Towers of Midnight: Chapter 5

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Chapter Icon: A serpent twisted through a square

Points of View: Gawyn, Egwene, Graendal


Aes Sedai are being murdered and Egwene believes it is Mesaana. Graendal is given another chance by Moridin and is loaned a Dreamspike.


Gawyn's Point of View:

Setting: The White Tower

Characters: Chubain, Gawyn, Sleete

Gawyn and Sleete investigate the murder of Kateri Nepvue, an Aes Sedai of the White Ajah. She is the fourth to have been murdered and it is rumoured to be the work of the Black Ajah, but Gawyn is not convinced. He talks to Chubain to reasure him that he isn't after the Tower Captain's job. He goes to see Egwene and is angered she responds as the Amyrlin, but she tells him that until he accepts her that way, she must. He tells her they don't have enough Warders and she should command women to take one. He tells her he doesn't believe the killer to be Black Ajah, but she tells him they know it is not a Gray Man or a Darkfriend. After a little prompting, she tells him she believes it is Mesaana. She tells him she wants him to stop guarding her door every night and his first reaction is to refuse.

Egwene's Point of View:

Setting: Egwene's room

Characters: Egwene

Egwene worries about the effect Gawyn has on her. She ponders a letter to Darlin she has written. She notices the tea she pours has not spoiled.

Graendal's Point of View:

Setting: Moridin's Palace

Characters: Graendal, Moridin

Moridin summons Graendal, to chastise her for Aran'gar's death, noting that she seems to be making a habit of that sort of thing. She persuades Moridin that she allowed Rand to find her so that she could corrupt his soul when he destroyed Natrin's Barrow. She tells Moridin that Aran'gar did not flee when suggested. Moridin instructs her to stay away from Rand. Graendal tells him she is working on plans for Perrin. He gives her a Dreamspike and that he will lend her Slayer. He shows her a book, of Dark Prophecy which contains a Foretelling that Perrin will die by the Shadow's hand.


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What does a Dreamspike do?

They prevent Traveling into an area and also make ‘’[Tel’aran’rhiod]]’’ more difficult to manipulate

Who is killing the Aes Sedai?

This is likely to be Bloodknives, rather than Mesaana.

Mysteries Resolved

Graendal killed Amsodean.

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