The Great Hunt: Chapter 46

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

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To Come Out of the Shadow

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Points of view: Nynaeve, Bayle Domon, Geofram Bornhald, Rand


Nynaeve frees Egwene, who collars Renna. Ingtar reveals he is a Darkfriend who wants to come back to the Light and holds off the Seanchan so Rand can get away.


Nynaeve's Point of View:

Setting: The damane quarters in Falme

Characters: Nynaeve, Elayne, Seta, Min, Egwene, Renna

Nynaeve, dressed as a sul'dam, leads Seta, who is dressed as a damane, towards the damane quarters. Min enters the damane quarters ahead of Nynaeve, Seta and Elayne, who is dressed as a local girl. They follow Min up to the fourth floor, passing many damane and sul'dam on their way. Min leads them into Egwene's room. She seems to be hysterically happy to see them. "Oh, no. No, you are all beautiful, the most beautiful thing I've ever seen."

They free Egwene, who changes into Nynaeve's old dress while explaining to the others how the a'dam works. Nynaeve then removes the bracelet of the a'dam and places it on a peg, so as to leave Seta chained in the room. Seta begs to be let free, saying that she will not say a word, and Egwene shares her theory that sul'dam are women who can learn to channel. Seta is horrified.

Renna happens to enter the room at just this moment. At first she thinks that Nynaeve is a sul'dam who is there to link with Egwene. "What is going on here? An audience? I never gave permission for anyone else to link with my pet, Tuli." Then she sees that Egwene has been freed from the a'dam. Egwene throws the water pitcher at her and leashes her with her old a'dam. She then tries to strangle Renna. Nynaeve stops her, and Egwene cries on her shoulder. They prepare to leave the damane quarters, and leave Seta and Renna in the room, leashed.

They leave the damane quarters, and once outside they find that they are nearly hemmed in by Seanchan soldiers. Egwene, afraid that she will be leashed again, causes the street beneath the soldiers to erupt. Nynaeve tries to stop her. Someone tries to attack them with balls of fire, and Nynaeve, angered, attacks back with lightning.

Bayle Domon's Point of View:

Setting: The Spray

Characters: Bayle Domon; Aedwin Cole

Meanwhile, Bayle Domon is on his ship, waiting for Nynaeve, Elayne, Egwene and Min. His crew tries to set sail, but Domon stops them. "Spray do stay till I do say sail, Aedwin Cole!" His crew tries to convince him to leave, but Domon insists on staying. "Hurry, women, Aes Sedai or whatever you be. Hurry!"

Geofram Bornhald's Point of View:

Setting: Outside of Falme;

Characters: Bornhald; Jaret Byar

Geofram Bornhald watches the lightning from outside of Falme. Bornhald sends Byar away, so that he will be able to inform his son of what has happened. The legion of the Children of the Light with Bornhald then advances towards Falme.

Rand's Point of View:

Setting: The streets of Falme

Characters: Rand, Ingtar, Hurin

Rand and Ingtar are trying to hide from the Seanchan in the streets of Falme. Rand worries about Egwene, and Ingtar worries about defending themselves. Ingtar starts speaking. "I never knew what he was going to do. A pale little man you didn't seem to really notice even when you were looking at him. Take him inside Fal Dara, I was told, inside the fortress. I did not want to, but I had to do it. You understand? I had to. I never knew what he intended until he shot that arrow. I still don't know whether it was meant for the Amyrlin, or for you." At these words, Rand begins to get worried, and Ingtar continues speaking. "Human kind is being swept away everywhere. Nations fail and vanish. Darkfriends are everywhere, and none of these southlanders seem to notice or care. We fight to hold the Borderlands, to keep them safe in their houses, and every year, despite all we can do, the Blight advances. And these southlanders think Trollocs are myths, and Myrddraal a gleeman's tale. It seemed the only way. We would be destroyed for nothing, defending people who do not even know, or care. It seemed logical. Why should we be destroyed for them, when we could make our own peace? Better the Shadow, I thought, than useless oblivion, like Caralain, or Hardan, or... It seemed so logical, then."

Rand, realizing that Ingtar is a Darkfriend, is horrified. Ingtar expresses a wish to walk again in the Light. Hurin appears, and tells them that the patrol has turned aside, so it is safe to continue on. Ingtar urges Rand to go, and to take the Horn to where it belongs, while he stays to fight the Seanchan in an attempt to redeem himself. Rand agrees. "The Light shine on you, Lord Ingtar of House Shinowa, and may you shelter in the palm of the Creator's hand. The last embrace of the mother welcome you home."


Character Development

  • Panics and attacks the Seanchan troops. This actually ruins their chances of sneaking ou
  • Says if she was dreaming her rescuers would be Rand and Galad


  • With zero justification, Elayne feels Rand would kill the sul'dam


How does Rand feel people close to him being threatened?

Likely a ta’veren effect, though why those specific people is unclear.

Who was the pale little man

Probably a Gray Man. Template:Mysteries Resolved Suldam can learn to channel - This is how they develop an affinity, or can sense if someone is holding the Power.


First Mention

Aedwhin Cole

First Appearance

Aedwhin Cole


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Character Development

  • Says if she was dreaming her rescuers would be Rand and Galad

And yet not long after, Gawyn is the only man she is interested in and she thinks she never really liked Galad, though she has begun to accept she won't marry Rand.


Elayne is wrong about Rand. Not harming women is a character flaw of his

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