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Author: Toral Delvar


Sylvase is the heir to House Caeren in Andor, one of the nineteen houses powerful enough that they have a say in any succession. She is sturdy, and according to Elenia, not quite pretty, placid and rarely, if ever shows emotion (CoT, Ch. 15). Her eyes usually seem vapid, but can occasionally appear quite sharp (CoT, Ch. 15); (KoD, Ch. 17). Most of her life, her grandfather has kept all potential suitors way from her (KoD, Ch. 35). During the final battle for Caemlyn, her grandfather dies, making her the High Seat of House Caeren (KoD, Ch. 33). Even after taking over as High Seat, she is usually expressionless.


  • When Nasin pledges to support House Marne for the Lion Throne, Arymilla keeps Sylvase close to keep him in check (CoT, Ch. 15).
  • She tells Arymilla that there is no point in seizing Caemlyn until she has the support of Luan and the others (KoD, Ch. 17).
  • Her grandfather dies of a seizure during the final battle for Caemlyn, and her cousins affirm her as High Seat of House Caeren (KoD, Ch. 33).
  • When she pledges House Caeren to House Trakand, Elayne thinks of her as a pretty woman with sharp blue eyes (KoD, Ch. 33).
  • She is present when the final Houses pledge to Elayne (KoD, Ch. 35).


  • Arymilla convinces herself that a sharpness she sees in Sylvase's eyes was a trick of the light (KoD, Ch. 17).
  • Elayne is suspicious of her and her motives (KoD, Ch. 33).
  • Sylvase has a strong dislike of Ellorien and is unable to see why Elayne should wish to mend relations with her (ToM, Ch. 23).


She is Nasin's grandaughter (CoT, Ch. 15).

She has not had male suitors, as her grandfather keeps them away (KoD, Ch. 15).


"Caeren stands for Trakand. My grandfather suffered a seizure. Arymilla and my cousins fell over themselves affirming me as high seat" (Knife of Dreams, Chapter 33).

"Few people keep a private questioner, my lady. It dark side" (Halwin Norry on Sylvaese and Lounalt; Knife of Dreams, Chapter 35).