The Gathering Storm: Chapter 42

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Dragon Chapter Icon.png

Before the Stone of Tear

Chapter Icon: A Dragon

Point of View: Rand

Setting: Arad Doman and Tear

Characters: Rand, Min, Lews Therin, Bashere, Iralin, Darlin, Dobraine, Anaiyella, Alanna, Simaan, Estanda, Torean, Hearne, Weiramon, Caraline


Rand leaves Arad Doman feeling he has failed - no king named and the food is spoiled. He prepares to go to Shayol Ghul.


Rand is leaving Arad Doman feeling as though he has failed. He hadn't been able to track down enough council members to have a new king named. Milisair and the other four that the Aiel had been able to track down have returned to their mansions. Bashere tells Rand he expects them to flee once Rand is gone. They talk of Rodel, Rand is told he has been seeing large forces of Trollocs gathering in the Blight, always just out of sight, but large enough to overwhelm Rodel and his army. As they are about to leave, Iralin approaches to tell Rand that all the food - in the stores and the food the Sea Folk brought has gone bad and is totally inedible. There is nothing Rand can do and he steps through the gateway to Tear.

Tear is full of foreigners. He wonders where Nynaeve and Cadsuane are and what they are up to. He tells Bashere that he expects the Seanchan to take Tear and probably Illian and that when Rodel abandons the Blight, they will need the Borderlanders to return to their posts. He tells Bashere to take a couple of Asha'man and find out where they are and goes on to see Darlin and Dobraine. He surveys the lords with Darlin, thinking how many of them were opposed to him until recently and that better men have died than some that survived. Darlin tells him the armies he has raised are ready to go to Arad Doman. Rand responds that they will not be going to Arad Doman, but will be going with him to Shayol Ghul.

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