes Sedai report to their Head of Ajah:

All Gaidin report to their Company Commander:

If a problem should arise or you should wish to lodge an official complaint, whether itis an issue with another member or an administrative decision, please contact your Community Membership administrator. Should the issue be with your administrator, please contact the Director of Membership. Should your issue be with the Director, please contact the Cordamora.

If you have a complaint that does not deal with Community Membership but with how a staff member or administrator is acting, look at the individual Department's portion of the Membership Manual to determine who you should talk to.

The Executive Branch

Department of Outreach

Department of Online Events

Department of Events and Conferences

Department of Marketing

Department of Membership

Department of Research and Records

Department of Technology