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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Selindrin is the proprietress of a wineshop called "The Garden of Silver Breezes" in Tanchico. She is sleek with dark hair in the Taraboner fashion and wears thin, clinging silk dresses and a veil.

She has a sharp mind and knows how to earn the regard of everyone and the enmity of no one.

She allows no weapons under her roof, but Jaichim Carridin seems to have powerful enough connections for her to ignore his sword. When he meets with Taraboner noblemen, Selindrin personally serves them wine.

(Reference: The Shadow Rising, Chapter 38)


"Selindrin took the gold she proffered with a sleek smile and murmured wishes for Egeanin's continued patronage. Dark hair in dozens of narrow braids, the proprietress of the Garden of Silver Breezes wore clinging white silk, nearly thin enough for a serving girl, and one of those transparent veils that always made Egeanin want to ask Taraboners what dances they could perform. Shea dancers wore almost identical veils and little more." (Egeanin on Selindrin; The Shadow Rising, Chapter 38)