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A trading vessel captained by Bayle Domon. It is approximately eighty feet long (TEotW, Ch. 20) and is powered by both sails and oars (TEotW, Ch. 20, Ch. 40) and is a river craft, not well suited to deep water (TGH, Ch. 9). Domon has a cabin in the stern, with a door and a ladder leading out (TEotW, Ch. 20)

It carried Rand, Mat and Thom from Shadar Logoth to Whitebridge, having been in Saldaea over the previous winter. After Whitebridge, Domon takes it to Illian (TGH, Ch. 9). Domon flees Illian, heading out to sea, heading for Tanchico despite Spray not being suited for the ocean (TGH, Ch. 9). It stays close to the coast where it is taken by the Seanchan and ordered to Falme


Captain; Bayle Domon

Second: Yarin Maeldan

Aedwin Cole


Floran Gelb