The Fires of Heaven: Chapter 12

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Author: Mariasha Casindred

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An Old Pipe

Chapter Icon: A Bull

Point of View: Gareth Bryne

Location: Lugard

Characters: Gareth Bryne, Joni, Barim


Gareth Bryne rides into Lugard where Barim reports that Siuan and the others had left the day before. Barim says that the Domani girl "kicked up a fuss" in The Nine Horse Hitch but had settled it down. He also reported that "a fellow with shoulders" was with them and concludes that it is "Dalyn" or Logain.

He also tells Gareth that Whitecloaks are in town, but Gareth says that they are not to worry about Whitecloaks anymore.

Joni says that he spoke to two merchant's guards who had seen "Mara" in The Good Night's Ride. He concludes that by asking for a job there, that she was trying to get away from "Dalyn". Gareth finds it interesting that Joni holds no animosity towards the three women, despite his lump.

Barim speculates that they are headed into either Ghealdan, Altara, or Amadicia.

Joni also tells Gareth that many of the Guardsmen who'd served under him were being sent away, and a group called the White Lions reported only to Lord Gaebril. Gareth curtly tells him that that is no longer their business either.

Gareth orders Barim to tell what he is hiding, and Barim reports that Whitecloaks were asking questions about Mara. Internally, Gareth denies that she could be a Darkfriend and boots his horse into a canter. Joni and Barim follow him back to their temporary camp. Gareth announces that they are going west.

A man in his group laughs when he recounts a story he'd heard about Gareth having a run-in with the Amyrlin and nearly says Morgase's name. Another man kicks him to remind him to be silent. Gareth reflects on his relationship with Morgase and how it had ended: with her telling him to be thankful he wasn't hung for treason.

He pulls out his pipe and studies it. It is carved with a "wild bull collared with the Rose Crown of Andor", a symbol of the House Bryne's loyalty to the Queen of Andor. He muses that this pipe is old and he needs a new one.

Gareth then recounts his experiences with Siuan Sanche. She and Elaida convinced Morgase to remove troops from the border of Murandy. Morgase gave him the order and he asked to speak with her privately. The Amyrlin "jumped all over me. In front of half the court, she chewed me up one side and down the other like a raw recruit. Said if I couldn't do as I was told, she'd use me for fish bait."

With that, he gives the signal to head out.

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