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This is an admin position in the Department of Online Events and helps plan, prepare, and execute the community's official online events.

Position Level: Administrator

Department: Department of Online Events

Rotation: Non-rotation position

Merit Eligibility: Administrator Merit


To contact the Online Activities Coordinator, email

Chain of Command

The Online Activities Coordinator reports to the Director of Online Events.

The Online Activities Team reports directly to the Online Activities Coordinator.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Create and maintain a schedule for free weeks.
  • Keep the calendar up to date, including adding new member birthdays.
  • Make sure birthday greetings are sent in a timely fashion.
  • Manage the Online Activities Team effectively, assigning tasks as needed.
  • Work with the Director of Online Events to create events that occur throughout the year in addition to free weeks.
  • Maintain or support the maintenance of Online Events archives and Wiki.
  • Coordinate with Marketing and Membership to promote and publicize events.


  • Must be able to lead and coordinate activities effectively with a team working towards deadlines.
  • Experience running online events is a plus.
  • While it is not required, graphics and/or creative writing experience is also a plus.

Time Commitment

  • Time commitment will vary week-to-week (5-10 hours per week) and will increase leading up to and during official free weeks and other Online Events activities!


  • Must be a member of TarValon.Net for 6 months of any rank and be in good standing.


It is not known when the position was created, but it was with the title Online Events Coordinator. When the Department of Community Development was disbanded in April 2011, the position was transferred to the new Department of Community Outreach under the new name of the Outreach Activities Coordinator.

When the Department of Community Outreach in turn was disbanded in March 2022, the position moved to the new Department of Online Events under its original name.

In April 2023, it was renamed to Online Activities Coodinator.

Online Activities Coordinators

  • Vacant