The Shadow Rising: Chapter 43

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Author: Val a'Shain

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Care For the Living

Chapter Icon: Flame of Tar Valon

Point of View: Perrin

Setting: Emond's Field, the Two Rivers

Characters: Perrin, Faile, Verin, Dav Ayellin, Elam Dowtry, Ewin Finngar, Loial, Alanna


Perrin blames himself for the boys that died in the Trolloc attack. He becomes worse from his wound and is taken to be Healed.


Verin herself leads Perrin's horse towards the Winespring Inn where he can be Healed. On the way Perrin hears a mixture of relief, admiration and heartbreak over the band he has lead back. Too many are missing, their families anxiously looking for them. Perrin hurries inside to escape the desperation of the families of those who didn't return.

Once inside Perrin asks for Loial. Dav tells him someone went to say Perrin was back. The Ogier will be in the inn shortly. Dav and Elam tell him a bit about what happened in Emond's Field and ask about his adventures. Perrin wants to know if Lord Luc is around. He isn't in the village at the moment. Although he has been showing people how to use a sword he also antagonized the Whitecloaks by telling them to stay well clear of Emond's Field. Ewin Finngar now enters the inn. Perrin hasn't seen in him a year and he is amazed at the change in the boy. Talk turns back to Perrin's adventures again. Perrin tells them something of it but is careful to avoid anything related to the Dragon Reborn. After a while Faile sends them all out.

Loial arrives and Perrin is surprised to see him carry an axe with a long handle. For Ogier putting a long handle on their axe means being hasty, something they very much disapprove of. He tells Loial about the Waygate and Loial explains he put both leaves on the outside of the gate so they could have been opened from the outside, just not from the inside. He feels responsible for the problem and wants to go back to fix it. Perrin tells him it is his responsibility. He will deal with it.

Then the infection finally plays up and a fever takes Perrin. The world stops making sense. Alanna finally arrives and orders the kitchen table to be cleared. A delirious Perrin is taken to the kitchen where Faile puts something between his teeth and tells him to bite down. The Healing is going to hurt. Perrin passes out when Alanna starts Healing him.



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Elam Dowtry

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