River Manetherendrelle

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The Manethrendrelle, waters of the Mountain home in the Old Tongue, is a river with its source in the Mountains of Mist, through Andor, where it forms the northern border with Ghealdan. After passing through Andor, it runs through Altara along the Murandian border and down into Illian, passing through the city into the Sea of Storms. Tributaries include the Taren, the Arinelle, the River Storn and the Cary.

It forms the southern limit of the Two Rivers, where it is known as the White River, from the way rocks and boulders churned its swift waters to froth (TEotW, Ch. 5) (this canon statement contradicts information found in the Companion). In the current age, towns on the Manetherendrelle, include Remen, at which point it is more than a mile wide.

In earlier times, it formed the border between Farashelle and Aldeshar, and further south, beteen Shiota and Nevarin, Esandara and Fergansea, though it is not clear if it was the border, or if the border merely followed it. During the time of the Compact of the Ten Nations, it was part of the nation of Manetheren and flowed by the capital city (TEotW, Ch. 9), then between Coremanda and Manetheren, through into Eharon and eventually along the border between Eharon and Essenia (TWoRJTWoT).