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Author: Annouk Vinkona Ulfanna

LIHN-nee EHL-tring


Lini was the nurse to three generations of Trakand women. Before Elayne, she had also been the childhood nurse to Morgase and Maighdin. She never admits that the children have become grown women. She still talks down to Morgase, even though she is the Queen of Andor, and Morgase allows her to do so; Morgase herself doesn't know exactly why but "Lini had drastic ways of dealing with foolishness" (TSR, Ch. 6).

Lini is described as being small with white hair pulled back in a bun. Her skin is as thin as parchment (TFoH, Ch. 19). She looks frail but that appearance is deceiving (LoC, Prologue). Lini has a very strong character and is not afraid to express what she thinks, but she also knows her place.

Lini is known for her sayings. Elayne often quotes her. Morgase suspects that Lini makes some of them up on the spot (LoC, Prologue). Lini's answer to that is: "At my age, if I make it up, it's still an old saying" (TFoH, Ch. 19).


  • Lini lives in the Pensioners' Quarters in the Royal Palace in Caemlyn when Queen Morgase comes to her after discovering that she has been held by "Lord Gaebril" (Rahvin) against her will. Lini is the only one who tells Morgase what Lord Gaebril really did to her and what she had been doing under his influence. She leaves Caemlyn with Morgase, Tallanvor and others (TFoH, Ch. 19).
  • Along with Morgase and the others, Lini is the guest of King Ailron of Amadicia. Morgase hopes to get help to retake Caemlyn and Andor (LoC, Prologue).
  • Morgase plans her escape from the palace with the help of a young boy, Paitr. Lini doesn't approve (LoC, Ch. 31).
  • After the Seanchan have captured Amador, Lini witnesses Morgase renounce the Rose Crown to Elayne. It is not certain that Lini heard Morgase speak the words but she tears Morgase away from the open window, fearing she'd jump. Nothing ever frightens Lini, but this situation scares her. Morgase's party escapes with the help of Sebban Balwer (ACoS, Ch. 26).
  • Lini tells Perrin the story of how they ended up where they were. She lies to cover up the fact that "Maighdin" is Morgase, former Queen of Andor. She asks Perrin to marry Morgase and Tallanvor on the spot (ACoS, Ch. 8).
  • Lini clearly takes charge of Morgase's party in Perrin's eyes (ACoS, Ch. 9).
  • Faile notices that "Maighdin" learns. No matter what their positions were before, Lini is first among Faile's servants (ACoS, Ch. 30).
  • Lini is worried after Morgase is captured by the Shaido. Perrin notices (WH, Ch. 2).
  • When Lini goes to see how Perrin is doing after Faile's abduction, she finds out that he slept in Berelain's tent. The whole situation has her barking at everyone. She even picks up a brass-studded cudgel (WH, Ch. 6).
  • Lini shows little respect to Perrin, and even avoids eye contact with him because she still believes that he slept with Berelain the night Faile was captured. She surprises Tylee with her temper when she refuses to give Aram more wine and fails to show proper courtesies (KoD, Ch. 26).
  • Before the battle around Malden begins, Lini is sent away by Perrin. She is to head north with Master Gill to escort the carts and civilians to safety. Lini leaves reluctantly. She'd rather stay to see Maighdin and Faile freed (KoD, Ch. 29).


Morgase was Lini's second charge. Even after she becomes Queen of Andor, Lini still treats her like a child. Morgase comes to Lini when she discovers that "Lord Gaebril" has taken control of her. Lini leaves the palace with Morgase, Tallanvor and others (TFoH, Ch. 19). Lini tries to convince Morgase that Tallanvor is good for her (LoC, Prologue). When Morgase has troubles adapting the role of a maid, Lini takes charge (ACoS, Ch. 8).

Elayne is still very influenced by her old nurse. She often values her actions according to what Lini would have said. She often wonders what Lini would do to her if she caught her doing/thinking certain things (TGH, Ch. 40; TSR, Ch. 39, Ch. 46; TFoH, Ch. 10; LoC, Ch. 15; ACoS, Ch. 22; WH, Prologue). Elayne regularly uses Lini's sayings. She fears that Lini might be dead (WH, Ch. 12).

Nynaeve is impressed by Lini's sayings and Elayne's stories about Lini. She would love to meet her (TFoH, Ch. 14).


Lini's room in the Pensioners' Quarters is very neat (TFoH, Ch. 19).


"You can weave silk from pig bristles before you can make a man anything but a man." (The Shadow Rising, Chapter 6).

"A weeping woman is a bucket with no bottom." (The Shadow Rising, Chapter 6).

"A man is a man, on a throne or in a pigsty." (The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 9).

"A fool puts her hand into a hollow tree without finding out what's inside first." (The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 13).

"If you don't look for snakes, you cannot complain when one bites you." (The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 14).

"A gnarled old branch dulls the blade that severs a sapling." (The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 19).

"When the honey's out of the comb, there's no putting it back." (The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 19).

"Better to face the bear than run from it." (The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 19).

"A fool puts a burr under the saddle before she rides." (The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 19).

"...displaying wares you do not mean to sell." (The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 19).

"Dragging feet never finished a journey." (The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 19).

"You cannot hold down the sun at dawn." (The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 34).

"Even a queen stubs her toe, but a wise woman watches the path." (The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 35).

"Waiting turns men into bears in a barn, and women into cats in a sack." (The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 47).

"An open sack hides nothing, and an open door hides little, but an open man is surely hiding something." (The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 40).

"To know two, you must first know one." (The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 49).

"'Wish' and 'want' trip the feet, but 'is' makes the path smoother." (The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 50).

"A young lion charges quickest, when you least expect it." (The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 56).

"There's no point letting honey age too long before you eat it." (The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 56).

"A slow horse does not always reach the end of the journey." (Lord of Chaos, Prologue).

"The right medicine always tastes bitter." (Lord of Chaos, Prologue).

"What can't be changed must be endured." (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 7).

"The pike does not ask the frog's permission before dining." (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 7).

"What you need is not always what you want." (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 13).

"Fools only listen to themselves." (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 39).

"Three things annoy to distraction: a tooth that aches, a shoe that pinches and a man that chatters." (A Crown of Swords, Chapter 8).

"It isn't the stone you see that trips you on your nose." (A Crown of Swords, Chapter 20).

"A secret spoken finds wings." (A Crown of Swords, Chapter 20).

"Men keep sticking their hands in the fire thinking this time it would not burn." (A Crown of Swords, Chapter 22).

"You can never put the honey back in the comb." (A Crown of Swords, Chapter 30); Knife of Dreams, Chapter 13)

"Peel the apple in your hand, girl, not the one on the tree." (The Path of Daggers, Chapter 2).

"Tears are for after; they just waste time before." (The Path of Daggers, Chapter 2).

"When a woman plays the fool, look for the man." (The Path of Daggers, Chapter 2).

"Kittens tangle your yarn, men tangle your wits, it's simple as breathing for both." (The Path of Daggers, Chapter 2).

"It's one of the things men are for, taking the blame." (The Path of Daggers, Chapter 3).

"You can do whatever you wish, child. So long you are willing to pay the price." (The Path of Daggers, Chapter 4).

"No knife is sharper than a sister's hate." (The Path of Daggers, Chapter 5).

"A full stomach at midday makes for a dull head in the afternoon." (Winter's Heart, Chapter 9).

"'Should' and 'would' build no bridges." (Winter's Heart, Chapter 9).

"You count your plums in the basket, not on the tree." (Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 12).

"When you ask questions, then you have to hear the answers whether you want to or not." (Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 13).

"Always plan ahead, but worry too hard over next year and you can trip over tomorrow." (Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 14).

"You can't know another woman's reason until you've worn her dress for a year." (Elayne; Knife of Dreams, Chapter 14)

"Wish and want trip up the feet." (A Memory of Light, Chapter 10)