Knife of Dreams: Chapter 33

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn

Lion Chapter Icon.png

Nine Out of Ten

Chapter Icon: The Lion of Andor

Point of View: Elayne

Setting: Caemlyn, Andor

Characters: Elayne, Birgitte, Guybon, Temaile, Falion, Chesmal, Marillin, Eldrith, Caseille, Tzigan, Chanelle, Conail, Branlet, Perival, Dyelin, Catalyn, Arymilla, Naean, Elenia, Lir Baryn, Karind Anshar, Sylvase


Elayne is freed and decides to use the remaining ten thousand soldiers in order to attack Arymilla's army that is trying to overtake the Far Madding Gate. Elayne is victorious and gains the support of nine of the ten Houses she needs.


Elayne is gagged, blindfolded and tied into a knot with her head between her knees. She is not afraid, however, because she relies on Min's viewing that she and her babies will be safe until they are born. Suddenly, she feels Birgitte leaping closer and feels people begin to channel. Moments later, the wagon jolts and the shield on her vanishes. Birgitte comes to untie Elayne, who steps out of the wagon to a cheer of those who came to rescue her. Elayne notices Guybon and briefly considers bonding him as her third Warder.

She goes to the prisoners, who ask her how they were found. Elayne answers that it was thanks to her Warder, Birgitte, which startles them. Temaile starts arguing with Marillin, who knew about "the woman Warder", but kept it to herself as it seemed unbelievable. Annoyed, Elayne orders the Guardswomen to gag them and hoist them onto the cart to be back inside the walls as soon as possible.

Birgitte then informs her of Arymilla's army attacking the Far Madding Gate and of Luan and the other High Seats marching toward Caemlyn. Elayne decides to take them on at the rear with the remaining ten thousand soldiers.

To Elayne's relief, the Far Madding Gate still holds when they get there. The soldiers try to sneak up on their enemies, but are soon discovered and the fighting begins. Seconds later, the gates swing open and crossbowmen start attacking Arymilla's men. After about half an hour the remaining men give up and throw themselves at the Guardsmen's mercy.

An hour short of noon, Arymilla, Naean and Elenia are brought before Elayne, who tells them that their ransoms will pay for the war they have caused. Next are Lir, Karind and Sylvase, who all proclaim their support for Trakand. Now, nine of the ten Houses Elayne needs for the throne support her.

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