The Wayfarers' Rest

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The Wayfarers' Rest is a dirty inn in Whitebridge. The sign above the door has an image of a striding man with a bundle on his back on one side and the same man with his head on a pillow on the other side. It is a red bricked house situated on the town square. The common room is split with a shoulder high wall from front to back, with a fireplace and tables on each side. The innkeeper is a man named Bartim. TEotW, Ch. 26

Rand, Mat and Thom stop there for a drink while in the town on their way to Caemlyn. After the innkeeper tells them news about Logain and the Hunt of the Horn, Rand asks him if he has news of their fellow travellers. Bartim tells them to finish their drinks and leave, that a crazy fellow (Fain) and a scary figure (a Fade) have been asking questions about them. Floran Gelb, drinking on the other side of the low wall, tells the other patrons about Trollocs chasing the Spray from Saldaea, ruining the boys chances of taking the boat down to Illian with Domon, had they wanted to take that route. (TEotW, Ch. 26)

Moiraine, Lan and Nynaeve arrive in the inn a day or two later and have a meal. Moiraine can feel that two of the boys had been in the common room and left fearful. She decides to track down the one who retained his token (Perrin). (TEotW, Ch. 28)