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This TarValon.Net page is no longer being actively updated.


This was an admin position in the Department of Community Outreach and helped plan, prepare and execute the community's official online events as well as events of all sizes to promote our philanthropic and charitable endeavors.

Position Level: Administrator

Department: Department of Community Outreach

Rotation: Non-rotation position

Merit Eligibility: Administrator Merit

Chain of Command

The Outreach Activities Coordinator reported to the Director of Community Outreach.

The Outreach Activities Team reported directly to the Outreach Activities Coordinator.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Create and maintain a deadline schedule for our free weeks.
  • Manage the Outreach Activities Team, assign duties, etc.
  • Keep the calendar up to date, including adding new member birthdays and make sure birthday greetings are sent.
  • Work with other departments to promote and participate in free weeks.
  • Work with the Director of Community Outreach to create events (both small and large) that help engage our members in our philanthropic/charitable endeavors.


  • Must be creative and a self-starter.
  • Must be able to manage a team of people and get things done on a deadline.

Time Commitment

  • Must be able to spend approximately 5-10 hours a week on the boards, with the potential for more as free weeks near.


  • Must be a member of TarValon.Net for 6 months of any rank and be in good standing.

Non Essential Qualifications

  • Any experience or ability with either graphics or creative writing is helpful.


The position was created in 2010 with the formation of the department. Previously, it had been known as the Online Events Coordinator.

In March 2022 the Department of Community Outreach was disbanded, and the position was transferred to the new Department of Online Events, at the same time returning to its old name.

Outreach Activities Coordinators