The Gathering Storm: Chapter 13

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An Offer and a Departure

Chapter Icon: Heron-Marked Sword

Point of View: Gawyn

Setting: Dorlan

Characters: Gawyn, Sleete, Marlesh, Vasha, Corbet, Hal Moir, Berden, Covarla, Narenwin, Katerine, Tando, Rajar


Gawyn leaves his camp after finding out Egwene is captive of the White Tower and being severely punished.


Gawyn practises swordplay against the two Warders, Sleete and Marlesh, two against one. He beats them both for the third time that day. After the bout, Marlesh comments that Gawyn should have a heron-mark sword. Vasha, who was watching the bout, then takes her Warder to go see what the other Aes Sedai have been doing indoors.

After they have left Sleete offers Gawyn a chance to bond Hattori, his Aes Sedai. Gawyn promises to think on it. They then discuss what happened in the Tower and the split, while Corbet watches the door.

They leave the barn and Gawyn makes his way to the village centre. He notices Vasha has not been let in to the Mayor's house where the Aes Sedai had taken up their quarters. Judging it to be important discussions he enters through the back, where Hal Moir is standing guard. On the next floor, Gawyn sends Berden to check on the camp's food distribution.

Gawyn knocks on the door to Narenwin's room. Covarla answers and refuses him entry. Gawyn realises he cannot force his way in against Sisters so he takes up Berden's post.

Moments later, the Aes Sedai leave the room. In addition to Narenwin and Covarla, Gawyn is surprised to see Katerine, who had left the camp weeks before. He is even more surprised to hear Katerine mention Egwene, who she says has been captured and made to howl half the day for calling herself Amyrlin.

Gawyn follows them outside and there confirms with Tando that no-one saw her enter the building. He catches up with Katerine and asks her about Egwene, who confirms what he overheard.

Gawyn makes a decision, he goes to his tent and packs his saddlebags. He tells Rajar he is going to inspect the fourth outpost. A stableboy helps him saddle Challenge. Sleete steps out from the shadows surprising Gawyn. Gawyn tips the boy and dismisses him. Sleete tells Gawyn he knows he will not be returning but does not plan on stopping him. They say their farewells and Gawyn rides out of Dorlan.

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