The Gathering Storm: Chapter 14

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Spear and Shield Chapter Icon.png

A Box Opens

Chapter Icon: Spear and Shield

Point of View: Cadsuane

Setting: Rand's Camp

Characters: Cadsuane, Sorilea, Semirhage, Bair


Sorilea manages to make Semirhage react by commenting she looks very human. Sorilea and Cadsuane once again agree on working together on Rand.


Sorilea and Cadsuane speak, while other Wise Ones hold Semirhage's shield. Bair wants Rand to hand her over for Aiel questioning, but Cadsuane does not like the idea. Sorilea decides to speak to Semirhage, who taunts her about the way the Aiel break the vows of their ancestors. Sorilea comments on how human Semirhage is, eliciting the strongest reaction Cadsuane has seen. Sorilea replaces the weaves on Semirhage and asks to see the Domination Band. Cadsuane agrees because she needs to have the Wise Ones on her side if she is to deal with Rand effectively. She believes Rand is not ready to face the Dark One. After seeing the Band, and being told that the other copies are in the keeping of retired Aes Sedai that Cadsuane trusts, the three agree to work together on Rand.

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