The Garden of Silver Breezes

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Unless stated otherwise, all information herein is taken from TSR, Ch. 38.

The Garden of Silver Breezes is a huge wineshop in Tanchico on top of a hill below the Great Circle. It is very elaborate, with gilded lamps and ceilings and was the most expensive wineshop in the city. The tables are surrounded by low walls to ensure privacy, but the patrons generally went masked anyway. One wall is open to the outside, with marble columns and silk curtains that can be lowered in case of rain.

The proprietor, Selindrin does not allow weapons inside.

Egeanin meets Floran Gelb there to hear rumors. Bayle Domon was also seen there. Jaichim Carridin meets there with supposed supporters of king Andric, promising aid from the Children of the Light.