The Dragon Reborn: Prologue

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Author: Dinn da Noor

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Fortress of the Light

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Points of view: Pedron Niall, Jaichim Carridin


Niall tells Carridin to make sure Rand is not killed. Carridin is visited by a Myrddraal that orders him to kill Rand.


Pedron Niall's Point of View:

Setting: Amadicia

Characters: Pedron Niall, Jaret Byar, Jaichim Carridin, Ordeith

Pedron Niall is sitting in his private audience chamber, accompanied by Jaret Byar. He looks at a drawing of a grey-eyed youth with reddish hair; the newly proclaimed Dragon Reborn. Jaret tells him that there is fighting going on all across Almoth Plain and Toman Head. Further, Geofram Bornhald and a thousand of the Children were killed by Aes Sedai. When Niall asks him about the army that has taken Falme and killed half of one of his legions, Byar says that they call themselves Seanchan and that Geofram Bornhald told him they were Darkfriends. Before he leaves he says that he knows that the Perrin from Two Rivers is to blame on it all.

Jaichim Carridin enters the room, and tells his Lord Captain Commander that the ones who seized Falme are Darkfriends, gathered to support the false Dragon with Aes Sedai support and that the rumors about Seanchan from across the Aryth Ocean are not true. Niall commands him to make sure that the false Dragon doesn't die and to kill any Aes Sedai who opposes him rather than supporting him. When the Inquisitator has left, Ordeith emerges from a passage in the wall. He looks at a drawing of the "false" Dragon, and tells Niall that it's Rand al'Thor, a Darkfriend from Two Rivers. When Ordeith tells him of Matrim Cauthon and Perrin Aybara, his two friends, close behind him in evil, Niall wonders whether he ought to make plans for the Two Rivers when the snow clears.

Jaichim Carridin's Point of View:

Setting: Amadicia

Characters: Jaichim Carridin, Sharbon, A Myrddraal

Carridin strides down the halls of the Fortress with a grimace on his face that makes other men avoid him. When he enters his rooms, a Myrddraal is waiting for him. The Fade confronts him with the fact that he had orders from the Great Lord of the Dark to find and kill Rand al'Thor above all else. It then threatens to kill one of his blood each month until al'Thor is dead. When the Halfman has disappeared, his body servant, Sharbon, enters the room, and Carridin orders him to fetch him pen and paper for the orders he must write.


Common Themes

Overconfidence in their own knowledge/Acting on poor information

Nial and Byar still think that the Seanchan are an Aes Sedai creation and they are proof that the three oaths are lies

Isolation of the Two Rivers

Niall knows it is isolated, but he has heard of it and knows it for wool and tabac.

Character Development

Pedron Niall
  • He thinks it better to allow Aes Sedai so that men who can channel can be dealt with, despite believing they want to control the world.
  • He believes Tarmon Gaidon is coming but that the Dragon won't be reborn and the Forsaken and Dark One won't be freed.
  • He has been in contact with Fain. Has this corrupted him?
  • He can't imagine anyone other than Aes Sedai being able to channel.
  • He thinks the phrase "now to toss the dice".
  • He is convinced Rand must be a False Dragon.


What enemies did Nial defeat? How much war and battle has there been for there to be so many?


  • The halfman smiles, which is not typical for them. He also refers to Darkfriends as "those who serve me".
  • There is civil war in Cairhien.
  • The Myrddraal commands Rand's death.
  • The Sea Folk are seeking signs and portents of something but not saying what. Earlier, it was known they were seeking the Coramoor. Presumably, this knowledge didn't make it to Amidacia
  • The news that Taim and the other False Dragon were defeated has not yet reached Niall.


First Meet

Pedron Nial


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Character Development

  • He is a Darkfriend. This is not entirely a surprise, we probably had enough clues before to work out he was Bors.


  • The halfman smiles, which is not typical for them. He also refers to Darkfriends as "those who serve me".

Robert Jordan had said this was an early version of Shaidar Haran. (Robert Jordan Question of the Week, Week 23)

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