New Spring: Epilogue

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

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Chapter Icon: Wheel and Serpent

Point of View: Moiraine

Setting: Chachin

Characters: Moiraine, Siuan, Lan



The next morning, the Aesdaishar Palace is in mourning. Moiraine searches Merean's belongings, but finds nothing and returns to her rooms. There, she learns that Ines Demain's son was born in a farmhouse two miles from Dragonmount, ruling out the possibility that he is the Dragon Reborn.

Moiraine tells Siuan everything that has happened, and then asks Siuan to solve a puzzle for her. She tells Siuan how Diryk was the one that Merean wanted to kill the most; it was Diryk that she told Iselle to bring to her, and Diryk that she killed first. Merean also tried to kill Lan. Lan is said to be the luckiest man in the world; Diryk recently survived a fall that should have killed him. She also mentions Josef Najima, from Canluum, who was always said to have been lucky, but who died in a fire.

Siuan begins to think, pacing back and forth, when it comes to her. She says, "She never went near Rahien, Moiraine. The Black Ajah knows the Dragon was Reborn, but they don't bloody know when! Maybe Tamra managed to keep it back, or maybe they were too rough and she died before they could pry it out of her. That has to be it! Light! They're killing any man or boy who might be able to channel! Oh, burn me, thousands could die, Moiraine. Tens of thousands."

They decide that Siuan will return to the White Tower, where she will have access to all of the Blue Ajah's eyes-and-ears reports, while Moiraine continues to search for the Dragon Reborn.

Siuan mentions that Lan rode out an hour ago, and Moiraine says that she has unfinished business with the man. As quickly as possible, she rides out of Chachin, searching for him. When she finds him, she tells him that she wants him to be her Warder. She tells him everything about Gitara's Foretelling, and eventually Lan agrees. He pledges to her, and Moiraine bonds him before they head back to Chachin.

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