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Shaoman 2016 was held October 24 - November 1.

This year's Shaoman hosted 4 events in total. 9 membership groups entered the Group Theme Contest and the winner of that was voted by everyone on the boards.

Introduction post - "Welcome to Shaoman 2016!". Please expand to read more.

For the new among us, these are the Faire Grounds.

We have lots of fun and games in store for you!

Junior Members, you need not use titles when referring to Senior Members while in this particular forum. Do remember that this isn't an exemption from the need to respect your fellow member though - it's almost Halloween, and bad folks end up with a trick or treat bag full of things like Whoppers (seriously, does anyone like those things? ). If there is a problem, your Membership Administrator is the one to contact (Mayor for Citizens, Mistress of Novices & Recruits, or Master of Accepted & Soldiers for Junior Members; Aes Sedai and Gaidin, I expect you to know who your group administrator is.)

If you have questions or concerns about Shaoman itself reach out to our Director of Community Outreach, Aryawnah Federov (

Welcome again to the Faire Grounds and we hope you enjoy the event!


  • Group Theme Contest
  • Would You Rather...
  • Haunted Puzzle Ground
  • Spamathon