The Shadow Rising: Chapter 38

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Hidden Faces

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Points of View: Egeanin, Carridin, Liandrin


Egeanin's Point of View:

Setting: The Garden of Silver Breezes, Tanchico

Characters: Floran Gelb, Egeanin

Inside The Garden of Silver Breezes, Egeanin and Floran Gelb are conversing. Floran Gelb gives Egeanin a bag containing an a'dam, and she congratulates and pays him for it. He then tells her that he may have found one of the women that she is looking for. He tells her some other secrets regarding the Panarch, and then he leaves.

Later, as Egeanin is about to depart, she sees Bayle Domon also leaving the Garden of Silver Breezes, and hurriedly sits back down to wait until he has passed. When she finally leaves, she also passes by Jaichim Carridin.

As she is carried away on her sedan chair, she ponders the worn state of Tanchico.

Jaichim Carridin's Point of View:

Setting: The Garden of Silver Breezes, Tanchico

Characters: Jaichim Carridin, Andric, Liandrin

The point of view changes to Jaichim Carridin, who is sitting in a private room with several Taraboner noblemen. They speak of King Andric's wish for help from the Whitecloaks in restoring order in Tanchico. The men try to persuade him, saying that it is immensely important. "You must understand that we would not make this request unless it were necessary in the extreme." Carridin promises aid, thinking to himself that "the King and Panarch of Tarabon would both dangle on strings Carridin could hand to Pedron Niall to do with as he pleased."

As Carridin leaves, his thoughts are of Tarabon. He plans to have many of the rebels who are against Amathera as Panarch named Darkfriends, so that they will be held up as examples to the public.

He enters the palace that he has secured as his headquarters and finds Liandrin awaiting him, though he does not know who she is. He threatens her, and when she calls him by the name of 'Bors,' he is shocked. He tries to kill her with his sword, but she channels and he cannot move. She speaks to him of the meeting in the Prologue of the Great Hunt. "Do you remember a meeting where Ba'alzamon himself appeared, and showed us the faces of Matrim Cauthon, and Perrin Aybara, and Rand al'Thor?" He thinks that she is there to kill him, but instead she gives him instructions. She tells him to move his Whitecloaks into the Panarch's Palace, and to hold the palace. She also tells him to send the Panarch's soldiers away from the palace; when he tells her that it is impossible, she channels again, causing thousands of invisible needles to prick him. She refuses to tell him what she is planning, and then leaves.

Liandrin's Point of View:

Setting: Tanchico

Characters: Liandrin, Gyldin, Asne Zeramene, Jeaine Caide, Marillin Gemalphin, Eldrith Jhondar, Rianna Andomeran

The point of view changes once again, this time to Liandrin. She makes her way from Carridin's palace back to where she and the other Black Ajah members are staying. She finds Eldrith Jhondar, Marillin Gemalphin, Jeaine Caide, Asne Zeramene and Rianna Andomeran in the front withdrawing room. They speak of Jaichim Carridin, Rand al'Thor and the Forsaken. The servant woman Gyldin interrupts them, but Liandrin sends her away.

Next, they speak of a ter'angreal that they are trying to find; the ter'angreal has the power to control someone who can channel, and they suspect that it is in the Panarch's Palace.

Egeanin's Point of View:

Setting: Tanchico

Characters: Egeanin, Bethamin, Seeker

The point of view switches back to Egeanin. She returns to a small house where she is staying; inside, she finds the Seeker. He tells her to "sketch maps of Tanchico and its defenses, to draw every other city and town she knew the least thing about." When he leaves, he tells her to send the contents of the jute sack (containing the a'dam) on the next courier boat.

When he is gone, Egeanin unlocks the door to the basement, where she has imprisoned a sul'dam. The sul'dam is Bethamin, and she is being held by an a'dam. Bethamin begs Egeanin to let her go, telling her that it is all a mistake. "Please, Egeanin. This is all a mistake. You have known me for ten years. Take this thing off me."

When Egeanin returns upstairs, she spends some time thinking. She wonders if other sul'dam can channel, as well, since only a woman with the ability to channel can be held by an a'dam.

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