Dav Ayellin

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Dav Ayellin is a young farmer from Emond's Field. He is describes as taller and stockier than Mat, but with the same twinkle of mischief in his dark eyes. He is also of an age with Mat, Rand, and Perrin, or near enough (TEotW, Ravens Prologue; Ch. 43).


  • After Mat tells him and Elam about "the black-cloaked rider", he watches out like a hawk. Because he has not seen him, he thinks it was been a chicken thief or sheep stealer from Taren Ferry (TEotW, Ch. 1).
  • Mat and Dav catch a badger that they want to let loose on the Green to scare the girls (TEotW, Ch. 1). Some time after Mat has left Emond's Field, he wonders what Dav did with it (TEotW, Ch. 17).
  • Daise reports to Faile that Dav and two other boys have run off into the world, because they were so fascinated with Perrin's stories (LoC, Prologue).


He always competed with Mat to see who could get into more trouble when they were younger (TEotW, Ravens Prologue).

He is friends with Mat, Rand, Perrin, Elam Dowtry, Ban Crawe, and Lem Thane (TEotW, Ravens Prologue). Although he, Perrin, and Elam have been companions in hunting and fishing, Perrin thinks they are still not grown up (TSR, Ch. 43).

He is jealous of the "adventures" Perrin has had since he had left Emond's Field (TSR, Ch. 43).


"In the old days, what little mischief Mat did not get up to, Dav did, though Mat usually led the way." (Perrin about Dav; The Shadow Rising, Chapter 43)

"I wish I'd gone with you last year." Dav rubbed his hands together eagerly. "Coming home with Aes Sedai, and Warders, and an Ogier." He made them sound like trophies. "All I ever do is herd cows and milk cows, herd cows and milk cows. That and hoe, and chop wood." (Dav to Perrin; The Shadow Rising, Chapter 43)