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Introduction to Shaoman 2019 banner


Shaoman 2019 was held November 4 - 11. The theme of the freeweek was Hogwarts TarValon.Net. Each membership group respresented a Hogwarts house, tailored to their specific character.

There were 5 events run and many people participated in them. Each of the participating members received a Harry Potter themed OWLs grades. The group with most points from all activities and highest grades was the House Cup winner.

7 groups participated in the Group theme contest and apart from site-wide voting, the groups also sent in winners in different categories - "Best colors", "Best mascot", "Best motto" and "Best representation of House". Alfter all the points and votes were calculated, there was a tie between two groups and so they were both the winner.

As usual, Spamathon also occured this Shaoman and it was themed after the general theme, making it a Quidditch match between the Houses.

Introduction post - "Welcome to Shaoman 2019". Please expand to read more.

Welcome to Shaoman 2019! ​ This is one of the Freeweeks we have at, where we open up the Faregrounds for fun and games! This year the Harry Potter world collides with the White Tower to create... well we shall see! :joy

Every membership group is like a House from Hogwarts. By being a part of your membership group/House, you can win points towards your House and at the end of Shaoman, one House will win the House Cup Trophy!

The way to win points: - Enter in the Group theme contest, - Win rounds from the Spamathon Quidditch Tournament, - Get graded with OWLs in the individual contest threads.

Wait. . . What’s an O.W.L? :look

'At the end of their fifth year, students take the Ordinary Wizarding Level (O.W.L.) examinations for all subjects in which they are enrolled. Each examination consists of a written knowledge test and, where applicable, a practical demonstration of skills before a panel of proctors from the Ministry of Magic. '

The marks that individual contestants can receive are as follows:

Pass marks: O -outstanding, 50 house points E - exceeds expectations, 20 house points A - acceptable 10 house points

Not passing: P - poor, -10 house points D- dreadful, -20 house points T - troll - 50 house points

Soooo..... Let's start the fun, shall we? Or as Dumbledore would say, "Before we begin our banquet, I would like to say a few words. And here they are: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! Thank you." ​

In this forum, JMs need not use titles to address SMs, but remember to respect one another. If you have any questions or concerns, please email

Welcome and have fun! ​


Shaoman 2019 Group theme contest banner.png

  • Group Theme Contest

Shaoman 2019 Wordsearch banner.png

  • Wordsearch

Shaoman 2019 Sorting hat challenge banner.jpg

  • Poetry contest - Sorting hat poem


  • Create your magic wand
  • Spamathon



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Shaoman 2019 Group Theme Winner Badge.png

Shaoman 2019 Special White award.png

  • Additionally, the OAT awarded a special award to the White Ajah for their special theme.

The award is called "Sa loviyaga an mashi al der'dena" and it roughly translates to "In loving memory of the master of the song"

Shaoman 2019 Rockstar award.png

Shaoman 2019 Spirit of Shaoman award.png


The Spamathon this Shaoman was Quidditch tournament themed to match the overall theme.
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Spamathon Round Winners

Spamathon Brackets.png