The Fires of Heaven: Chapter 56

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Author: Val a'Shain

Wheel and Serpent Chapter Icon.png

Glowing Embers

Chapter Icon: Wheel and Serpent

Points of View: Rand, Asmodean, Morgase


Point of View: Rand

Setting: Royal Palace in Caemlyn

Characters: Rand, Mat, Aviendha, Davram Bashere

Rand is looking down at one of the gardens of the Royal Palace. He sees Mat and Aviendha talking to each other. They are leaving the hunt of the remaining Trollocs to others. With the city gates closed it's unlikely many will escape. Davram Bashere comes to see Rand. The Saldaean general has been sent on a mission by his queen to make sure the false Dragon Taim doesn't bother Saldaea anymore. He left his army north of the border of Andor and went to see Morgase but was ignored by Gaebril. Now he hears Morgase may be dead. Rand tells them that both Morgase and Gaebril are dead.

He also explains to Bashere that he can't have Taim. Rand wasn't planning on revealing this so soon but he plans on giving any man who can channel amnesty. Why should a man be hunted down because he can do what Rand can? With the Last Battle coming they will need every one of them.

Bashere notes he has conquered Tear, got the support of the Aiel, rules in Cairhien and now in Caemlyn too. Will Rand go on to conquer the world? Rand tells him he will if he must. Humanity cannot be allowed to keep fighting its own petty battles with the Last Battle on the horizon. He'd welcome any ruler who would ally with him but so far he's only encountered hostility. Bashere can't speak for the borderlands or even Saldaea but he tells Rand the Borderlands will come to his banner. He offers his service and that of nine thousand Saldaean horses.

Asmodean's Point of View:

Setting: Royal Palace in Caemlyn

Characters: Asmodean, Mat, Aviendha

Asmodean leaves Mat and Aviendha in the garden. They aren't listening to his music anyway. He has more or less figured out what happened to him. Many people told him they saw him dead. He feels his protection from the Great Lord is gone. He's mortal now, and the taint affects him. He steps through a door, looking for a pantry to look for some decent wine and has just enough time to recognize his killer before death takes him.

Morgase's Point of View:

Setting: Somewhere in Altara

Characters: Morgase, Tallanvor, Lini, Basel Gill

The tension between Morgase and Tallanvor is growing. Seeing him next to the round Basel Gill reminds her of how fit and tall he is. Tallanvor no longer looks up to her like a queen. Their party went to see Gareth Bryne in Kore Springs but he had gone to chase some barn burners. Morgase has no choice but to look for allies elsewhere.

Lini has noticed the tension between Morgase and Tallanvor. She remarks that there is no point in letting the honey age too long before eating it. Morgase tells her to put those silly ideas out of her head. The group comes to the edge of the Altaran forest they were riding through. Again Tallanvor asks if she wants to go on with this. She does. She will have her throne back.

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