Ryne Venamar

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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.

Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Ryne Venamar is one of the surviving Malkieri. However, at the age of fifteen, his father took him to Arafel and he is now Arafellin to his toenails.

Ryne is five years older than Lan, with long black hair. He is about the same height as Lan.

Ryne had been guarding a merchant train from Shol Arbela to Canluum. However, the merchant was killed, so Ryne didn't get the return money for the trip. This is how he ended up in Canluum at the same time as Lan and Bukama.

(Reference: New Spring, Chapter 16)


  • Ryne meets Lan and Bukama at The Blue Rose in Canluum (NS, Ch. 16).
  • Moiraine sees Ryne speaking to an Aes Sedai whom she cannot see at the time, though it is most likely Merean (NS, Ch. 18).
  • Moiraine finds herself following Lan, Bukama and Ryne as she leaves Canluum (NS, Ch. 19).
  • Ryne, Lan, Bukama and Moiraine ride into Manala for breakfast. When Moiraine disappears to speak to someone, he suggests to Lan and Bukama that they all ride on without her (NS, Ch. 20).
  • Ryne, Lan, Bukama and Moiraine reach Chachin. Lan, Bukama and Ryne go to the Aesdaishar Palace (NS, Ch. 22).
  • Moiraine sees Ryne and Bukama practicing swords in one of the palace courtyards (NS, Ch. 25).
  • Ryne kills Bukama (NS, Ch. 26).
  • Ryne is with Merean on a walk on the west side of the palace when Moiraine and Lan find them (NS, Ch. 26).
  • Lan and Ryne fight; Lan wins, and kills Ryne (NS, Ch. 26).


Lan considers Ryne to be his oldest friend other than Bukama (NS, Ch. 16).

Bukama is not exactly fond of Ryne, though he doesn't particularly dislike him, either (NS, Ch. 16).

Ryne seems to be in awe of Moiraine. Moiraine think that it would be a pity if Ryne is afraid of her because she is Aes Sedai, and a great pity if he turns out to be a Darkfriend. She thinks that he is charming and pretty (NS, Ch. 19). Lan thinks that Ryne acts like a courtier on a leash when Moiraine is around (NS, Ch. 21).

Ryne is helping Merean (NS, Ch. 26).


  • Even though Arafellin wear two blades on their back, Ryne wears only one on his hip (NS, Ch. 16)
  • After learning that Edeyn Arrel is trying to resurrect Malkier, Lan tries to make a joke to Bukama that, "Ryne might even get rid of those braids." (NS, Ch. 16)
  • Ryne is afraid that Ceiline Noreman, the wife of the merchant he was supposed to be guarding, might lay her husband's death at his feet (NS, Ch. 16)
  • When Moiraine asks Lan to set men to watch Merean, she tells him only to use Bukama; she is afraid that Ryne would be too busy gaping at Merean to see or hear anything, if he did not confess what he was doing to Merean right off (NS, Ch. 25).
  • Ryne is a better swordsman than Lan (NS, Ch. 26).


"Turning, Lan clasped forearms with the only man in the room beside Bukama of a height with him, his oldest friend except for Bukama. The innkeeper still had Bukama occupied as Ryne led Lan to a small round table in the corner. Five years older, Ryne was Malkieri, too, but his hair fell in two long bell-laced braids, and more silver bells lined the turned-down tops of his boots and ran up the sleeves of his yellow coat. Bukama did not exactly dislike Ryne - not exactly - yet in his present mood only Nazar Kurenin could have had a worse effect." (Lan thinking about Ryne; New Spring, Chapter 15).

"Burn me, do you mean to say you haven't heard? She's raised the Golden Crane. In your name, of course. Since the year turned, she's been from Fal Moran to Maradon, and coming back now. There must be two or three hundred men right here in Canluum ready to follow her. You, I mean. Some you'd not believe. Old Kurenin wept when he heard her speak. All ready to carve Malkier out of the Blight again." (Ryne to Lan about Edeyn Arrel; New Spring, Chapter 16).

"Lan and Ryne danced the forms, gracefully flowing from one to another, their blades like whirlwinds, but if there was a hair between their abilities, it rested with Ryne. Blood fanned down the side of Lan's face." (Moiraine thinking as Lan and Ryne fight; New Spring, Chapter 26).

"He was better. But he thought I was finished, with only one arm. He never understood. You surrender after you're dead." (Lan to Moiraine after Ryne's death; New Spring, Chapter 26).