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A sandbox for Alex to use during the Wiki Editing class.

Wheel of Time

How I found WoT

A friend of mine from high school introduced me to the books when I was in college. At the time, only nine or ten books had been released. Back then I really liked them, and was excited for new books to come out. The gender bickering did annoy me, though.

How I feel about the series

After a couple new books, I couldn't make myself reread so many books in order to remember the plot, and since a few years would pass between books, I started to get anxiety about reading the new ones. I did, though, usually within a few months of them being released.

By the time the last book came out, I was actually kind of drained and not super excited anymore. It was more of a "finally" reaction. I did enjoy all the later books, but I've never been able to make myself reread the whole series. I'm not really into the books anymore, but have been watching and enjoying the show.

These are a few of my favorite things

Uuuuuugh, I haven't read the books in 9-19 years! I have no idea what happened in what book. So instead I'll give you a list of things I liked about the story overall.

  • Nynaeve after she did the spoilery thing in a later book, involving an army. That scene made me really like her.
    • You know the one.
  • Mat after he had the dagger.
    • This event was in season one, so I'm not particularly worried about spoiling anyone.
  • Aran'gar's spoilery situation.
    • Yes, Aran'gar is a villain, and that's not the only problematic aspect.
      • But such a situation being in a story at the time at all was not exactly common.
    • As a child, I was also excited about a certain boss from one of the Super Mario games for the same reason.
      • Despite them being a villain as well.
      • You do what you can with what you have.

And a few more of my least favorite things

See above.

  • Nynaeve before she did the spoilery thing in a later book, involving an army.
  • Anytime one gender complained about another, or about how they "just couldn't understand" them.
  • Mat while he had the dagger.
  • The way Tylin treated Mat.
    • And when people cosplay Mat and wear pink ribbons. Come on, y'all. No.
  • Cadsuane. Period.
    • Not to be confused with Cad Bane, who is awesome.
    • They both have good taste in head adornments, though.
  • The fact that they call it the Taint.
    • Say no more, say no more, know-what-I-mean, nudge nudge?


How I found the site

Back when I was new to the series, I was still going to Dragon*Con every year. They had a WoT track, and I attended some of the panels.

Even though I had been going to the track for several years (and have pictures of members who I would later meet on the site, because they were in costume at the time), it wasn't until 2010 that someone asked me if I was familiar with the site. This was Marrow Rahien of Mahdi'in d'ma Dieb, to be specific. I wasn't familiar, and at the time I was unsure I wanted to join a fan site with a bunch of internet randos because... why, amirite? But he kept poking me and my partner ( Venric Methalion ) about it over the course of the con, and I eventually decided to go ahead and check it out.

What I'm currently doing on the site

Fomenting, terrifying people, shirking my official responsibilities, and trying to collect merits so that I can finally devalue the bond bond a second Gaidin.

My Membership admin


Serenla Tamowith

She, too, was at Dragon*Con the year Marrow encouraged me to join, and also recommended the site to me. While I wouldn't necessarily say she was responsible for me joining the Brown Ajah (I almost certainly would have wound up there anyway), she definitely made me feel wanted.

I would say she's responsible for my partner joining MDD. When he joined, he was well-liked (he is still well-liked!!!) and people used to try to decide where they thought he would Aspire (without pressuring him, of course). He and everyone else used to say "I just can't decide where I'd place you, except not MDD. Everyone except one quite-drunk MDD at Dragon*Con the year after we joined, that is, but he laughed it off. But when he Guested with them, Serenla broke the ice by telling everyone what a delightful beard he has, which started an enthusiastic conversation, and that was that. Literally from day one, he was sold. This is a big part of why I encourage everyone to Guest everywhere before Aspiring - some people have been surprised!

Also, she introduced me to the song Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury, which is a kindness I can never repay.