Rogosh Eagle-Eye

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Rogosh of Talmour, also called Rogosh Eagle-eye, is a legendary hero, subject of a number of old stories, especially the Great Hunt for the Horn, who lived during Artur Hawkwing's time. He is thought of as the greatest Hunter for the Horn of Valere, who does not only live on in stories and songs, but who is linked to the Horn and waits in Tel'aran'rhiod until he is spun out again or called to fight in the Last Battle (TEotW, Ch. 17; Glossary).

He is a fatherly looking man with white hair and very sharp eyes (TGH, Ch. 47).

In stories he is often associated as Dunsinin's love. Egwene reads a story about them in "The Flame, the Blade and the Heart" (TFoH, Ch. 24).


  • Thom complains about Seaghan hiring actors for the roles of Eagle-eye and some other heroes (TGH, Ch. 26).
  • Faile does not like her real name, for she thinks that her name as a Hunter must be as great as Rogosh Eagle-eye's (TDR, Ch. 35).


"...To the eight corners of the world, the Hunters ride, to the eight pillars of heaven, where the winds of time blow and fate seizes the mighty and the small alike by the forelock. Now, the greatest of the Hunters is Rogosh of Talmour, Rogosh Eagle-eye, famed at the court of the High King, feared on the slopes of Shayol Ghul..."
"...since the day of her birth has the Dark One marked Blaes as his own, but not of this mind is she - no Darkfriend, Blaes of Matuchin! Strong as the ash she stands, lithe as the willow branch, beautiful as the rose. Golden-haired Blaes. Ready to die before she yields. But hark! Echoing from the towers of the city, trumpets blare, brazen and bold. Her heralds proclaim the arrival of a hero at her court. Drums thunder and cymbals sing! Rogosh Eagle-eye comes to do homage..." (Thom reciting "The Bargain of Rogosh Eagle-eye"; The Eye of the World, Chapter 17).

"...cold blows the wind down Shara Pass; cold lies the grave unmarked. Yet every year at Sunday, upon those piled stones appears a single rose, one crystal teardrop like dew upon the petals, laid by the fair hand of Dunsinin, for she keeps fast to the bargain made by Rogosh Eagle-eye." (Thom reciting "The Bargain of Rogosh Eagle-eye"; The Great Hunt, Chapter 26).