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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

mahr-TEEN TAhL-ahn-vohr


Martyn Tallanvor is a Guardsman-Lieutenant of the Queen's Guards in Andor. He is some years older than Galad, and is very much in love with Queen Morgase.

Tallanvor is a tall, dark eyed man with a well turned calf (TDR, Ch. 46; TFoH, Ch. 56).


  • Tallanvor and the others are staying in the Seranda Palace (LoC, Prologue).
  • Tallanvor and the others are rescued by Perrin and his men, and Faile makes them her personal servants. (TPoD, Ch. 7; Ch. 8).
  • Tallanvor tells Morgase that he loves her (TPoD, Ch. 8).
  • After Morgase and the others are kidnapped, Tallanvor goes off in search of her (WH, Ch. 6).
  • Tallanvor makes contact with an army of Taraboner soldiers who are loyal to the Seanchan. He then meets Balwer in So Harbor (CoT, Ch. 27).
  • Tallanvor conducts the negoatiotions before Perrin and the Seanchan meet (KoD, Ch. 4)
  • Tallanvor goes into the cistern when Perrin adds the Forkroot (KoD, Ch. 26)
  • He holds tightly to Morgase when they rescue her (KoD, Ch. 30)
  • Perrin tells Tallanvor and Morgase they are to be married. Tallanvor is offended by her refusal (ToM, Ch. 6)
  • He tells Morgase he is going to Tear but changes his mind when she tells him Gaebril was really Rahvin (ToM, Ch. 21)
  • Morgase tells him she chooses him over duty (ToM, Ch. 44)
  • Lini drags him and Morgase off to Perrin, who marries them (ToM, Ch. 44).


Martyn Tallanvor is deeply in love with Morgase. After Gaebril has the guards swear new oaths, he even swears a new oath, solely to Morgase Trakand of Andor. After she is captured by the Shaido, he seems willing to do absolutely anything to get her back, even to the point of making an alliance with the Seanchan.

As for the rest of his original group, Lini, Basel Gill, Breane, Lamgwin and Balwer, they seem to get on well enough. At first, they were held together by their common hope of escaping from Gaebril/Rahvin, and now they seem equally intent on rescuing Maighdin and the others.

Though Tallanvor technically serves Perrin, he seems to only do so because of Maighdin. There seems to be nothing that really binds the two of them together, with the exception of hatred towards the Shaido.


"I will take you to the Queen, countryman. But know that I can take your head before you blink if you so much as think of harming her." (To Mat; The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 46)

"I serve Morgase, Thom Grinwell. Her, I serve to the death. Fare you well!" (To Mat; The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 47)

"He swore the new oath." Morgase opened her mouth, but Lini forestalled her. I saw him afterwards, alone behind the stables. That's how I knew who you meant; I found out his name. He did not see me. He was on his knees, tears streaming down his face. He alternated apologizing to you and repeating the old oath. Not just to 'the Queen of Andor,' but to 'Queen Morgase of Andor.' He swore in the old way, on his sword, slicing his arm to show he would shed his last drop before breaking it. I know a thing or two of men, girl. That one will follow you against an army with nothing but his bare hands." (Lini to Morgase; The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 19)

"I am not a boy. I am a man who has sworn his life in service to his queen." (To Morgase; The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 19)

"Basel Gill is as loyal to you as I am myself. Why have you waited so long? You must have known, you must have seen, yet you have waited while Gaebril tightened his hands around Andor's neck. Why have you waited?" (To Morgase; The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 19)

"Aes Sedai. Why now? To rescue you, Morgase? I thought they couldn't use the Power against men, only Shadowspawn. Besides, if that winged creature wasn't Shadowspawn, I will never see one." (To Morgase, A Crown of Swords, Chapter 26)

"What madness is this? Entering service? What are you up to? And don't tell me that nonsense about making a new life; I don't believe it. No one does." (To Morgase; The Path of Daggers, Chapter 8)

"You didn't abdicate your wits or your pride when you gave up the throne. If you mean to pretend that you did, I suggest you avoid letting Lini get you alone." (To Morgase; The Path of Daggers, Chapter 8)

"A dangerous decision. You heard him threaten to hang anyone who looked at him the wrong way. I can believe it, in a man with those eyes. Like a beast. I was surprised he let that fellow go; I thought he'd rip his throat out! If he discovers who you are, who you used to be...Balwer might betray you. He never really explained why he helped us escape Amador. Maybe he thought Queen Morgase would give him a new position. Now he knows there's no chance of that, and he might want to curry favor with is new master and mistress." (To Morgase; The Path of Daggers, Chapter 8)

"You always fling that in my face. Ride on if you wish, you say. Once, there was a soldier loved a queen from afar, knowing it was hopeless, knowing he could never dare speak. Now the queen is gone, and only a woman remains, and I hope. I burn with hope! If you want me to leave, Maighdin, say it. One word. 'Go!' A simple world." (To Morgase; The Path of Daggers, Chapter 8)

"Had you said 'go,' I'd have buried hope, but I could never leave you." (To Morgase; The Path of Daggers, Chapter 8)

"Fifteen thousand Seanchan, near enough. Most are Taraboners, actually, but they ride under Seanchan banners. And...And they have at least a dozen damane. I know it's like taking help from the Dark One, but they're hunting the Shaido, too, and I'd take the Dark One's help to free Maighdin." (To Perrin, Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 27)

"I fell in love with you for the way you treated those around you as Queen. I saw a woman who took duty with not just a sense of responsibility, but with a passion. Even when you didn’t know me from any other guard, you treated me with kindness and respect. You treated all of your subjects that way" (To Morgase, Towers of Midnight, Chapter 44).