Summer Euro Party 2006

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Summer Euro Party 2006
Location Skipton, Yorkshire, England
Date July 28-30, 2006
Local Liaison Alwyn da'Cara

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TarValon.Net held Summer Euro Party 2006 in Skipton, Yorkshire, England, July 28-30.


By: al'Cary Mandoragon in the TarValon Times

Recently, a small unknown barn in a small unknown country was asked to play host to a large crowd of drunken members of an internet cult. A campsite nearby was also supposed to be playing host, but due to the sounds of merriment coming from a certain tent, the stay was sadly cut short. In any case, the event I am obviously discussing is Summer Euro Party 2006.

Needless to say, much fun was had by all, with the possible exception of ToralGaidin who seemed to gain more pleasure from various bits of wire that he hunched over, looking remarkably like Gollum (although to be fair, he had a vicious head wound inflicted on him by some uncoordinated lout while playing with sticks). Alcohol was consumed in mind-dissolving quantities, although due to everyone bringing enough alcohol to keep themselves comatose and the organizers laying on enough beer for everyone to bath in (undoubtedly more effective than the showers provided), large and lonely clumps of bottles were left by the time Sunday morning rudely interrupted the fun.

Where to start with the stories? Arien Sedai watching over everyone like a hawk with a camera? Prewan Sedai’s doubtlessly unique raising ceremony? Followed by her going out in public the next day wearing bib and dummy? The curious system of measurement employed by local mapmakers, in which the definition of a mile has been radically altered? The medieval banquet, which I am least qualified to comment on since I was busy eating pizza and hash browns back at the barn? The multiple inductions into the Woohoo? The circle of Goldschlager toasts, few of which could be heard or were coherent?

The list is endless. No doubt those who were not present have stopped reading out of boredom by now. For those wanting more details, check the threads where people have posted photos, or the threads where people have posted accusing me of being female. That, at least, is an in-joke everyone seems to get.




  • Prewan was Raised to Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah



  • An auction was held.


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